AudioUK reacts to Channel 4 hubs announcement

AudioUK, the trade association for independent audio production companies has welcomed the announcement that Channel 4 will be setting up a new national HQ in Leeds and two creative hubs in Bristol and Glasgow.

Will Jackson, Managing Director of AudioUK, said: “We are glad this process has resulted in the setting up of more creative hubs around the UK. Our members in these areas, as well as outside London generally, will hope that Channel 4 will use this new opportunity to commission content for a wider range of platforms, emulating the success of podcasts such as ITV’s ‘Love Island: the Morning After’. Channel 4 should absolutely be capitalising on its major programme brands in the audio space, and the UK’s specialist audio producers can help them do that.”

Ashley Byrne, Creative Director of Manchester company MIM, and Chair of AudioUK’s Nations & Regions Advisory Group, said: “Being based out of London I know exactly the difference it makes when broadcasters are actually based in the locality and know the stories and talent available in that area. Channel 4’s new hubs are a good step forward generally for creative companies outside London and I certainly hope Channel 4 will be looking to work with audio producers to broaden their offer. On the 50th anniversary of Yorkshire TV being established, this offers a fabulous new opportunity for Leeds.”

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  1. Michael Plevin says

    Remembering that about 10 years ago Channel 4 were possibly going to launch a Channel 4 Radio perhaps this could resurface?

    1. AlexaPlayDespacito says

      Thankfully C4 came to their senses and canned this ridiculous idea.

      1. Ashley Byrne says

        Channel 4 only canned it due to the economic down turn. Having another serious PSB player in the radio market would do no harm and help keep the BBC fresh. Hopefully the Audio Content Fund will help towards that. Ch4 may even do more online audio.

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