Heart is Coming message now on-air at Bob FM Hertfordshire

Listeners to Bob FM are getting the expected Heart is Coming audio imaging ahead of the station changing names on Friday.

Bob FM will become part of the Heart network from 4pm on Friday 31st May, taking John Darin’s show from Heart Hertfordshire in Watford.

The enlarged Heart Hertfordshire, owned by Communicorp and using programmes by Global, will take the new national breakfast show with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden when it launches on Monday, 3rd June.

Drive will be shared on the Bob FM frequencies 106.7 / 106.9 and former Mercury 96.6 station too.

Bob FM covers the north of Hertfordshire including Stevenage, Hertford, Knebworth, Hitchin and Welwyn Garden City and first launched in 2001 as Hertbeat FM. It rebranded as Jack FM in May 2010, before becoming Bob FM nearly 4 years later due to licensing issues which would have prevented the station using the Jack brand on DAB.

It was bought by Communicorp in April.

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  1. Nathan says

    R,I,p Bob fm all you poor people don’t know what rubbish is awaiting you.same 50 songs on repeat.

    1. Norman says

      50? They must have expanded the playlist since I last listened. 😂

  2. Elena says

    Sad times…

    1. T1 says

      A lot of people will love it though. For those it’s good times.

      1. Neal says

        How many more bloody frequencies do we need to have Heart on???!!! As I keep saying I accept there is a place for a station like Heart but this is now totally crazy. For God sake why can’t Ofcom be destroyed in favour of a new regulatory body that won’t forever keep allowing the tail to wag the dog!!!!!!!

        1. T1 says

          Duplicating a very successful format across the UK on FM is a sensible idea. Radio 1 did it in the 90’s and Global are doing it now. I don’t see why you call this crazy

          1. neal says

            Crazy because Radio 1 always was a national station and had a licence to be just that! Heart is becoming national by decimating masses of other local station’s frequencies to do so. If you drive between here and the West Country as I frequently do you would see how unnecessary it is for Heart to actually need all these frequencies because exactly as has been pointed out here for the Hertfordshire area you don’t need to be able to pick up ONE station on two to four different places on your FM dial in one area!!

        2. mb23 says

          The takeovers are nothing to do with Ofcom, they are a decision for the Competition & Markets Authority.

          1. neal says

            But of course their constant relaxation of local radio rules has had nothing to do with this massacre!


    This is a dreadful duplication of FM radio frequency usage – Heart can be heard all over Watford already on many many frequencies.

    1. MICHAEL BOLTON says

      and all the other Heartbeat former

  4. Sandra Smith says

    Bob FM.I’m going to miss you. If I wanted to listen to Heart I would have done. Hope all the staff are not losing their Jobs? CD’s while I’m driving now!

    1. Scott says

      Sandra Smith, Chris Hubbard and the rest of the Bob team are moving to Heart Hertfordshire studio in Watford.

  5. Will says

    Question is..why aren’t they switching over at Breakfast with Jamie and Amanda? Like they did with Lancashire and Roman Kemp. They did it pre recorded 1-2 mins before the news

    1. Scott says

      Will, Chris Hubbard finish his Satursday interactive Branch show two weeks ago and Bobs Breakfast finishes Friday, So all weekend you will have Jukebox Radio with news on the hour, So the reason Heart Hertfordshire is starting 4pm Friday and not 6am on Monday Morning is because all Bobs staff would have moved to Watford Heart studio on Friday, so basically the switching is happening on Friday rather than Monday, As no staff wil be at Knebworth studio pump house.

      1. Will says

        This would still be achievable with the splits in the same way. Like Lancashire is coming out of Manchester’s Broadcast Center

  6. Ron Dobbyn says

    My granny wakes up with Andy Collins On 3cr. She always wanted to go on ” Family Fortunes” when he hosted it.. Name the top ten worst commercial radio stations in the Uk? Top answer is ………

  7. rick says

    This whole area is already served perfectly by the 97.6 Heart

  8. Adrian says

    Rest in peace Bob fm a sad day I think global will soon network every station they own move the studio to the Australian outback and still have the nerve to call it local radio I don’t want heat on 5 frequency for God’s sake make them national and use less transmitters what we need is a new form of local county wide stations where each station can not share any programming or operate more that one license

  9. Gary says

    North Herts FM, a Stevenage-based community internet station (not on FM) formed last year is keen to fill the gap from the demise of BOB. They are already out and about at events the area, much like the old HertBeat used to be and seem to have ambitions for a broadcast licence. Time will tell if they can make it work.

    I expect the folks at the Knebworth estate will welcome a new radio tenant to the Old Pump House studio when Communicorp clear out.

  10. Andrew says

    Scott, BOB’s facebook page seems to suggest that none of the staff from BOB are moving to Watford, from where do you get information that they are moving?

    1. Paul Kendall says

      Chris Hubbard said he was transferring on his Twitter – not sure about the others. I’m not in the industry but as a listener I detest the Heart brand / playlist. I stopped listening few years back and started listening to Bob. Now that’s gone, for me I will listen to North Herts FM and try and support them in getting the FM licence bringing back REAL local radio

      1. Stephen says

        RIP Bob. I will have to find something new now as the music on Heart is rubbish & D.J’s bland.

  11. John James says

    OFCOM are not to blame for the painful death of local commercial radio. They are civil servants implementing government policies.

    1. Neal says

      So exactly what specific policy have I missed that said Global Bauer et all now have the power to incinerate all FM local radio in the UK! Guarantee the old IBA would have put up some sort of opposition/questioning or hey at least raised a eyebrow. Ofcom are totally spineless except when it comes to a four letter word accidentally let loose at 3am on a small run community station then they miraculously turn into Rambo!!

      1. Scott says

        Just watch out local community radio could be next to be bought out by a Big Brand, God I feel bored already with Bob.

  12. Martin UTB says

    Ooo I bet the listeners of Bob can’t wait.

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