Dawn French to be the voice of Greatest Hits Radio

Dawn French will be the station voice of Bauer’s Greatest Hits Radio brand when it officially launches in January.

The station, playing music from the 70s, 80s and 90s, will be on numerous DAB multiplexes around the UK, 105.2 FM in the West Midlands and 105.9 FM in Liverpool, AM in the North and online.

The network currently identifies as the City 2 Network but will rebrand and add West Midlands FM from January 7th, except in Scotland, which keeps its current identity and Scottish programmes.

105.2 FM in the West Midlands has started trailing the new sound from today, with a new temporary service called Greatest Hits Christmas.

Bauer says Dawn embodies the station’s brand values and is well known to the UK public for decades of award-winning comedy and acting roles including playing Geraldine Granger in The Vicar of Dibley. She is currently starring alongside Julian Clary in Snow White at the London Palladium.

Andy Ashton, Network Content Director, said: “Dawn is one of the UK’s most loved and instantly recognisable performers. Her voice and personality set the tone for Greatest Hits Radio perfectly. The greatest hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s… Queen, Blondie, Elton John, Billy Joel, Prince and David Bowie AND Dawn French? What’s not to love!?”

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  1. Martin UTB says

    New name but same old same old.

  2. Chris says

    Back to MW for Absolute in the car, talk about going backwards!

    1. Mark Levy says

      Do you still listen to Absolute Radio on MW when you can listen to it on DAB, crystal clear?

    2. mb23 says

      That’s the same as everybody else outside of the M25.

      Virgin (now Absolute) should have been given a national network on 105-107 FM.

      1. J Peter Wilson says

        The only way I can pick up Absolute Radio in East Yorkshire is on DAB. I use DAB at home and in my 10-year-old Fiat that has a JVC DAB/FM/LW/MW radio or I can always ask Alexa.

  3. Al67 says

    Yet more local identity being lost and yet more of the same songs over and over again.

  4. Nathan Pierce says

    Hopefully this station will be good, as Heart has gone all today Hits. It’s about time we got an Oldies national radio station.

    1. Mike Rose says

      We have one, Heart’s sister station, Gold.

  5. Bill says

    Gutted when I got in my car this morning to hear back to back Xmas rubbish instead of Absolute on 105.2.

    I give up. I’m 50 I don’t want to hear old music tho. Less choice on fm. I’m off to radio 2 I think! Well once evens has left breakfast. He’s doing my head in. Talks all over the songs, pulls the fader down constantly. So I guess between now and January, I’m giving up on radio in Birmingham.

    Now absolute has gone it’s all durge. Heart smooth, free and now Xmas hits! Ffs. Some of us only have fm you know. Can’t afford dad conversion on the car radio.

    There’s no logic to this change.

  6. Adrian says

    I must admit having listened to the the transmissions for the National version I was most unimpressed,yet another station playing Michael Jackson,Simply Red,Yvonne Elliman,George Michael and that was in the 15 minutes I tried it-about as exciting as watching paint dry-it’s just incredible what a stagnant radio landscape has evolved in this country.


  7. Michael says

    Perhaps rebranding as an ‘ easy classics ‘ station along lines of 2CH Sydney Australia might be better – its quite good,- http://www.2ch.com.au/


  8. Lexie says

    I apologise for lowering the tone but the adolescent in me had a chuckle with the name “Greatest Hits Radio.” I hope Dawn pronounces the “H” of hits clearly.

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