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Dotun Adebayo’s Sunday show to end on BBC Radio London

BBC Radio presenter Dotun Adebayo says he has been axed from his Sunday evening show on BBC Radio London.

He has hosted Dotun on Sunday, talking about London’s diverse communities and the issues affecting them, for over 20 years.

Dotun tweeted to say listeners should listen on Sunday evening to hear what they are about to lose as he won’t be presenting the show after 31st March.

But BBC Radio London responded to say the Sunday evening show will continue to focus on stories about London’s black community, but without him. In a tweet, they said: “There have been reports BBC Radio London’s Sunday evening show looking at issues in London’s black community is ending. That is incorrect. Dotun Adebayo is stepping down as presenter but the programme is continuing.

“We’re committed to serving London’s diversity throughout our schedule. Dotun will still present his other programmes on the station.”

Dotun replied saying the BBC statement is incorrect, saying he was axed from the show: “At no time have I ‘stepped down’ from my role presenting the BBCs only black political debate programme. It was axed.”

Dotun has been confirming on-air that “Dotun on Sunday” has been axed and it was not his decision to step down.

A open letter of complaint has been created by BME Lawyers for Justice and has been shared on social media.

Dotun hosts Up All Night on BBC Radio 5 Live three days per week, in addition to other BBC Radio London programmes.

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  1. david Huxtable-Smith says

    This is a prime example of how NOT to react to you being removed from a regular show. So , the presenter is still with BBC Radio London…….for now.

    1. Radio Fader says

      The BBC hasn’t been honest for years. The behind the scenes gossip must be juicy.

  2. Radio Geek says

    This is widespread now as more presenters over the age of 35 are axed to make way for younger inexperienced presenters. All part of the “make local radio accessible to the younger generation”. Ageism at its best

    1. Bradley says

      “Inexperienced” being the operative word.

    2. Radio Geordie says

      Something similar happened in the North East just recently – a presenter being ‘replaced’ by someone younger at a moments notice.

      As Radio Fader has said above – This is how the BBC has been for years.

      Guaranteed he’ll be replaced by someone with a pair of boobs.

      1. Ben Gritten says

        Are you seriously suggesting that Dotun doesn’t have boobs?! It’s radio anyway, so its the voice and presenting abilities which matter, not one’s appearance.

        1. Joe Smith says

          I think you are missing the point!

      2. Michael says

        The presenter left it was on her twitter that she left

  3. Spencer Payne says

    David Robey strikes again. How much longer can he continue ?, 20 years of decline.

    1. Radio Geordie says

      Remind me, doesn’t this station have the worst listening figures for local radio?
      I’m pretty sure it ranks below LBC in London, and LBC doesn’t do that well.

  4. MusicDJuk says

    In anybody’s book a 20 year run in this industry is good going , so it’s a shame that Dotum rather than accept it gracefully decides to go out with all guns blazing. Sadly his lack of professionalism regarding departure from the show is almost certainly going to make a talented broadcasters task of getting new shows a difficult task.

    1. Mike says

      I’m struggling with the talented broadcaster bit. His ponderous delivery makes him unlistenable in my book.

      1. Alan says

        Must agree with Mike, never listen to Up All Night when Dotun is on, to me he sounds as if he is reading from the producer’s clipboard. Bring on some new interviewers.

        1. Ben Gritten says

          Totally agree with Mike and Alan. Definitely ponderous, therefore quite hard to concentrate on for more than a short length of time. I do hope his replacement is easier on the ears. Sorry, Dotun!

          1. Carla deFiouw says

            I totally agree with Mike and Alan.
            The guy is difficult to understand, hence I never
            listen to him.

  5. Joe Smith says

    A totally misleading headline to this story. Dotun isn’t ending his Sunday show the BBC are ending it.

    1. Joe Smith says

      Headline now changed to reflect what actually happened I see!

  6. Richard Spendlove. MBE says

    Oh they have many ways of making sure a presenter ‘steps down’ … After 32 years and a clutch of local and national media awards, I KNOW

    1. Joe Smith says

      Does MBE stand for Must Blame Everyone (for my diminishing career?).

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