Heart presenters start saying goodbye to listeners

Presenters at a number of Heart stations are starting to tell listeners they are leaving their radio shows at the end of May.

They are tweeting farewell messages as each local or regional breakfast show is about to go networked, and some drive presenters replaced.

In a bold move never undertaken at this scale before, Global is about to change every breakfast show and almost every drive show on its large network of Heart stations outside London.

RadioToday estimates around 70 of the 90 radio presenters on-air at the moment around the UK will not be on Heart when the changes commence at the end of May. The current 23 breakfast shows across England, Scotland and Wales will become one – with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden launching a new show on June 3rd. Weekends will be fully networked so no local presenters will be required.

Details of who will host Heart Drive in the new smaller regions are expected shortly, but instead of the current 24 Drive Shows, there will be just 12 as allowed under new Ofcom Guidelines.

Tom Campbell from Heart North East Drive writes: “Thank you. A thousand times thank you. Your energy, love and support has made this a chapter in my life I will re-read forever.”

Chris Kirk from Heart North Lancashire & Cumbria says: “Thank you for this amazing experience. It’s been phenomenal.”

Jack Miles from Heart Devon Drive said: “THANK YOU. Being on the radio is a huge privilege… Our job literally is to talk between songs! But here’s the secret. Without you, there’s not a show!”

Elise Evans from Heart West Midlands Drive says: “I am obviously so gutted as it’s been the most incredible period of my life.”

James Dundon from Heart Cornwall Drive posted a video saying: “I’ve loved it, just great, thanks for being a part of it. Global Radio have been lovely people to work for.”

Heart Yorkshire Drive presenter Rich Williams says: “My time on Heart Yorkshire will finish at the end of May… Thank you so, so much if you’v ever tuned in, text through, called the show or taken part in anything I’ve done on air.”

The above are just the ones we have seen – if we have missed any we are happy to update.

If you are affected by the changes and would like to let the radio industry know you are “available” for work, we’d like to help. See our Available Page for more details.

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  1. Ben Wright says

    They should go back to playing 70s and 80s and have 70s and clubs classics every Fri and sat 6pm till 12 and have decent dis on the they radio station and change is never a good thing

    1. Adam says

      They will never do that. Their target audience is 25 – 45 and primarily women. They have Smooth for the 70’s & 80’s now.

    2. T1 says

      Maybe your older than Hearts targeted audience. ?

      1. S says

        Thanks to all the djs losing their jobs I will miss the laughs and great shows. Will be finding a new radio station to listen to as its diabolical what they are doing. It’s all about money unfortunately.

    3. Jason says

      I’m at the top end of that target audience, 44. Gosh, I feel old!!

  2. Nigel Paice says

    Ofcom sponsoring Global to bring about the end of local radio. A very bad news day

  3. Joe says

    Some time ago, I came across a comment to create two fully national radio stations on FM in exactly the same nature as Classic FM: Capital and Heart. Somehow, it will just be in my dreams, but I would really like and require both stations to operate in this scheme and re-advertise all the licenses that are currently holding Heart and Capital (but excluding London’s 95.8; all content is pretty much the same as the others).

    That way, rivals that can provide local radio will thrive.

  4. spectrumTeen says

    The industry is at the right time for disruption!

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Disruption is just a euphamism from silicon valley that simply means f*cking over everyone and making loads of people unemployed just so 1 particular corp can make even more profit. Don’t even pretend its some nobel cause.

  5. John Bullass says

    Too all heart presenters who are about to lose their jobs loyalty means nothing you’ve given all so sorry local talent is going out of the window so sorry to see it go to London based DJ’s the line up of bit part actresses and third rate celebs not funny same playlist most days
    Most will never bother about local radio

  6. John Bullass says

    Too all heart presenters who are about to lose their jobs loyalty means nothing you’ve given all so sorry local talent is going out of the window so sorry to see it go to London based DJ’s the line up of bit part actresses and third rate celebs not funny same playlist most days
    Most will never bother about local radio again.

  7. Chris says

    All of our presenters at Heart Kent are leaving end of this week! 😒 will miss listening to them James & Becky in the mornings & Jonny at Drive time plus Claire on Sunday afternoon

  8. Sue Moorhouse says

    Why is this happening???? What will happen to our local news and travel. Why try to fix something that isn’t broken. Dixie and Emma at heart yorkshire breakfast make my journey to work happy.

    1. UK Reporter says

      Hi Sue. Local news, weather and travel will continue as it is now.

    2. Mr Boltar says

      Global have demonstrated they’ll quite happily break something thats fixed if it’ll make them even more money and Ashley can go buy himself another Porsche.

      1. neal says

        Totally agree Mr Boltar. Good old Ashley. Really don’t know how he sleeps at night. It’s not like they needed to make even more money. Just pure greed with good people being treated like cattle fodder. This country really is a complete joke run by the few screwing the many. Won’t be in my lifetime but I hope and pray those who so should have it coming to them get back the way they have treated others a hundred fold! “Think twice before posting-be nice” that’s the problem we are all too nice and soft while the decent ones are being stamped on with a hundred ton boots!!!!!!!

        1. sj says

          Tabor’s only doing what any businessperson in any industry in any capitalist country would do – maximise profits. Radio isn’t some special case with some god-given right to be immune from change. But fortunately, radio folk have so many transferable skills they’re bound to reinvent themselves and move on to new things – like we all have to at various points in our lives. Nothing stays the same. I know two people affected by this and they’re dealing with it pragmatically.

          1. Mr Boltar says

            Maximising profits is one aspect of running a company, not the only one. Global is already making a profit, no one was forcing him to fire all these people and make even more.

          2. mb23 says

            Global have hired extra journalists in their newsrooms in the last couple of months, that’s where some of the savings have gone.

          3. Mr Boltar says

            So they’re hired some in London to replace all the ones they’ve fired from the local stations they’ve taken over recently. BFD.

  9. C ayers says

    Such a sad day for local radio, local content, local presenters, local listeners.
    For all my local news, weather, travel etc. I’m switching and supporting community radio.

    1. Baz says

      Heart north west was brilliant I know I will be switching stations from now on enjoy your money global why you can 😑😑😑😑

  10. Jamie Crampton says

    A massive well done to Ofcom for allowing Global and the like to kill off local radio. As someone who worked for GWR in the 90’s it’s quite sickening to see such a demise for the sake of someone’s bottom line, all because the broadcast licence bill was sneaked through at quiet time in Parliament. Global is not radio, it’s just wallpaper.

    1. mb23 says

      There is no new broadcast legislation and nothing has gone through parliament. Section 314 of the Communications Act 2003 says:

      “It shall be the duty of OFCOM to carry out their functions in relation to local sound broadcasting services in the manner that they consider is best calculated to secure that programmes consisting of or including local material are included in such services and that where such programmes are included in such a service, what appears to OFCOM to be a suitable proportion of them consists of locally-made programmes.”

      The Labour Government in 2003 gave Ofcom a free hand over how much should be a suitable proportion
      of local programming. Ofcom are acting within the remit given to them in 2003.

    2. sj says

      GWR was the ultimate wallpaper radio… I’d argue even more so than Global. Long sweeps of music, bland imaging with the odd speedlink. Admittedly I find Heart bland too but let’s not kid ourselves into believing all of these services offered fantastic, dynamic, local content back in the 90s!

  11. lindsey says

    My family and I have listened to Heart Manchester with Joell and Lorna driving to school for years. My kids sit in the car some mornings waiting for Joell and Lornas stories to end. After they finish their final show none of my family will turn Heart or Capital on again. I like to listen to local stories not London based dribble. Best of luck to all these presenters that have lost their jobs from someone again thinking they know what people actually want.

    1. mb23 says

      There is no such thing as Heart Manchester, this station covers an area from Chester to Lancaster. It’s about as local as Granada Reports.

    2. LoobyLou says

      I totally agree with Lindsey. We listen to Joel and Lorna every morning as they cover the NW and have a great dynamic so to see them go is a complete bummer. Heart, listen to your listeners and not the “fat cats” who are interested in finances!



    1. Roy says

      Jason Andrew Toppin


      An obviously well thought through, intelligent and well written contribution!

    2. Mr Boltar says

      Losing their jibs? Do they all own yachts? Perhaps someone will “brung” them a new one!

    3. Mr R G PHILPOTT says

      Jason Andrew Toppin. This is obviously a joke, but about as funny as a brown floater in a swimming pool.

    4. Jason says

      Is Heat radio still broadcasting?

    5. David says

      Did you type that with your feet?

  13. Colin Harris says

    Its a shame its happening but down on the south coast Wave trounces Heart South Coast for listeners. That is because despite Wave being a regional station it treats listeners as locals and involves the community on and off air. And that is despite Rich Clarke being bought in by Heart a few years ago to bolster a flagging breakfast show. I am pleased local news and travel is being kept but what anlbout the local competitions which is invariably done with local venues or activity/entertainment centres? None of that can happen at a national level. As for the new breakfast show anyone who has heard Jamie Theakston on Heart Extra will know he and Lucy and before that Emma Bunton do a really good job so why the need to parachute Amanda onto the show only Global know. As for those who want the return of the mix of music Heart used to play until the 80s listeners were jettisoned to their own station why not use Heart Extra and rename it Heart Classics. And with the money saved by making Heart national why not use some of thos presenters as Absolute do with their stations. Local and community radio is still alive but not in the hands of Global.

  14. Ian says

    To update the Radio Active parody station to actuality, here is the new Heart strapline:

    “Britain’s first national local radio station brought to you in association with our friends at Ofcom”

  15. Roger Miles says

    What an indictment of the so called “industry” (Great misnomer) that to a person, all these individuals felt the need to declare how “blessed” they’ve been to be able to broadcast on the radio.

    You’d have been blessed if you’d have worked for an employer who nurtured you, promoted you, tried their best to hone your skills and talents, not one who was only ever interested in you being cannon fodder for the oh so predictable endgame of further networking, lower costs and more fat profits.

    Don’t kid yourself, you owe people like that nothing.

  16. Lee says

    Another boring story about the grab and slash company. Travel news will consist of about three regional stories rushed into 30 seconds, and the local news will be one story from the area read from a press release and loads of national and international stories from a central source in my view. Radio output at the lowest denominator.

    1. Radio Geordie says

      Global today, Bauer tomorrow.
      Just wait until they start unless they change their minds after the disastrous Rajars the other day.

      1. mb23 says

        Greatest Hits West Midlands only has a local drive show, that’s probably a clue that Bauer are next after their CMA issues are sorted.

        1. T1 says

          And very little listeners

      2. AndrewB says

        They won’t change their mind. They can afford to lose listeners thanks to the savings they will make.

        And ultimately if the results really so bad that they decide to revert them, they will never re-instate local breakfast shows to the extent Heart had, as they’ll have flogged off off many of the studios.

  17. Mike says

    No more Dixie & Emma on the drive into work? No offence to the new guys (I don’t know them) but it was those two keeping me dialled to Heart. After the change, it’ll be back to CDs.

  18. Mark says

    So sad! I discovered Heart years ago through their mainly national evening broadcasts, but it is Matt and Vic on the Devon & Cornwall breakfast show that kept me tuning in every day. And after the breakfast show, I didn’t change station and stayed with Heart all day. But without the local interest (and the amazing personalities, including Producer Pete and Jack on drive time), I might as well tune into Radio 2.

    Heart had struck a fine and delicate balance between big name national shows, but with local interest broadcasting at key parts of the day. I am sure the decision was made makes sound financial sense, but it feels like a betrayal of the listeners that made the station as successful as it is.

    I can’t help thinking that if you tweak a winning recipe to make it cheaper, you kind of miss the point.

    I really hope all the presenters that are putting on such a brave, joyful and enthusiastic face at a time that must be so uncertain find new homes that are as amazing as Heart was.

    And Matt and Victoria, if you are reading – we need you! Please announce your new morning tv show with as many of your awesome games as possible. Pen Pals would be amazing on primetime tv!!!!!!

    1. Julie Curtis says

      Can’t believe heart is doing this!!!! I only use to have heart on was for the Mat and Victoria. Won’t be from Friday. Sad that the local stations are gone .

  19. Chris says

    Never listened to Heart anyway, so no issues for me as I listen to a great local community station.

  20. Terry Capner says

    Good Bye and thank you Matt and Vic
    Good Bye Heart Radio

  21. Ash says

    Going to miss Justin & Kelly, they make my journey to work a joy. Dam disgrace you are all losing your jobs. I’ll be switching stations come the end of May. What a loss of such talented people. Good luck to you all.

  22. Christian Holder says

    Hi my name is Christian holder I would like to have a radio station for poeple with a learning disability here in Brighton and Hove what do people think they presenters will be poeple who have a learning disability

  23. John James says

    Please give a thought for all the other staff who are also being made redundant. The office staff at the numerous studios being closed down by Global. The producers and the journalists as well.

    1. Dan says

      Will find a local station ,good luck Joel and Lorna you both made my morning drive more enjoyable.Goodbye heart

  24. Zia Hawtin says

    Matt and Victoria I will be searching hoping you go somewhere I can tune into. Hilarious morning show which made me ready for the day.

    Totally excellent.

    Heart has lost a listener.

    James Dundon… Also gutted such a great listen in the afternoon.

  25. Zia says

    Matt and Victoria I will be searching hoping you go somewhere I can tune into. Hilarious morning show which made me ready for the day.

    Totally excellent.

    Heart has lost a listener.

    James Dundon… Also gutted such a great listen in the afternoon.

    1. Lisa says

      Agree totally!! ❀️

  26. Marie Hulme says

    Absolutely gutted to be losing so many good presenters, I don’t want to be listening to Jamie and Amanda. Sorry but as of the end of May I will be listening to a different radio station

    1. Neal says

      Good luck finding another FM station to listen to. At the rate Global is going there will be absolutely nothing left from their repetitive safe boring radio!

  27. Lisa says

    Heart, I’m heart broken at the loss of Matt and Victoria, breakfast South West.
    That’s me changing the radio station from next week…. unbearable replacements!!!

  28. Vickie says

    Gutted to be losing Matt and Michelle our local presenters in Berkshire, the only thing that brightens up my drive to work its been a blast and sad to see you go. What a BAD DECISION to make these into one show with the boring Jamie and Amanda. YAWN.

    Bye-bye Heart FM, I’m outta here.

  29. Marie Marshall says

    Have loved listening to Joel and Lorna I will really miss them on the radio each morning, they really cheer me up. I don’t wish to listen to Jamie and Amanda, so I will be switching to another radio station.

  30. cjm says

    i won’t be listening anymore…i only tuned in because of matt and victoria in the morning. i love their banter and enjoy the local west country angle.
    i hope they both have something good lined up and hopefully we can start listening to them again.
    good luck to them. miss you guys already !

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