Celador Radio faces competition for Ipswich

Ofcom has received two declarations of intent to apply for the local FM commercial radio licence for Ipswich.

The current licence holder, Town 102 Limited/Celador, has signalled its intent to apply for the licence, along with MuxCo Suffolk, which runs the area’s DAB Digital Radio multiplex.

Town 102 launched on 19 October 2006 as a stand-alone service for Ipswich but is now fully networked with Dream 100, North Norfolk Radio, Radio Norwich 99.9 and The Beach.

A spokesperson for MuxCo tells RadioToday: “MuxCo Suffolk’s a big believer in local radio – whether that’s analogue or digital. With the recent changes to Town 102, there’s now no local commercial radio based in Ipswich, so we think there’s a great opportunity to create a brilliant station for the area that will be broadcast on FM and DAB Digital Radio. We’ve been talking to people and businesses across Ipswich and we look forward to sharing our plans soon.”

MuxCo Suffolk is a joint venture between MuxCo, Nation Broadcasting and Lincs FM group, and launched on 30th September 2016. It already carries a radio station dedicated to the area, called Suffolk First, playing “country music and more”.

Celador is also facing competition for its licences in Bristol and Torbay.

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  1. Radio Geordie says

    Its funny that many of the Celador licences are facing competition. Do the rival bidders think they have a chance? or is it because they are an easy target compared to the Bauer or Global licences?

  2. Lee says

    I hope celedor lose their licences in Bristol and Ipswich. I am so fed up with networking practically all of the output of a station. I wonder if Ofcom will award either of the licenses to those who want to offer truly local radio which is desperately needed in the UK. The big boys like Global, Bauer and Celedor can’t always rule the roost can they? Give another organisation a fair crack of the whip!

  3. Dave Wiggy Wiggins says

    Celador Radio Group
    Should Take Over Sunshine Radio In Monmouth And Hereford And Ludlow And Broadcast The Breeze In Hereford And Monmouth And Ludlow Now That Would Be Better

  4. John says

    Celador will have major competition in Ipswich when Radio Caroline starts their AM Transmissions in the near future all over North Essex & Suffolk. Who will want to listen to Town 102.

    1. David Hoffman says

      Sorry John, I can’t see an AM station as ‘major competition to an established FM service. Caroline will have listeners of course, but not in the same numbers as the FM stations in the area.

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