Chris Moyles takes control of Radio X billboards

The team on the Chris Moyles Show have taken over the Radio X digital billboards across the UK, putting up custom messages instead of the standard text.

Listeners sent in photos of billboards, of which there are around 120 around the country, and we’ve got photos of some of the best ones below for you.

One of the messages was “Dominic Byrne loves sitting on the toilet” which was displayed to people in Leeds, Motherwell, Manchester, Cambridge, Dudley, Sheffield, and more.

There was even one of Dominic Byrne in an Everton shirt with a caption saying “Dominic Byrne loves Liverpool”.

The ads are being used to display “Now Playing” information when not under the control of Moyles, and are created by 8 Outdoor.

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  1. Gareth Harrison says

    It seems strange that all the videos and photos that Radio X had posted on Twitter and Facebook covering this yesterday have now been deleted. Chris mentioned this morning that there’s something going on behind the scenes that’s annoyed him, so I wonder if management weren’t happy with them doing it?

    1. Jeff C says

      That’s what they get when they gave him carte blanche.

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