Global starts selling its radio buildings ahead of networking

Global has put its headquarters in Portslade near Brighton on the market after announcing the closure of this and another 10 other sites.

The commercial property, at Radio House, Franklin Road, Portslade, East Sussex, is on the market for £1.1million.

It is described as radio studios and former offices over ground and first floors with extensive surface car parking, 18 car spaces and a modern internal specification.

The building is home to Heart Sussex, which was previously known as Southern FM. It started life as a radio station when it was converted from a cinema to house Southern Sound.

Capital Brighton has also been broadcasting from this building since it replaced Juice 107.2 in September last year.

Both Heart Sussex and Capital Brighton will be merged with stations based near Southampton – starting with Capital this coming Monday, 8th April.

RadioToday’s take

This is a highly expected move but it does highlight the reality of what deregulation means beyond the cutting of staff and locally-made programmes.

After a quick search, none of the other buildings currently in use by Global earmarked for closure are on the market yet. Some buildings are leased and will just be handed back, others are owned outright so we can expect to see a few more hit the commercial section of Zoopla before long.

The other sites closing this year are Accrington, Histon (Cambridge), Chelmsford, Exeter, Gloucester, Kendal, Whitstable, Lancaster, Norwich and Swindon.

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  1. Mark Budgen says

    If Global get their way it will go from super regions to England-Wales-Scotland opt outs to just UK. They are a parasitical company that are being helped by a desperate Tory government.

    1. Radio Geordie says

      Don’t hold back – tell us what you really think.

  2. Neal says

    I cannot put into words that would not get this comment removed how angry and disgusted I feel about Global. With a couple of specific exceptions Classic FM,LBC and XFM all their stations pour out the most repetitive boring playlists day in and day out. The tragic destruction of all these local stations and their studios is heartbreaking. Copied this from a January 2019 Radio today article “The latest accounts filed by Global show sales revenues grew 28% to £388m, with earnings up 34% to £104m in the year to March 2018.” So plenty of money to invest in proper innovative Radio but they don’t give a four x because it’s all about the money and nothing else. Obscene profits at the expense of people’s livelihood and families. How the hell do these people sleep at night. The greed and total contempt for listeners and employees is reprehensible and all while their so called governing body turn a blind eye. I hope all those responsible for this get their just rewards in the years to come but I doubt it as this type of company and these type of people can walk all over the good hard working ones with complete impunity. Let’s just wait for all the replies to this now telling me local radio could not survive with out being taken over, how great Heart and Capital sound and how many listeners they have!!’ Rubbish Radio Jackie in north west London prove that a station can survive for decades make money and have something approaching a reasonable playlist when it is run by true radio enthusiasts and not by those whose only criteria is making obscene amounts of money at the expense of absolutely everything else! Their listening figures are so high because they have left nothing else on the FM dial to listen to. The BBC have totally lost it too having to bow down to bloody Ofcom and their political correctness made even worse by the fact I’m paying for it! Yet the same company allow the commercial giants to run riot.Pity Global’s bosses are not on the dole queue they have put so many other innocent people on. This country and this breed are really starting to leave a very nasty taste in the mouth. The thoughtless and uncaring are in charge. Sadly I think it is all too late as the public just don’t care about what has actually happened here but we can only hope one day somebody with an actual soul and a bigger sword will take these Gods off of their pedestals and firmly on their backsides where they belong!

    1. Michael Bolton says

      What is even more distressing is that like many other companies Global have a complex ownership structure (mostly offshore) and pay little (if any) corporate tax in the UK on thier earnings and revenues. Whilst they trumpet “Make some noise” as thier charity I’d suggest people look at the annual charity accounts to understand how its run and “costs” incurred. Global could benefit more kids, hospitals and communities by paying a fair share of tax to fund Infrastructure, police, education and the NHS but instead the money is “offshored” totally legal and a practice of many companies.

      1. Mark Budgen says

        Yep they don’t mention Global’s tax affairs on LBC, whilst at the same time they go on about “the working classes and their benefits”.

      2. mb23 says

        They paid £5m of UK corporation tax in 2018 according to the published financial statements.

        1. Ted says

          Which is a mere drop in the ocean

    2. Paul Swift says

      Well said that person.

    3. Mr Boltar says

      “With a couple of specific exceptions Classic FM,LBC and XFM all their stations pour out the most repetitive boring playlists day in and day out. ”

      Not even LBC. I stopped listening because it had to all intents and purposes turned into Brexit FM. For or against, doesn’t matter, there are other important issues in this country which they can’t be bothered addressing.

      “How the hell do these people sleep at night.”

      Most CEOs at the top of successful companies have sociopathic tendencies. They probably sleep just fine because they only care about number 1.

    4. Stuart Watton says

      As an ILR/commercial radio enthusiast since the mid 70s, i dispair with the way commercial radio has gone. Too many mediocre stations and too many large conglomerates with tedious, narrow playlists. There are a few exceptions, r. Jackie being one as mentioned. Often, though, you find a station you like and it gets taken over and ruined (galaxy 101 & original power fm for example). If anyone is looking for an excellent station with a diverse playlist, try 45 radio. Lots of ex-ILR jocks and all the better for it.

  3. Chris says

    Sorry state of affairs, driven by corporate greed, best way to protest is with your tuning dial and listen to other stations.

  4. Bob Sutton says

    Yeah, tune into Burgess Hill Radio 103.8fm or online

    This is proper local radio, and all the presenters give their time. So come on board and support us.


  5. T1 says

    Why are people so upset that a company is selling a building and streamlining their business?

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Perhaps you don’t understand that there’s more to radio – and most businesses – than the bottom line.

      1. mb23 says

        No business keeps open more premises than necessary, with the resulting overheads (rates, electricity etc.) . You should blame Ofcom for changing the rules.

        1. Mr Boltar says

          They do if they give a damn about the fact that closing the buildings reduces the quality of the product they’re selling. Unless they’re Global with its race to the bottom.

  6. I says

    That’s Ofcom’s fault… too few commercial licenses given out, a too-wide portion of the band exclusive to the BBC… Just don’t chase localness for national networks (it’s not required anywhere else in western Europe), let them go national and Ofcom, hand out more LR licenses. Too few frequencies used compared to any other country (apart from Germany and Switzerland, maybe). Large cities with as much as 1 commercial license, just follow the Italian model: national stations with NO ability to drop out, not even for adverts and news; and local stations free to thrive with lots of room in Band II. And less regulation altogether.

  7. Ian Scott says


    Will Global and Bauer decide to opt out of local advertising in time? There comes a point, where the local revenue vs costs mean that their station can survive on purely national advertising.

    Yes? No?

    1. Mark Budgen says

      that’s the whole point. They’d rather have a multi million pound advertiser like Coke than “Syd’s Cesspit Clearance, Barnstable” ads.

      1. whitsal says

        On Bauer stations, Stoneacre seem to do well – and they’re regional, not national!

  8. David says

    Worked at the Portslade studios for two years in the early 90’s and could never find a ruddy car parking space

  9. Paul says

    People are upset about unecessarily losing their jobs and livelyhoods due to the financial greed of bigger profits from a company and their owners/shareholders that is/are far from losing money.

    The lost jobs are not just those of presenters, journalist, other associated staff, many very long serving and on occasions treated not great in situations like this.

    I’m more than sure you would not like it if you were treated like this and losing your job unnecessarily.

  10. Richard says

    Why all this whining, if Ashley Tabour, hadn’t done a reverse take over of GCap it would of probably gone bust!
    Ofcom was set up by Labour, and now Ofcom have allowed a few studios to close!
    Most of the comments on here are from people who don’t listen to, Capital Heart and Smooth.
    Neither do I, but if you are so concerned put in an application to operate a station.
    Does anyone really listen to Capital, Heart and Smooth for local news?
    The answer will be no!
    Do you buy a local paper? No!
    You either listen to BBC local or look on line and that is the reason, but why not try and run your own local station, if you think that is what the audience wants!

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Using that moronic logic perhaps we should all start our own hospitals if we’re unhappy about the state of the NHS or build our own railways if we don’t like the delays?

      1. mb23 says

        Richard is right that the legislation hasn’t changed since 2003. Ofcom have always had the power to decide how much local programming is appropriate.

      2. Richard says

        Radio is part of the entertainment industry, in reality , it provides a service , you are not forced to listen to a particular station.
        In order to compete with a licence funded service, it has to have an economic business plan.
        If you don`t like Global`s business plan , you probably don`t have their business acumen .
        The internet is full of stations to listen to, its just how the world has changed .

        1. Joe Smith says

          “If you don`t like Global`s business plan , you probably don`t have their business acumen .”

          So what? Do you have to have “business acumen” to like radio?

        2. Mr Boltar says

          “If you don`t like Global`s business plan , you probably don`t have their business acumen .”

          Any idiot can increase profit (temporarily) by cutting costs. It takes someone with insight to increase profit by improving the product.

        3. Neal says

          Yes Richard on the FM dial apart from the BBC I am bloody forced to listen to mind numbing boring radio thanks to Global they have left nothing on their path of destruction! I don’t object to stations like Heart or Capital just not on every bloody frequency that exists!!!

        4. T1 says

          Spot on Richard. This website has comments from people who think they know better about running a radio business. The reality is people on here just want to be old style DJ’s.

          1. Neal says

            Dear T1.Old style Dj that will be as opposed to the new style DJs who know sweet f a about music, and don’t care that they are told to play the same tracks over and over again. Yes I’m of an age group but If you think that any current radio is better than the days of DJs like Roger Scott Kenny Everett Dave Cash Bob Stewart Alan Freeman John Peel Robbie Vincent Charlie Gillett Stuart Coleman Peter Young you have to be having a laugh. Joke is you probably never listened to or have even heard of some of them. Until you have listened to someone of the quality and professionalism of Roger Scott you are not really qualified to compare Radio as was and as is. If any these DJs had been part of your radio listening you would understand how sad and pathetic most radio sounds these days. But hey I know people like me are just old dinasours/farts who should go to a corner and die as heaven forbid amongst all this crap there can’t even be one music station on FM that plays varied quality music presented by people who actually give or are allowed to give a damm about what they are playing! Radio in those days did still make a profit but was run by management who want to run a radio station and not just a business machine making obscene profit and killing everything in its path during the process! Decent commercial radio has gone but maybe one day the BBC may be persuaded to dump Radio 1or 2 from FM and put 6 Music there instead. With the potential increase of listeners that could bring it might give the commercial sector something to think about again instead of just bloody money!

  11. Dan Dean says

    Well said Richard…nobody outside radio cares because they have a life. We don’t shop at the village shop anymore, we go the the supermarket, and we buy on line because the World has moved on.
    Rightly or otherwise this is the World we live in, it is why our High Street’s are empty, it is about corporate in all things, and that includes media.
    Local radio and the evening paper are of the past, in fact neither were making any money and were only kept alive by banks who did not want to be seen as the one who closed them down.
    People are losing their jobs in other industries and so media is not unique in this which is very sad for all of the people involved.

    1. Ron Dobbyn says

      When are Global moving out of that building, that should be an IKEA in Leicester Square?

      1. T1 says

        They have no plans to move from Leicester Square

  12. PeterWales says

    Well said Richard and Dan Dare

    I can’t understand the criticism of Global.People are voting with their Rajars and want quality national stations.Local is not doing very well this century you only have to look at the local newspaper industry with newspapers closing every week.

    We have never had such choice of radio stations in the UK providing a varied and quality service.I remember growing up with the choice of either the Light or Home Service or in the night tuning in to listen to the superb quality stereo broadcasts of Radio Luxembourg.Do we really want to go back to those days.

  13. Lee says

    Globals race to the bottom of quality broadcasting is legendary now. Ashleys’ grab and slash team just want to dominate the radio industry with repetitive and cheap radio Who on earth would want to work for this company?

    It would only be news if Global actually reinvested some profit into quality broadcasting. We’ve had the same repetitive output on many of their stations for years. Any stories relating to Global now appear to be repetitive too.

  14. PC in Spain says

    I remember personality radio, those were the days you turned the music down and turned it back up for the dj.
    Happy days and “happy radio”, simple days maybe but those were the days and probably never to return.

  15. Ken Masters says

    I could see this day coming 10 years ago, buy up all the local radio stations up and down the country and turn them into a national brand, Yes its all about money get ride of the competition and then you can make more money. I have seen this practice take place with many other business, just like what is happening on the high street everybody is know buying off the internet on well know branded companies because it easy and they are lazy. This is where supporting community radio for the future and hopefully sum of the ex commercial djs will migrate and support there local community radio station.

    Technology has a big part as well, In the good old days of turntable and cd desks and cart machines to play that ear catching jingle there was no playout systems on pc and networking and voice tracking. Djs had to be in there studio playing a crafted selection of music for that time off day giving that local feel to there local town and city.

    Everything has its cycle my be people will turn away or support there own local community radio station.

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