Global launches national advertising campaign for Capital Breakfast

A new heavyweight advertising campaign to promote Capital’s first nationwide breakfast show has launched on TV, billboards, cinema and social.

The campaign premiered on TV during The Voice UK live final on ITV1 tonight ahead of the nationwide launch of Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp on Monday, April 8th.

The TV ad features Little Mix, Liam Payne, Shawn Mendes, Cheryl, Anne-Marie, Halsey, Olly Alexander, David Guetta and Marshmello.

Global has teamed up with creative agency Lucky Generals for the first time to create the campaign. In the TV ad, Capital Breakfast is reimagined as a breakfast cereal, with Roman Kemp, Vick Hope and Sonny Jay taking the viewer through their extraordinary world, packed with musical stars.

Little Mix glide through a multi-coloured sky on a magical spoon, Liam Payne chases the Breakfast hosts riding a giant toy dinosaur and Anne-Marie surfs through breakfast cereal on a jet-ski dodging Cheryl, Shawn Mendes and Halsey in her path.

The marketing campaign will run across TV, Cinema, Social, VOD and Outdoor and will introduce people across the UK to Capital’s new national Breakfast Show, which is sponsored by eBay.

The media was planned and bought by PHD.

Capital’s new campaign will also reach listeners streaming music and podcasts via DAX, the digital audio advertising platform created by Global.

Adam Johnson, Director of Marketing at Global, said: “We wanted to capture the fun, energy and the personality of Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp with this campaign. What better way to do that than by putting our presenters and some of the biggest artists on the planet into the extraordinary world of your new favourite breakfast cereal. Launching this show across the UK is a huge moment for Global and this unmissable campaign will show millions of people across the nation where to find the hottest new music and the world’s biggest stars.”

Roman Kemp, Vick Hope and Sonny Jay are replacing all the regional breakfast shows on Capital stations in England, Scotland and Wales as first revealed by RadioToday last month.

Listen to the new breakfast team talking to RadioToday on a recent episode of our weekly podcast:

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  1. Radio Geordie says

    And that ad pretty much sums up the station.
    Crap songs with loads of CGI.

  2. Will says

    Brilliant campaign

  3. Lee says

    Does the advertisement say the national breakfast show cost jobs and it’s cheap to produce

    1. T1 says

      No it won’t as that’s not the message briefed to the marketing agency.

    2. mb23 says

      It’s a bit cheaper to produce, but they still need producers, technical operators and journalists in the local studios for the news & travel opt-outs.

      1. David says

        A lot cheaper. As no local presenters or producers and the technology means no tech ops are required either. A button press to link output after Local Drive at 7pm and that will run through until 4pm the next day.

        Also factor in 2BR closing and it’s output merging with Capital Manchester, that’s a lot of staff and a building closure. That cuts costs.

        In most cases there will be locally based Journalists, so that seems to be mostly unchanged.

        We’ll see if Global’s research into audiences not caring where the output is produced from, extends to breakfast. So far in most cases it hasn’t caused people to turn off.

        There will be an initial drop in listening as that is usually the case with major programming changes, it just depends how deep the drop is and how long it takes to build the listenership up and beyond for the show.

        Giving the funding for the marketing behind Capital’s National Breakfast Show and the number of job listings to expand its producing team, it will have an impact.

        Ashley Tabor said when Global announced the changes that it would give the brands opportunity to compete with BBC Radio 1 for Capital and BBC Radio 2 for Heart.

        Only when the Rajar listening figures are released in X number of months time will we get to see how successful out of the gate Global’s strategy might be.

        If it doesn’t go to plan expect many quarters of Rajar releases before change if any occurs. It is fantasy to believe that Global will change tactics.

        I know a lot of people the Capital changes have affected, they are skilled passionate people, some I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the past.

        It hurts to lose out or be told your time at a station is coming to an end. It doesn’t take your experience, knowledge or passion away. I speak as someone who has experienced being let go a number of times, through cuts and mergers.

        Remember there is always a way forward.

        1. mb23 says

          I agree with all of this. This was completely unnecessary of Ofcom at this stage. Commercial radio is highly profitable, the previous approved areas were sustainable for at least the next five years, and the FM frequencies are still valuable assets.

      2. Alan says

        What local studios, lots of station buildings up for sale by Global.

        1. David says

          Studio closures will mostly affect the Heart Network. Capital are set retain most sites and buildings as they are in large markets to base sales, promo and news teams. Global Engineering and News also provide services to Communicorp UK’s stations.

  4. Mark Budgen says

    As long as they keep their ridiculously expensive studios in Leicester Square, eh? A good boast but that’s about it.

    1. Michael Bolton says

      Depends how long the lease is, Irrespective of my feeling about Global I’m sure even the size, viability and cost of this building is reviewed. Studio, office and admin needs change over time – especially on real estate like this. Depends how much it costs them and how long they are committed to it. Nothing in modern business is a sacred cow.

  5. T1 says

    Superb business execution from Global. Exciting times

    1. Steven Miron says

      simmer down, Ashley

  6. Michael Gilhooley says

    This is not right. These stations are supposed to be local or regional. Nobody seems to care about the people who are losing their jobs. I live in Leicester. Since when is Leicester part of London? Radio is now run by Accountants who have no real love of Radio. Thank God for Radio Caroline. The first and the best. Also United Dj’radio and H. FM in Market Harborough, truly local radio

    1. mb23 says

      I think things might have worked out differently if the Radio Authority had advertised two national pop stations on FM in the 1990s, rather than an assortment of regional and small-scale licences.

      Every county could have had one proper ILR station which was local all day, just like the original 1979 plan.

      1. Michael Bolton says

        There was a structural fault in radio planning -Agreed we should have had national stations with strong local radio

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