Roman Kemp, Vick Hope and Sonny Jay to go national on Capital

Capital’s new networked breakfast show has been confirmed as Roman Kemp, Vick Hope and Sonny Jay – the current presenters for Capital Breakfast in London.

The London show will replace all local and regional breakfast shows in England – as previously announced – on April 8th.

Roman, Vick and Sonny will replace Dave & Miranda on Capital Brighton, Jono & Emily on Capital South Coast, Rob & Matilda on Capital Birmingham, Dino, Pete & Tyles on Capital East Midlands, Rob Ellis, Rachel Burke-Davies & Wingman on Capital Manchester, Adam, Gemma & Dylan on Capital Liverpool, Adam & JoJo on Capital Yorkshire, Bodg, Matt & Hannah on Capital North East, Matt Lissack & Polly James on Capital South Wales, Ben Shepphard on Capital North Wales, Des Clarke, Steven & Amy on Capital Scotland and Tatum & Mike on 2BR.

There will be 10 Drive programmes in the new enlarged regions – plus London – which are South, Central, North West (Manchester/Lancashire), Liverpool, Yorkshire, North East, Scotland plus three in Wales.

Here’s who’s doing what:

In Manchester, Rob Ellis, Rachel Burke-Davies & Wingman move to the new time slot of 4pm – 7pm, which can also be heard on the new Capital Lancashire.

In Liverpool, Dylan Evans joins Graeme Smith for a new drive time show, with local DJ and producer Anton Powers doing an hour every Thursday and Friday from 6pm – 7pm.

Adam O’Neill & JoJo Kelly will host Capital Yorkshire’s new drive time show and Dave Goodings and Miranda Burns become the new hosts of drive across the South Coast.

In the North West and North Wales, Ben Sheppard will host the new drive time show.

In Scotland, Des Clarke moves to a brand new drive time show on Capital’s sister station, Heart, while Garry Spence continues to host Capital Scotland drive.

Elsewhere across the UK, Tom Watts and Claire Chambers from Capital East Midlands host drive time in East Midlands and Birmingham, Martin Lowes continues to host drive on Capital North East and Josh Andrews and Kally Davies continue to present drive in South Wales.

In North Wales, Alistair James, Kev Bach and Cerian Griffith continue to host their breakfast, afternoon and weekend shows respectively on Capital Cymru.

Ant Payne continues as the host of Capital drive in London.

In related news, Capital South Wales breakfast co-host Polly James is moving to host a new show on Radio X.

Capital network presenters also include Lauren Layfield on early breakfast, Will Manning hosts mid-mornings, Aimee Vivian in the afternoon, Jimmy Hill with the brand new Capital evening show and Marvin Humes hosting Capital’s late show. At the weekend Capital network presenters include Rob Howard, Will Cozens, JJ, Sarah Story, Rio Fredrika, The Bassman and Niall Gray.

Ashley Tabor OBE, Founder & Executive President of Global, told RadioToday about the changes: “This is a historic moment for Capital, Global, the commercial radio sector and for Roman and the team personally. Since he joined Capital five years ago, Roman has worked hard to rise up the card and has created a massively entertaining show that is adored by artists and listeners alike.

“I’m exceptionally proud to see Roman, Vick and Sonny go nationwide with their no.1 commercial breakfast show – I’m sure this will become an appointment-to-listen show for listeners across the UK.”

Here are a bunch of new photos for the new shows:

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  1. Mark Budgen says

    When will Ashley take over OFCOM and the BBC?

    1. Jon W says

      As soon as he gets the green light to make it all National

      1. Brad says

        “Global by name…….”

  2. Craig Strong says

    Would the last DJ left on local radio as was, please turn off the lights and lock the door.

  3. Ian Scott says

    Ashley Tabor: “This is a historic moment for Capital, Global, the commercial radio sector . . . ”

    Translation: We just saved a massive amount of money by sacking so many people. A historic moment for the shareholders pockets!

    1. mb23 says

      How many people outside London are already listening to this? It’s been available on D1 and digital TV for years.

    2. DiandalScotland says

      So will Capital UK on D1 continue.?
      Time to tune to community radio or hospital radio for localness

  4. Radio Producer says

    Global have only been allowed to do this thanks to the ineffective governing body that is OFCOM….

    1. Radio Geordie says

      Bring back the IBA – they at least had a pair of balls.

      1. Sj says

        The IBA was around when listeners didn’t have much choice. So the regulation needed to be stricter. Now we’ve got thousands of radio stations on multiple platforms plus services like Spotify. So why on earth would you force commercial stations to produce more local hours? Who for? Capital listeners who couldn’t care less?

      2. Michael Palmer says

        Are they really strong enough as a team to do breakfast nationally ,I think not!!.dumbing down and homaganised radio here we come!!.it Capital Naff,,

  5. Neal says

    Dear Ashley Tabor. When leaving a reply on this site we are asked to be polite but I would love your reply as to why you see fit to cause so much misery whilst just lining your own already overflowing pockets and how you actually manage to sleep at night with yourself together with your company being the root cause of the destruction of so many people’s lives.

    1. mb23 says

      Why don’t you blame the regulator for allowing them to do it? Companies will always seek to maximise profits.

      1. Mr Boltar says

        Companies are run by people not robots. It is legal to have a conscience and NOT sack as many people as you can get away with simply to increase profits.

        1. Sj says

          They’re not running a public service like the BBC, they don’t have to be local like community radio, it’s their money and they exist to maximise profit like in any other business. And besides, the audience won’t drop because nobody other than a few people posting on Radio Today care about localness.

        2. mb23 says

          It was obvious that this was going to happen as soon as Ofcom allowed networked breakfast shows, otherwise what was the point in changing the rules?

          Local breakfast shows & jobs need to be secured by regulation, as most of Capital’s audience don’t care if the DJ is in London or their local area.

          1. Sj says

            If the audience doesn’t care then less regulation makes sense.

  6. MARK LEVY says

    Radio Academies are a waste of time also unless you want to get into National Radio. Local Radio R.I.P.

  7. Gary Tyman says

    If you want national you’ve got Zoe ball & Gregg James. If you want local you got other local stations, either way capital ratings will be through the floor! Hope JoJo goes to another local station coz she is Yorkshire Breakfast!

  8. whitsal6 says

    Instead of networking Roman Kemp at breakfast why not have someone like Ditchy doing the show from Leeds instead?

    Ditchy at Breakfast – it would probably work better! He’s pretty good on Pulse 1.

    Roman Kemp could move to Capital drive instead.

  9. Nick says

    Much of the regional output is a copy of London output. As I drive across the country many local stations sound the same, pretending to be local but have no local content at all. It’s about time they got rid of the replication across the country and just had national stations. I’m glad Global have the balls to do when others don’t.

    1. sheila j says

      Ashley does have the balls when it comes to Capital. Summertime and Jingle Bell 🙂

  10. Phillip says

    Seemed like Roman and co would be the choice for Capital. He’s popular, not s HUGE name who will demand ££££!, good show if a bit shouty for me… the dad of a 10 year old who loves it!!!

    I don’t think its so cut and dried at Heart and Smooth that the London Breakfast will go national. …. Jamie has been on Heart for a while and would think Global would want a bigger TV/ or Radio… Scott Mills name for the job. Gary might do Smooth… but then again, possibly a Radio 2 poach??! Not sure if Ken would do commercial radio?!! would be a bold move…

    Unfortunately local radio as the original ILR infrastructure is dead…. long live possible new openings on DAB/internet/smart speaker if anyone wanted to do a Wave 105 elsewhere in the country….. local and doing very nicely thank you!

  11. Michael Bolton says

    Roman is a great show and bang on for the audience. It’s great Kudos and faith in him which you can only congratulate him and the team on.
    That said still very sad to see a LOT of great presenters shifted or exiting thier stations.
    Sometimes job losses like this are as hard for those staying as those leaving. Not nice times for anyone who has to go on air and be bright and happy.

    1. mb23 says

      I agree with all of this. There is a reasonable compromise here which would have worked. They could have had the Roman breakfast show but moved the local shows to mid-afternoons & drive, thereby maintaining the local jobs. Sadly Ofcom chose not to impose a 6 hour minimum.

  12. Martin Kong says

    Anti-climax, I had a feeling it’ll be Roman Kemp.

  13. Michael V says

    Of course the London presenters are getting to go national. It’s always the London radio stations that get the national output. Everyone else gets the sack.

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