Radio Caroline goes live and legal on 648AM


Today is the day Radio Caroline starts official live and legal broadcasts on 648Khz AM from East Anglia from the Ross Revenge.

The frequency has been testing for the last few weeks with 1 kilowatt of power but the official launch will be at 12 midday today, Friday 22nd December 2017.

The station says: “Of course we are delighted to have found and secured what must be the best possible AM transmission site for our service. We thank Cobra Mist Ltd for this facility whilst noting that this is a private site which cannot at this time be visited.”

The schedule for launch day is:

7am Johnny Lewis
9am Top Fifteen
10am Ray Clark – with the official launch at midday.
2pm Kevin Turner
5pm Resume normal programmes

The new Radio Caroline will play album tracks and had proposed a coverage area from Ipswich to Diss and Bury St Edmunds to Saxmundham. Some programmes will be broadcast from studios in Kent, and others via a link to the Ross Revenge ship.

Caroline already runs a service online and via a number of DAB multiplexes around the country.

The BBC World Service was broadcast on 648 kHz from Orfordness in Suffolk between September 1982 and March 2011, but was originally used in the 1930s by BBC National programmes.

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  1. Peter Knaap says

    Old days return 😉
    I am getting the 648 KHZ here in The Netherlands loud and clear on a normal portable gettoblaster.
    It is amazing…yeah

  2. Willie Bone says

    Older listeners may remember other low frequency medium wave stations with good propagating characteristics! Stations on the tuner included Ireland’s old Radio Eireann service from Athlone on 530 metres & BBC Third/BBC Radio 3 from Daventry (Northamptonshire) on the 464 metres wavelength! Both services were clearly audible as far away as a large chunk of southern Scotland, bereft of mush areas normally associated with other channels on single frequency networks on the old AM platform.
    I am glad Radio Caroline’s loyal supporters have now achieved their long time aspiration with the station’s return to medium wave! Even so, I suspect the mainstream audience of Radio Caroline will stick to her two services offered online, each streaming at 128kbps stereo MP3!

  3. harry worth says

    Lets hope ofcom dont put another trans mitter on 648

  4. Hana Fayyad says

    It is wonderful to see menopause gaining some serious attention when its impact on a woman’s life is more than serious-even devastating like in my case, and for eternity. I had new onset seizures with gasping, for many numerous years already.
    I would love to join this program but unfortuntely I live outside UK, yet if there are means I can make my voice enlighten women about the unthinkable in menopause I will be more than glad to do so!!
    Thanks for your space and efforts.
    Maria Jasmine Freeman
    Dr Hana Fayyad, pediatrician

  5. TractorBoy says

    Reception area is huge, but no-one wants to poke the bear so they only talk about Suffolk and North Essex.
    MF/MW/AM is available in 90% of cars so 648khz is very welcome.

  6. JP Harris says

    Brilliant..I prefer AM to the refrigerated FM and DAB….hope goes well for Radio Caroline AM..

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