Dotun Adebayo moves to weeknights on BBC Radio 5 Live

Dotun Adebayo is to move from weekend to weekday overnights on BBC Radio 5 Live as a replacement for Rhod Sharp.

Dotun will be heard Monday to Friday between 1am and 5am from April, and will continue his Sunday evening show on BBC Radio London.

He said: “Wow, what an honour it is to be given the privilege of hosting this amazing station five nights a week. It will be worth staying up for…I promise.”

Heidi Dawson, Controller of BBC Radio 5 Live, said: “Dotun is well known to our listeners who love his warmth, humour and intelligence. He is an outstanding broadcaster with a passion for late-night radio and just how important radio is to listeners at that time of night. There is no one better to succeed Rhod Sharp.”

Rhod Sharp announced he was leaving the network, after 26 years on the show, late last year.

No replacement for Dotun on weekend overnights has been announced, although due to recent cuts across BBC News, the weekend shows will contain less live content and more audio from BBC Sounds going forward.

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  1. Mark Budgen says

    What’s the point of calling a station 5 Live when it’s basically become BBC Radio 5 Podcast?

    1. Ste says

      Box ticking!! And he sounds like he has no clue half the time. The other half he’s talking about race or black issues

      1. Paul Foster says

        My wife and I love Rhod Sharp and are devastated he is leaving. He has a beautiful and intelligent interviewing style. To us 5 live is not a music program and we dislike Dotun at the weekend. His virtual jukebox drives me round the twist. Ironically I fee it is he who has a racial slant with his continual dominance of African/ black issues. When Rhod leaves we will be looking for another channel

  2. Stuart Tawse says

    I am not surprised by decision to give Dotum Weekdays progrzmme. Typical BBC mis judgement.
    Just listen to his programmes and interviews in the past and hear that Dotum is self opinionated, avery poor interviewer and enjoyes his own voice. Get a different person and the number of listeners will increase

    1. Mark Terrill says

      Funny, I thought it was just me who thought that.
      I’ve always thought he had a chip on his shoulder, particularly about matters concerning race and colour.
      With any luck, Jim Davis will be on Radio London throughout the week nights now

  3. Rosemary says

    I always look forward to Rhod Sharp – and my heart drops when it is Dotun – OK, I am asleep a lot of the time, but his virtual jukebox is not a 5 live type item and it takes up 2 hours of an early Sunday morning – and as for early Monday phone it is dire !!

    1. Paul Foster says

      Well said Rosemary. I have on a number of occasions been shocked awake by some loud rock track. Cannot stand the virtual jukebox and if it must exist a music station is the place for it. I know Rhod is going to be hard to replace but Dotun is about as far from my idea of someone suitable as I can imagine. Perhaps someone like Simon Mayo might have come near. Sadly though he is another talent the BBC have failed to nurture

  4. Pete Swussy says

    “There is no one better to succeed Rhod Sharp”. No one better. What a singularly disastrous failure of leadership that Ms Dawson can’t think of anyone more talented, versatile or qualified than Dotun A. Wow. There are no words. What a dreadful, abysmal manager you are Heidi Dawson.

  5. Jason Riley says

    Almost the worst radio decision ever. I find myself drifting away from 5live after 20odd years of almost exclusive listening. You’ll be telling me that Adrian Chiles has his own show next along with Colin Murray.. good lord you may as well put dome real dross on on a Saturday morning just to cover all bases…..!!! Scott Mills…. Saturdays covered…!!!

  6. Peter says

    Must agree with the comments here. Rhod is a great broadcaster who will be missed, and especially more so with this announcement

  7. Alan K says

    I agree with the above postings, what a terrible decision, I stopped listening to “Up All Night” at the weekends years ago. When Rhod finishes his time then I will not be listening to the programme on weekdays at all. I could not stand my night time listening ruined by Dotun, Like Jason I find that over the years I listen to 5Live less and less during the day and during the night. Could Radio 5 Live not scrap “Up All Night” completely and replace it with another news programme with new voices and better interviewing skills.
    Perhaps the weekend nights will consist of a “Vitual Jukebox” and South American Football!!!!!

    1. Ron Dobbyn says

      Go, and Find , and bring backSimon Lederman , where is he?, He is greatly missed. Does anyone know what,s happened to him?

  8. Marko says

    Strange amount of vitriol in the comments – Dotun is great. Very happy with this decision.

  9. Nick Giles says

    I too will miss Rhod. The BBC should save money by broadcasting the World Service through the night on the 5Live network.

  10. Mark Terrill says

    Funny, I thought it was just me who thought that.
    I’ve always thought he had a chip on his shoulder, particularly about matters concerning race and colour.
    With any luck, Jim Davis will be on Radio London throughout the week nights now

  11. Ian says

    Dotun -wow it is hard to be nice he is self involved dreadful presenter who likes his own voice and genuinely thinks he is humorous! His commentary is simple and not even close or fit to wear Rhod Sharp’s shoes. When Rhod leaves it will be a big hole in my up all night listening for close to 20 years. Come on BBC can you not find new talent with new features and not have this dreadful presenter.

  12. Bill Powell says

    That’s my weeknights ruined. He is a very poor interviewer making unnecessary and inappropriate musical references. He doesn’t listen he just waits to speak
    Rhod will be sorely missed and sadly dotun is no substitute

  13. Stuart Tawse says

    Racially biased self indulgent with a difficulty using English.
    Typical BBC failing to understand their staff and recognise their failings.
    Dotum is embarassing ignorant and a very poor choice

  14. Stephen Hall says

    It goes without saying that I’ll miss Rhod but I like Dotun, and this will bring some much-needed continuity, rather than promoting a barely-competent female presenter to tick a box.

    1. Mike says

      No, they have promoted a barely competent male presenter to tick a box.

      1. Nick says

        What box is that one Mike?

  15. Paul Buckley says

    It’s not very often that I listen to radio through the night. When I do the one person that I avoid is Dotun Adebayo. He is a terrible broadcaster. I formed this opinion when he was part of the book review panel on Simon Mayo. I found it astounding that he was given his present programme and I cannot believe that a station head can say that he is the best person to take over on week nights. It’s just box ticking.

  16. Andrew D says

    Underwhelming, but I suppose he must have the listening figures to deserve it.

  17. Simon King says

    I have to disagree with most of these comments. To me Dotun is a legend and I just hope he takes the World Football phone-in with him to the week nights. I just can’t imagine anyone else hosting it and the Virtual Jukebox.

    1. Kelly Powers says

      I completely agree. I look forward to my Friday nights when Dotun is on Five Live. And I too hope he’ll bring Friday Night World Football Phone In along with him. Well Done.

  18. Ashok Jairath says

    I can’t believe with so many negative comments about Dotun, I’ve always enjoyed listening to his deep knowledge about music & sport, the guy is a legend, could it be the colour of his skin that bothers people, whilst on the subject, one presenter I do miss is Phil Williams, breath of fresh air.

    1. Benjie says

      ‘Could it be the colour of his skin that bothers people’. I can’t imagine radio listeners are bothered by this. They just want good presenters and a lot of people don’t think he is up to standard for this job.

    2. Joe Smith says

      No it isn’t the colour of his skin. It’s the fact that he is an appalling broadcaster.

      Stop playing the race card.

  19. Mike says

    “There is no one better to succeed Rhod Sharp.”

    Pretty sad indictment on the talent pool at Five Live.

  20. Joe Smith says

    An excellent decision to put him on in the middle of the night when most people are fast asleep.

    Not such a good decision for anyone awake obviously.

  21. Nicholas Warner says

    I will be listening after all LBC is Leading Britain’s Conservatism with Dale, Pearce, Ferrari, Swarbick et al. And that endlessly dull makeweight Steve Allen on all night. Duton actually makes me laugh and has a brain unlike most of the Brexiteers passing comment on here.

    1. JW says

      It takes a truly incredible amount of stupidity to reckon that people who think Dotun Adebayo is a bad broadcaster support Brexit.

      1. Charles Mander says

        Further dumbing down at the Bash Britain Corporation! Hiring a man who played the race card to stop Radio London sacking him. Awful presenter, with a large chip on his shoulder!😭

  22. superbike999 says

    I was dreading this news as soon as Rhod announced his retirement. The only worse presenter who is full of his own importance, is Nihal

  23. Craig Richardson says

    Somewhat mystified by the negativity towards Dotun. I will greatly miss Rhod as a presenter, but Dotun is a more than adequate replacement. My concerns lay more with who will ultimately take the reigns at the weekend.

  24. Mike says

    Could be worse. It could be Stephen Nolan 5 or even 7 nights a week. Talking over his guests, Not letting them answer the questions he poses.

  25. Keith Davy says

    I absolutely agree with Paul’s comments. I too will find another station. Most likely the World Service on Radio 4’s overnight service. Dotun’s constant interruptions of his guests and his out of tune singing drives me mad. Sorry to say it but he is probably the BBC’s worst presenter. BBC please think again.

  26. rob says

    Wasn’t Dotun still doing weekday overnights on BBC London? Who will replace him there I wonder??

  27. Aziz says

    This decision is terrible, the virtual jukebox is awful and he has ruined the World Football programme. He talks too much and it’s a scandal. I am definitely leaving this channel and going elsewhere after 26 years

  28. Sharon says

    Unfortunately I disagree with most of the comments made, I enjoy listening to Dotun – I even listen to the football phone in when I don’t like football! I did like Rhod but am sure that Dotun will be a fine replacement and I wish him well. I will miss him on Saturday/Sunday as I seem to be one of the few who enjoy the virtual jukebox – strange as so many people ring in!

  29. Nick says

    Good, Rhod Sharp is years passed his sell by date and can barely come up with the next question on every single interview he does filling them with ermmms, ahhhhs, and long pauses.

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