Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts to join Jamie Theakston for Heart UK Breakfast

Heart’s new national breakfast show will be presented by Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden when it starts on June 3rd between 6.30 and 10am.

Also joining Jamie & Amanda is singer and TV personality Ashley Roberts, who will join the Heart Breakfast team as the resident showbiz expert.

Newspaper reports suggest Amanda Holden is getting paid £3m to co-host the show over two years.

RadioToday understands current presenters of Heart’s local breakfast shows across England, Scotland and Wales were told the news on Sunday.

Amanda said: “I’ve spent years in the car listening to Heart while traveling to work or doing the school run with my daughters. So it feels incredibly surreal to be announced as the new national Breakfast co-presenter alongside the fab Jamie Theakston. Jamie and I go back more years than I can remember so I have no doubt that working with him will be hilarious for everyone. I’m not sure my face is ready for the early starts mind you, but I hope we can make the listeners laugh along with us each morning!”

Heart Breakfast’s co-presenter Jamie added: “This is a massively exciting opportunity in taking this show nationwide and I’m beyond thrilled to have my friend Amanda join me in the fun. Listeners can expect the unexpected from Amanda, just as I have learned to do over the years!”

Jamie and Amanda will replace 21 breakfast shows on stations from Exeter to Edinburgh – meaning around 70 presenters and producers being taken away from the slot. Amanda is a replacement for Emma Bunton who left the show last year.

Some breakfast presenters will be leaving the network, and some will move to drivetime, replacing the current drivetime shows.

In addition, some drivetime programmes will be merged into smaller areas as per Ofcom’s changes to the Localness Guidelines.

Managing Editor of Heart, James Rea said: “We have been working hard behind the scenes to be able to announce some huge changes to Heart, which we’re thrilled to reveal today.

“Amanda Holden brings a fresh energy to the brand-new national Breakfast show and we’re delighted that she’s now part of the Heart family. Both Jamie & Amanda’s infectious humour and engaging personalities will certainly brighten up mornings across the UK! We wish them the very best of luck ahead of their first show together on Monday June 3rd. Turn up the feel good indeed!”

Ashley Tabor OBE, Founder & Executive President of Global said: “This is a huge moment for Heart and Global, as we launch the largest morning show in commercial radio, Heart Breakfast, across the UK. James Rea and the team have done a sterling job and we can’t wait for Jamie Theakston & Amanda Holden, along with Ashley Roberts, to turn up the feel good every morning!”

A networked breakfast show on Heart was first announced by Global on February 26th, and since then, the company’s Capital network has replaced its local breakfast shows with a national programme. The Smooth network will follow before the end of the year.

The programmes being replaced by Jamie and Amanda are:

  • Sussex: Tom, Nicola and Jack
  • South Coast: Rich and Zoe
  • Kent: James and Becky
  • Thames Valley: Matt and Michelle
  • Bath/Bristol: Ed, Troy and Paulina
  • Devon/Cornwall: Matt and Victoria
  • Gloucestershire: Myles Galloway
  • Wiltshire: Mel and Ben
  • Northampton: Ivan and Emma
  • Essex: Martin and Su
  • Cambridge: Kev and Ros
  • Suffolk: Dave and Heidi
  • Hertfordshire: Daniel Fox
  • WM: Ed and Gemma
  • NW: Joel and Lorna
  • North Lancs: Danny Matthews
  • NE: Justin and Kelly
  • Yorkshire: Dixie and Emma
  • Scotland: Robin and Adele
  • South Wales: Jagger and Woody
  • North Wales: Lois and Oli

If you currently work for Global and find yourself looking for new opportunities due to the changes – let us know and we’ll tell the rest of the industry you are available, with a free listing on our “people available” page.

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  1. PC in Spain says

    Here we go again ……..

  2. Radio Geordie says

    Another two reasons to not listen.

  3. Gabrielle Garland says

    I won’t be listening to these two .

  4. Sj says

    Very surprised Jamie is going national. Hasn’t this show been struggling in London for a while?

    1. sheila j says

      I’ll give it to November when Jamie will announce he’s stepping to down to “spend more time with family and throwing away that infernal alarm clock.” Real reason, RAJAR figures are less than impressive.

  5. Tee says

    Can’t wait.

  6. Dawn says

    Another station I will not listen to

  7. Gary says

    Terrible news tbh, feel sorry for those presenters and other being staff being replaced by celebs who are only there to (boost) listener figures.
    Hopefully the local community stations gain in popularity where local is local and not based from London.

    1. Julie Murray says

      are for real I wnt be listening too heart nw any more if you drop Joel and lorna they are great key 103 did this and what a balls up that was

      1. Will says

        Could see them going to Drive… Hopefully I think they’re good.

  8. mb23 says

    In the 1990s the Radio Authority should have created two national pop stations on FM, which could have safeguarded one good quality local commercial station for each county, in line with the 1979 ILR plan.

    Instead they insisted on pursuing a policy of small-scale stations, which were never likely to make a profit, and regional stations covering areas so large that the localness is non-existent. How can a station covering an area from Chester to Lancaster be defined as local radio?

    That policy has got us to where we are today, with many large towns & cities no longer having a local commercial breakfast show.

    1. Sj says

      GCap was running one station per county and was on the brink of going bust by the time Global bought it.

      Despite the lack of localness in the existing regional shows, they generally do very well in RAJAR.

      And where local stations remain, such as the Quidem stations and Connect FM, they really struggle. I’d truly love to believe there’s huge demand for local radio and breakfast shows but I can’t see any evidence to suggest this is the case, sadly. Maybe it’s just not as big a deal to people as we’d like it to be?

  9. Dan Dean says

    The question is…… many people outside the radio industry care, none is the answer.
    It will not make a half penny’s worth of difference to the “Heart listener” because they could not care less whether the station they are listening too is broadcast from next door or next county….or next country.
    Local radio is not relevant anymore…..we live in an age of Amazon and On Line….and truth is that this belief that people care about it is cob wash…..even in it’s hay day R1 and R2 were well ahead of local radio in everything…….in many ways local radio was seen as a bit amateur and something that they used occasionally, bit like the corner shop/ Tesco scenario. I do understand many people will loose their jobs and I am sorry, but that is life….a factory in the next town to where I live announced last week that it will close soon with the loss of just over a 100 jobs, it is sad but that is how life is at times….I have been there and had to move on.

    1. MICHAEL BOLTON says

      But these “licences” were created for the provision of “local” radio not national radio stations. it’s not like other industries where if you don’t like the supplier you can set up your own business and compete. The local aspect has been run down for the last 20 years with networking and rebranding BUT these frequencies and licences are supposed to deliver local radio not be local relays of national radio.

      1. SJ says

        They were and, as someone who worked in commercial radio for 12 years, it’s been heartbreaking to see local hours cut back gradually. But the media and entertainment industries are changing at a ridiculous pace. My mum listens to Radio 2, my dad listens to Absolute and my brother’s car radio is on Capital. They have limited exposure to radio. But even if we still had traditional ILR with local shows all day, I honestly don’t think the localness would be compelling enough to lure them away. And I’m guilty of it too… I still have a couple of properly local commercial stations in my county, yet it’s national ones I tend to gravitate towards – either for news/talk or a specific kind of music.

    2. neal says

      Clearly you never got hear Radio London/GLR in the day with the likes of Robbie Vincent, David Simmonds, Stuart Coleman, Charlie Gillett, Mary Costello, Steve Barnard, David Rodigan. I could go on name listing but please don’t tell me that Radio 1 and 2 were well ahead of those DJ’s mentioned above or that Radio London/GLR was in anyway an amateur station that could not hold a torch to BBC national radio. Capital in the late 70’s and 80’s was likewise a completely different animal to the crass station that is in it’s place now thanks to Global. I get the point nobody gives a four x anymore but please stop beating on about how crap you think it all was because it was not. The fact that as you rightly say nobody gives a dam about anything these days is the reason Global/Ofcom have succeeded and it’s because of the same apathy towards these tin pot Gods that thousands are losing their jobs in all industries. For God’s sake at least admit that instead of saying that Global are where they are today because everything before them was shit. People and times do move on but that does not automatically mean that what was on offer before was an inferior product it most certainly was not!

      1. sj says

        I don’t think anyone is saying radio was an inferior product back then, just that it was a different era. You can’t really compare radio of the 80s to what we have now because the competition and audiences are so different. In fact, radio’s continued popularity through the decades is down to its ability to constantly evolve and adapt. You might think Capital is crass but it’s at least managing to convince a new generation to listen to the radio despite all the many options they have for entertainment these days. That’s got to be a glimmer of hope.

        1. Neal says

          Guess my problem SJ is I don’t always want Radio for background and to keep listen to repetitive playlists. I accept there is a place for this type of radio I just don’t think it needs to be blasting out of every station and frequency in the country! I miss DJs with a keen interest in music who want to share that with the listener. I keep bringing up the same names but take Mark Lamarr as one example of someone who loved music of all descriptions and how he was treated by the BBC. Phil Jupitus and Jane Gazzo I could go on and on. So if I’m being told all commercial radio is going to be the same safe 1000 songs over and over again explain why the BBC keeps sacking these people to replace them with the same type of celebrity presenters so that now Radio 2 in particular is turning into a clone of the commercial sector. Appreciate playlist is bigger-at the moment?! but all the specialist programs are being dumped or moved to vampire hours. It’s all well and good to say Radio 2 needs to move with the times but as they change their programs to cater for the audience now too old for Radio 1 I assume the Beeb thinks the older Radio 2 audience should just go to a corner and die!

  10. Adrian says

    All these comments about local radio not being important and tough luck etc etc is very sad.I still don’t think that companies that applied for licences to provide a local radio service should be allowed to change them to national stations but you have to blame the regulator and governments for that.It’s unfair in my opinion for all these frequencies to be given over to the same shows with a lot of duplication in places without others (like in the case of the ITV franchises) given the chance to take over the licences offering an alternative.Franchise rounds in the past did lead to higher quality programming rather than a race to bottom.However,those who say the average Capital and Heart listeners won’t care are quite right-they are generally younger people who just want some background music and the same few songs repeated over and over.It COULD have been so different.

  11. Len Groat says

    The next time the UK radio industry, or the strangely name ‘Radio Academy’ 🙁 do something like ’30 under 30′ … perhaps young radio ‘hopefuls’ should remember:

    Tom, Nicola and Jack, Rich and Zoe, James and Becky, Matt and Michelle, Ed, Troy and Paulina, Matt and Victoria, Myles Galloway, Mel and Ben, Ivan and Emma, Martin and Su, Kev and Ros, Dave and Heidi, Daniel Fox, Ed and Gemma, Joel and Lorna, Danny Matthews, Justin and Kelly, Dixie and Emma, Robin and Adele, Jagger and Woody, Lois and Oli………………

    … and apply for jobs in television..

    With Global’s idea of good radio, and Radio 2 ignoring music from the 50s to the 80s in daytime shows…. Radio has DIED

    1. mb23 says

      Some of the people you listed are staying with Heart to present drive time shows.

      With 40+ national DAB stations and podcasting there are more jobs in the audio industry than there were in the 1980s.

      1. Spencer Payne says

        Radio for the brain dead

  12. James says

    I currently listen to James and Becky on Heart Kent and that is a brilliant show i would sooner listen to them than James and Amanda that is my honest opinion when this happens on June 3rd i will start listening to BBC Radio 2 in the mornings

  13. Joe says

    This article doesn’t say one big thing: What about Heart Morning News weekdays 6am on Heart South West, Wales, North West, Yorkshire, North East and Scotland? I will be concerned if they cancel it altogether and replace it with just 2 minutes like all the other stations. I enjoy listening to this news bulletin. I hope they have the effort to retain it.

  14. john88 says

    Lets Hope Nation Wales will hire Jagger and Woody for the breakfast show ,who wants to kisten to that woman cackling tgat time of the morning in fact anytimr of theday

  15. Mike Rose says

    It’ll be a matter of time before the allowance to scrap regional Drivetime as well.

  16. john88 says

    Lets Hope Nation Wales will hire Jagger and Woody for the breakfast show ,who wants to listen to that woman cackling that time of the morning in fact anytimr of theday

  17. Thomas Myerscough says

    Why do suits in their offices in London automatically assume that the DJs broadcasting on the London breakfast show is the right choice for a national station. Joel (who lets not forget did present on a National level) and Lorna would do a better show than Jamie and Amanda (who will have weeks off to film BGT).

    1. Mike Rose says

      Joel & Lorna will probably get North West drive Thomas

  18. jtofjax says

    Bad decision.

    This is cost-cutting clear and simple.

    Here in Florida at least we still have LOCAL Breakfast and drive.

    Global would fail in Florida. Over here, Heart is considered a joke by people in the know.

    Z100, New York’s equivalent to Heart 106.2 seems better produced.

    How long before Global sell out to us Americans?

    1. mb23 says

      I believe Z100 is owned by iHeart Media, a company which hasn’t made a profit since 2007. Who is laughing?

      1. Neal says

        There is a difference between making a running profit and a completely and unnecessary obscene one at the expense of everyone and everything else. Radio Jackie in North West London been a prime example of what a station can achieve when it is run by radio enthusiasts as opposed to total money grabbing greedy parasites! Sick of hearing local radio cannot survive unless it is sucked up and spat out by Global and the rest Jackie proves it can!

        1. mb23 says

          Local commercial breakfast shows have fallen to 20% of the total available audience, as people increasingly switch to national breakfast shows.

          The launch of Scala and Chris Evans’ show on Virgin has added to this. How far do you let the ratings fall before changing strategy?

          1. Lee says

            Why is it that already London centred presenters such as Roman Kemp and Jamie Theskston get the nationsl shows? What next? Global should be renamed the ‘grab and slash’ team in my view.

    2. Sj says

      Z100’s “equivalent” in the UK is Capital, not Heart.

  19. T1 says

    Radio is still there and not died Lenny G. Thankfully moved on from the days of gem am.

  20. CHRIS PEARCE says

    I feel very sad for all the local presenters. I don’t listen to Heart but regardless another nail in the coffin for local radio. We all don’t live in London. Has Ofcom lost the plot by allowing this to happen?!

    1. MusicDJuk says

      Which afaik has made a loss every year since taking over 107.8 !!!

  21. Lee says

    Why is it that already London centred presenters such as Roman Kemp and Jamie Theskston get the nationsl shows? What next? Global should be renamed the ‘grab and slash’ team in my view.

    1. MICHAEL BOLTON says

      Bauer have based Hits Radio in Manchester

      1. Allwyn Brown says

        I personally will no longer be listening ….I much prefer local and someone that knows and cares about the area.

  22. Simon hucker says

    Theakston’s old and peculiar ?

  23. Tracy Amos says

    Nooo!! Ivan and Emma are the best, and only Breakfast show i’ve ever stayed listening to! 😟
    I definitely won’t be listening in again that’s for sure! 😡

  24. Nurseyb says

    I love listening to Ben and Mel. I chose Heart because it was local – whatever else Jamie, Amanda and Ashley are, they are NOT local. Won’t be listening – sorry. Off to Radio 4 to join the grown ups for breakfast.

    1. mb23 says

      The local news and travel are staying, you won’t find that on Radio 4. It isn’t surprising that Global don’t want to employ 21 breakfast teams when only one is required by the regulator.

      Holden’s reported salary is probably overstated by the tabloid press, but even if it’s roughly correct they are still saving money (even if the RAJAR figures go down a bit).

      They will get a big sponsor for the new show, which they couldn’t when it was all different shows.

      Moaning on Twitter is not going to force a rethink.

      1. neal says

        Great Global wanting to cut off the heads of 21 breakfast teams and Ofcom handing them the sword! Whatever you wish to describe Ofcom as to call them a regulator is a complete joke. A total copy of the school yard bully who only kicks those they know can’t kick them back. Global being the one they are most terrified of. Unreal that all the bloody FM transmitters now carrying their national programmes were put there for local radio. If they are so big and powerful let them fork out for their own national transmitters. Bet they would not be so keen then as that would cost them real big money as opposed to the song they have paid to put hundreds into job centres! I’ll give it a couple of hours before the usual replies come up here of how nothing could have survived without Global being so kind to us all with their very own Thunderbirds UK rescue scheme! As I keep repeating Radio Jackie is a prime example of how local radio can easily survive when the bottom and only line is not making an obscene profit for the chosen few!

        1. mb23 says

          Which FM frequencies would they use to create national Heart? They are not allowed to use Classic FM’s slot for a national pop service.

          If the Radio Authority had advertised national commercial pop radio in the 1990s (between 105-108) we might not be in this situation today.

          Ireland is a prime example where Today FM & Newstalk are living happily alongside good local commercial radio.

  25. Paul says

    Well basically I listen to real radio with our commercials.give it to real d.js. And not celebrity artists.

  26. Barrie Hyde says

    What baffles me is this drive for all radio stations to go younger. The older generation are the ones with money – mortgage paid, kids of their hands, pensions etc. Crusie ships prove this. Yet the radio industry is determined to ignore this demographic. Baffling!!

    1. mb23 says

      The advertising industry doesn’t see it that way. The older generation may have money but they are more careful with it. They are less responsive to advertising and less likely to switch brands compared to younger people, preferring to stay loyal to the brands they have always used..

      They also give a lot of it to their grandchildren for college or to help them on to the housing ladder.

    2. Pat says

      Even the BBC now wanting to ignore the older listeners by ruining Radio 2 and now modernising local radio as well.They don’t have to please the advertisers and someone should either make them serve a different audience or sanction them-I’m fed-up,with the drive to ignore older listeners and the general race to the bottom qualitywise.

  27. Mick Leet says

    What is so terribly wrong with the world that dozens of peoples lose their livelihoods and have their vocation ripped from them, so that one person can be awarded such an obscene figure over two years?

    If the criteria is solely “is this person a name / celebrity?” then yes, Ms Holden meets that criteria. But is that all we are looking for in these supposedly enlightened times? What about visibility in the area, knowledge of the TSA, it’s communities, individuals and being warm, relatable, funny, eloquent and well liked? For £1.5 million a year, Ms Holden better have all that and more.

    Her vulgar and completely unjustifiable deal would sustain 100 people on 30k for two years alone, yet they want to hand out over to one person of relatively limited talent? The commercial sector deserves to die if it is left to people like Tabor, Rea etc.

    1. mb23 says

      Emma Bunton was probably on a similar package when she presented Heart London breakfast. She is a “name/celebrity” as well.

      It’s a red herring to suggest that the savings of the 21 breakfast teams are paying Holden’s salary.

    2. MusicDJuk says

      Which afaik has made a loss every year since taking over 107.8 !!!

  28. SJ says

    There are still plenty of local commercial stations out there. Trouble is, it seems listeners don’t necessary share the same passion for localness as many people posting on here, looking at reach. Will these Heart stations take big hits in listening figures once their breakfast shows go? It could be good news for the local competition if they do but, let’s be brutally honest, people will probably just carry on listening.

    Heart Northamptonshire – 27%
    Connect FM – 11%

    Heart Essex – 24%
    Radio Essex – 5%

    Heart Exeter – 24%
    Radio Exe – 10%

    Heart West Mids – 17%
    Touch FM Coventry – 5%

    Heart Norfolk – 22%
    Radio Norwich – 11%

    Heart Suffolk – 20%
    Town 102 – 11%

    Heart Chelmsford and Southend – 24%
    Radio Essex (Chelmsford and Southend only) – 5%

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