talkSPORT takes cricket rights from BBC 5 live

talkSPORT has won the cricket audio rights for England’s major upcoming overseas tours.

It is the first time BBC Radio 5 live’s Test Match Special programme has lost the rights for an England away tour to a commercial broadcaster since 2005.

The free to air rights cover England’s tours of Sri Lanka and the West Indies including all the Test matches, ODIs and T20 internationals from each tour.

Every ball will be broadcast across a mixture of talkSPORT and talkSPORT 2 with a dedicated team of pundits at the ground to bring listeners all the drama as it unfolds.

talkSPORT last broadcast live England overseas cricket rights in 2005, with exclusive commentary for the past two years of the IPL plus every match of the World Twenty20 in 2016 and Champions Trophy last summer.

Wireless Group CEO Scott Taunton told RadioToday: “Winning these prestigious rights is a great victory for talkSPORT and its first-class coverage. England’s overseas tours are sure to lure large audiences of fans as we cement talkSPORT’s position as the fans’ favourite for sporting news, analysis and live coverage. I’m delighted that we will be with England fans for every ball of the day throughout these winter tours, with our own expert line-up of cricketing stars.”

talkSPORT Drive presenter Darren Gough, who also hosts Cricket Week on talkSPORT2, adds: “England’s supporters are the best in the world and loyally follow the team around the cricketing globe. Come day or night and rain or shine, we’ll be there with the fans as all the drama unfolds and with a full analysis of the day’s play.”

The first England game to be broadcast on talkSPORT will be England’s ODI series against Sri Lanka, starting on October 10, 2018.

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  1. Ray Woodward says

    Oh dear, looks like I’ll have to live with Sky’s coverage next winter then 🙁

  2. […] talkSPORT takes cricket rights from BBC 5 live  Radio Today […]

  3. Simon Ball says

    Oh dear oh dear. Why do these new media outlets like talkSPORT have to interfere with long loved national institutions like Test Match Special which has provided such superb winter overseas England cricket coverage for many many years? Will there be guaranteed advert free coverage or will we bombarded with laddish ads for betting and beer companies which characterised and ruins most their output?

    1. Radio Geordie says

      Like most other companies, the ICC are greedy people and will always give the rights to the one who put the highest bid in, regardless.

      If the BBC want them back that badly, they’ll have to bid more next time. But then, you’ll get people complaining about the BBC spending so much money to win the rights. And that’s the BBC’s problem right their, dammed if they do, dammed if they don’t.

      Talksport have banks and financial companies on their board that will happily throw money away if it gets them better ratings.

      1. Joe Smith says

        Except it wasn’t the ICC who outbid the BBC but the Sri Lankan and West Indies cricket boards.

  4. Stephen Hall says

    Last time TS had the rights, they did very straight, analytical commentary (presumably to contrast with the TMS high jinks).
    I hope they have some fun this time, or at least manage to sound like they’re enjoying being there!

  5. David Smith says

    There is nothing equal to Test Match Special whether it comes from home or abroad. Let us hope that all home matches can stay with the BBC where they truly belong. Come on ECB keepwith BBC test match special.



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