Pat Sharp joins Greatest Hits Radio weekends

Pat Sharp is to host a weekend show on the Greatest Hits Radio network.

Pat will be on-air each Saturday morning from 10am till 1pm and include the current station feature, the Top 10 at 10 – a segment Pat previously hosted at Capital FM in the late 80s and 90s.

According to the Greatest Hits Radio website, Mark Matthews is currently the host of Saturday and Sunday 10am till 1pm.

Pat Sharp told RadioToday about his new job: “The opportunity to join Greatest Hits Radio was too good to pass up. Now I get to play the songs that I helped to make famous first time around, all over again. And I get to chat to millions of friends across the country on this exciting new station that is making an immediate impact. I can’t wait for this Saturday at ten o clock Sharp! If you want the Good Times, you know where to be!”

Greatest Hits Radio Content Director, Andy Ashton added: “Saturday mornings are the ultimate good times for our audience, the working week is done, it’s time to kick back with the family and crank up the radio.

“What better time for a bit of Pat Sharp! Not just in London but right across the country with the Top Ten at Ten, a format he helped make famous in the Capital.”

Pat continues his weekend shows on P8 Pop in Norway.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Will he get anywhere near the Greatest Hits studios?

  2. Adrian says

    Expect he’ll play the same stuff as everybody else.Also why all this stuff about Saturday morning’s being the ultimate good time.Not everybody works 9-5 Mon-Fri these days-maybe radio executives do!.

  3. David says

    Why does everyone live in the past, it’s all so dated just move on

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Have you heard 1 Xtra? Most of the DJs sound like they’re on day release from a special needs institution. I’ll take dated any day over that finger-on-the-pulse garbage.

  4. Mr Boltar says

    Whatever happened to Mick Brown?

    1. Adrian says

      Radio Jackie

  5. One1 says

    Greatest Hits Radio is a slogan not a station name. Bauer should have used something like ‘Magic re-wind’ as the station name.

  6. Stephen Bottomley says

    Schedule on Greatest hits,never same and confusing.Mike Peters back,all extremely a mix up on who is when especially at weekends.

    1. Pat says

      One thing is for sure,whoever is presenting you’ll hear the same predictable songs played every day.

      1. Timothy Ward says


  7. Craig Strong says

    May I ask what will happen to Mark Matthews?
    Just cast aside to make way for someone with a more familiar name?

  8. Dan Dean says

    I think he means…”Play all the songs that made ME famous “…….dreadful broadcaster still gigging on the back of being a Radio 1 presenter.

  9. jeff coulson says

    Unfortunately the show is voice tracked and has zero energy.

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