Chris Evans Show to be advert free on Virgin Radio

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio will be free of commercials when it launches on January 21st 2019.

Instead, a sponsorship deal has been agreed in principle between Virgin Radio UK and Sky to promote the television services on the radio.

Listeners moving with Chris from commercial-free BBC Radio 2 will no doubt welcome the news.

Virgin Radio says Sky’s sponsorship will provide investment to create branded content, competitions and events which will take the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio to a whole new level.

Chris Evans added: “So much has changed in broadcasting since I was last at Virgin Radio that now, thanks to Sky, we can do the show without ad breaks. I’m even more excited about starting in the New Year!”

Chris announced the format of the show and launch date during his guest appearance on The One Show tonight (Wednesday) on BBC One.

Also just announced, Virgin Radio will officially launch on Sky+ and Sky Q on 7 January 2019.

Stephen van Rooyen, CEO UK & Ireland, Sky, said: “The Chris Evans Breakfast Show on Virgin Radio will bring audiences something completely new, bold and fresh – everything we love at Sky. We’re excited to create an innovative radio first with Chris and Virgin Radio, and bring Sky customers even more of the entertainment they love when Virgin Radio launches across Sky from 7 January.”

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  1. AlexaPlayDespacito says

    Incredible news. If only those “amazing local radio stations” did something as innovative as this then maybe they wouldn’t have need to have been saved by commercial radio.

    1. Joe Smith says

      No it’s all wrong. Instead of giving the breakfast show to a white middle class privileged man it should obviously have gone to a black disabled vertically challenged lesbian woman to save radio.

  2. Len Groat says

    A nice reply……..

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Future Freddie says

    A national commercial radio station admitting that ads on the radio are s*ite. They are all doomed. Shame.

  4. Joe Smith says

    Shame. The ads would have been the best bit of the show.

  5. Confused says

    But how will I know where to buy a carpet?

  6. Stephen barnes says

    This will be major competition for absolute for years they’ve said you can listen with fewer ads but only online. Virgin will definitely pick up listeners from absolutes breakfast show now.

  7. Testy says

    Bauer may not just lose listeners. Sky have been BIG advertisers & sponsors for them.

  8. M F Bown says

    First radio show from space?

  9. Andy says

    100.7 Heart Fm Birmingham’s breakfast show was ad free when the station launched back in the 90s. They had commercial partners etc. The idea lasted only a few months then they put out ads on breakfast because advertisers weren’t interested in just advertising on the rest of the day. They needed a breakfast audience to make using the station viable for a campaign.

  10. mad martigan says

    Thoughts arising

    1] Sarah Kennedy was -surely- a BBC Radio 2 Breakfast DJ? But maybe ‘early-breakfast’ doens’t count.
    2] Chris Evans ”starting new radio venture”; same old, same old, surely? Just hoping to pinch listeners from truly ad-free BBC and make a few more million quid for him and his co-presenter son..
    3] Advert-free eh? Hmmm… …watch this space…

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