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Suzie McGuire joins Nation Radio in Scotland

Suzie McGuire is joining 96.3 Nation Radio in Scotland to host weekend programmes.

The former Radio Clyde and West Sound presenter will present every Saturday and Sunday from 10am till 2pm starting this weekend, 24th November.

Suzie said; “I was listening to Nation Radio in the car singing along to the songs and thought ‘I love this new station – I should be on it!’. So, I messaged them and here I am. I love Nation’s wide variety of music, the fact it plays more music than anyone else and that it’s all Scottish all day. I can’t wait to get back on air and reconnect with the people of Glasgow and the west.”  

Four years ago, Suzie left Radio Clyde after 30 years of working for the Emap/Bauer group to explore new avenues.

Nation Radio programmer, Neil Greenslade, added: “Suzie has an unrivaled track record and following in Scotland. We’re delighted to add her to 96.3FM Nation Radio which now has Scotland’s biggest team of top radio personalities including Derek McIntyre, Scottie McClue, John Mulgrew, Tracy Cunningham and Brian Woolfson”.

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  1. Alan Hall says

    I do also enjoy listening to 96.3 Nation Radio. And I do enjoy the music they play, and the fact is, it is not even networked at all like other stations are. Lets not forget that Nation also owns Your Radio, when are they going to take on a lot more presenters.
    I do find it hard to choose which good station I listen to now, now that Go Radio has also started broadcasting on DAB. Jim Symon who used to be on Radio Clyde is on Go Radio. I would very much like Go Radio to take on Mike McLean. It would be good to hear him back on radio again.

  2. Pat says

    Not networked but apparently voicetracked from presenters homes as is Your Radio who use Nation presenters-often doing shows on both stations as in the practice on Nation Wales and London.

  3. Dave Truth says

    Another has been joining a venture that is doomed to fail. Nation Radio is an utter joke… 3 voice tracked links an hour by presenters that have featured on numerous failed stations previously. Utter nonsense!

  4. Adrian says

    Tried it this morning but as usual you just get five songs then a small amount of speech -station ID and what’s been played,what’s coming up and then another load of non-stop songs,not what I call radio-more like being in a supermarket with the music occasionally interrupted by an announcement for staff or shoppers-where’s the room for personality or interaction?.

  5. Alan Hall says

    She was supposed to join Go Radio, but they have now lost out on having her on their station. Go Radio sounds good. I also listen to it. Do give it a listen. It is on DAB.

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