Union JACK airs Andy Murray impression show


Union JACK is introducing a new show hosted by an Andy Murray soundalike.

Andy Murray’s 15-0 songs starts this Sunday 21st January at 11am, with play love songs, dedications and requests.

It’s actually hosted by viral impressionist, Josh Berry who has appeared on BBC television, UNILAD, and radio. He’s been working with Union JACK radio since summer 2017.

Programme Manager, Giles Gear, says – “What a coup! We’ve always been a fan of Andy’s charisma, energy and all round passion, so who else to host a new show on Union JACK? Since hurting his hip, he’s been looking for something else to do – stand-up comedy / motivational speaking – but this really is his calling. He’s a natural”.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Errrrrrr I think errrrrrrrrrrrr that errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr this errrrrrrrrrrrr sounds errrrrrrrrrrrrr very errrrrrrrrrrrrrr interesting.

  2. Radio Producer says

    I like Union Jack, but find this ‘Andy Murray’ thing banal and irritating…I could stomach it if it was remotely funny, which by the way – it isn’t!
    Give it up UJ….You have Jon Culshaw…. Who is far more talented.. .do the maths

  3. Steohen barnes says

    Had the misfortune of hearing the show it was embarrassingly bad so unfunny

    1. Joe Smith says

      To be fair that could be said of all the station’s output.

  4. AlMorr says

    I listened to that show on Sunday, I loved the way “Andy” ended each sentence talking slowly and deeper in his voice, just like the real Andy Murray, I thought it was quite funny, how about the tennis player actually being on that show!!?

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