Kids celebrate 12 months of radio presenting

A brother and sister are celebrating a year of hosting their own radio programme on Lancaster’s community youth station Beyond Radio.

For the past year, Mairi and Alistair Fisher have been presenting a programme by kids for kids. “We wanted to make it as interesting and relevant as possible to people of our age,” says Mairi, who at 15 years of age is juggling the radio show alongside preparation for imminent GCSE’s at Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School said. “It’s a great release from study – it’s good fun.”

While she admits to preferring to spend time planning the show with a variety of talking points and information, brother Alistair would rather ‘wing it’ making for a lively listen and an ideal partnership. “We want the programme to be about the kind of things that people are talking about next door,” Alistair said. “In the future we’ll be inviting more guests in and developing the programme in a way that’s inspired by the audience.

“They’ve taken to the radio station really well and the programme is one of the most popular and well-established shows we offer,” according to Duncan Moore, Beyond Radio’s Communities Director.

“We’re delighted they’re able to produce such a fresh sounding yet professional programme which and is exactly what community radio is all about.”

On the alternate weeks to Alistair and Mairi, Archie Stride presents a similar styled programme. Archie’s radio career began when he was just 5 years old at Diversity FM, Lancaster & Morecambe’s previous community station.

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