Global closes Capital TV and Heart TV stations

Capital TV and Heartv have ceased transmissions on Sky/Freesat after six years of broadcasting.

The two services launched as music channels in 2012 and also carried special programmes such as coverage of the Jingle Bell Ball and Global Awards. They were on Sky 387 and 388, Freesat 516 and 517, and inside the Global Player apps.

Global says they were successful in terms of audience and increasing awareness of the radio stations but the money used for the TV channels would now be better invested elsewhere.

The company also closed Global Entertainment recently, its LA-based music content and events company run by Randy Phillips.

On the closure of the TV channels, a Global Spokesperson told RadioToday: “Our investment in our TV companies was a successful time both in terms of audience and increasing awareness of our brands, which has served its purpose well. Music TV channels have been somewhat diluted by online, on-demand viewing of music videos in recent years and we have subsequently determined that the resources TV consumes, would now be better invested elsewhere in the business.”

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  1. Anthony Herald says

    “the money used for the TV channels would now be better invested elsewhere” which means they are determined to close and turning every UK radio station into a Global brand.

  2. Mocha says

    I wonder what they will show in the toilets on Stena Line now? It was Heart TV.

  3. Lee says

    What a shame it wasn’t the closure of Heart and Capital Radio Stations but I guess they will use the money to buy other radio ststions and turn them into Heart and Capital destroying more of the UK local radio industry, or what’s left of it.

    1. mb23 says

      If doing local radio 24 hours a day was profitable the shareholders of the small stations wouldn’t sell them.

    2. AlexaPlayDespacito says

      Your lovely little local UK radio station doesn’t make any money. Get with the times.

  4. Gary S says

    Absolutely gutted to find this out. If they say they had a good audience etc on the tv, then why cut it and why should we listen to the radio stations either? If something is doing good, don’t change it. Just my opinion

  5. MARK LEVY says

    I guess now Bauer will follow suit and start to close their tv stations down in the future.

  6. Dan Dean says

    More anti Global comments from people wearing rose tinted glasses about “local radio”.
    In truth before the major brands came along ILR was on it’s knees and two things kept them alive, a sound UK financial footing and kind bank managers who did not want the bad publicity of being seen as the bad boy/ girl in town responsible for shutting down the struggling local radio station, though it was siphoning money like no other business would have been allowed too….. they also knew nobody really took it seriously, as something worth listening too….all the bank staff were listening to Radio One !!!….but there IS such thing as bad publicity !!!….

    Today they would simply shut them down…..and as then nobody would give a toss.

    ILR was dreadful, the majority of it sounded amateurish and was Radio Local with Dave Double decks which seems to be forgotten these days, and again in truth most people thought was crap and a joke….audience figures showed that as did the struggle to get revenue even when the economy was booming.

    What the big brands have done is made the whole package sound big and professional which is what Sigourney and Kylie at Cut and Blow in Anytown want…same old songs that they love and they don’t notice or care that they are being played over and over as they like them, it is simply wallpaper to them as it is to Andy the lorry driver who simply wants a bit of company. The Presenters…well…less said the better….apart from a handful they are not able to create a persona and be personalities as with Radio 2, so less said the better….train them to be engineers and shut up, which is what they are, that way they say very little and put a tight package together which sounds professional…job done…..

  7. Nicky says

    I loved Capital TV please bring it back 😩

  8. Q Todd says

    I wished they gave us more time before they just yank them off the air without notice. As a American, we have very few options of music video channels and the very few options we have are MTV, Bet and Music Choice channels which are very badly programmed.

  9. Tony says

    Only had capital tv on. The radio with pics, back to SPN now. She’ll be pleased

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