Heart presenters start saying goodbye to listeners

Presenters at a number of Heart stations are starting to tell listeners they are leaving their radio shows at the end of May.

They are tweeting farewell messages as each local or regional breakfast show is about to go networked, and some drive presenters replaced.

In a bold move never undertaken at this scale before, Global is about to change every breakfast show and almost every drive show on its large network of Heart stations outside London.

RadioToday estimates around 70 of the 90 radio presenters on-air at the moment around the UK will not be on Heart when the changes commence at the end of May. The current 23 breakfast shows across England, Scotland and Wales will become one – with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden launching a new show on June 3rd. Weekends will be fully networked so no local presenters will be required.

Details of who will host Heart Drive in the new smaller regions are expected shortly, but instead of the current 24 Drive Shows, there will be just 12 as allowed under new Ofcom Guidelines.

Tom Campbell from Heart North East Drive writes: “Thank you. A thousand times thank you. Your energy, love and support has made this a chapter in my life I will re-read forever.”

Chris Kirk from Heart North Lancashire & Cumbria says: “Thank you for this amazing experience. It’s been phenomenal.”

Jack Miles from Heart Devon Drive said: “THANK YOU. Being on the radio is a huge privilege… Our job literally is to talk between songs! But here’s the secret. Without you, there’s not a show!”

Elise Evans from Heart West Midlands Drive says: “I am obviously so gutted as it’s been the most incredible period of my life.”

James Dundon from Heart Cornwall Drive posted a video saying: “I’ve loved it, just great, thanks for being a part of it. Global Radio have been lovely people to work for.”

Heart Yorkshire Drive presenter Rich Williams says: “My time on Heart Yorkshire will finish at the end of May… Thank you so, so much if you’v ever tuned in, text through, called the show or taken part in anything I’ve done on air.”

The above are just the ones we have seen – if we have missed any we are happy to update.

If you are affected by the changes and would like to let the radio industry know you are “available” for work, we’d like to help. See our Available Page for more details.

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Posted on Sunday, May 19th, 2019 at 4:43 pm by Roy Martin

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