Gaydio gets ready for full launch on FM in Brighton

Gaydio has ‘soft-launched’ in Brighton on FM using its community radio licence, and has introduced a new jingles package from ReelWorld.

The jingle production company says it worked closely with the team at the radio station, which will start promoting its full launch shortly, to create a high impact station sound package with a new sonic logo and a contemporary vocal treatment.

The station is already available on DAB in cities across the UK but this will be the first time Gaydio has permanently been heard on FM outside of Manchester, the place where the station launched with an RSL licence in 2006.

Toby Whitehouse, Co-founder and Director: “ReelWorld went out of their way to get our new package bang on. You can really hear the level of production expertise – the team have nailed a sound that will really cut through. Collaborating with them on it was a great experience!”

Paul Fernley, ReelWorld’s European Sales Manager, adds: “It was a honour to have the opportunity to work with the Gaydio team and help update their sound for 2019.

“Living in Manchester I know the importance of the station for the city’s LGBT community and it’s exciting to know that our new jingles will be part of the work the station does here and across the UK!”

ReelWorld’s CHR jingles can be heard on station across Europe including Beat 102-103 in Ireland, Power Hit Radio in Sweden and m2o in Italy, and is based at MediaCityUK.

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  1. Michael V says

    Really wish the LGBT service would come to South East Wales.

    1. Ellen Orchard says

      Hi Michael, you can listen to Gaydio online and they have a free to download app if that helps? X

  2. Radio Geordie says

    Getting ready to launch?
    According to Ofcom, they launched back on October 16th last year. Even their [Gaydio] website has been saying that its already broadcasting in Brighton on FM from around about the same time.

  3. Glyn says

    I’m confused. It seems entirely right that LGBT people have all of the same rights to marry etc as everyone else and I think that they should be accepted fully into mainstream society, not treated any differently. So, what is the motivation behind creating a radio station for the LGBT community, aren’t we all part of one big community? No offence is intended by this comment, I am genuinely keen to understand 🙂

    1. AlexaPlayDespacito says

      LGBT aren’t fully accepted into mainstream society. As long as there’s persecution, homophobia and ignorance around LGBTQIA+ issues, there is a requirement.

      There is no “one big community”, and comments like yours do not help. It shows a deep, deep lack of understanding.

      1. Joe Smith says

        That’s probably why Glyn asked the question. Yet you think asking a genuine question doesn’t help

        It’s just a shame that you couldn’t reply like a civilised human being but of course there is a reason for that isn’t there?

        There is a lot of division in society and a lot of it is caused by people like you.

  4. James Kay says

    As a gay Brighton-born adopted Mancunian I’m intrigued to know how many hours of local Brighton programming Gaydio carries, how much is relayed from Manchester and whether Manchester gets any Sussex-originated content?

  5. delakota555 says

    I much prefer listening to Sausage FM. Excellent presenters and an interesting and eclectic playlist.

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