Radio Ceredigion withdraws format change request

Nation Broadcasting has told Ofcom it wants to withdraw its request for a format change to allow local programming on Radio Ceredigion rather than being a relay of Nation Radio.

When the station’s licence was re-advertised, Nation re-applied, proposing to scrap all local content and share programmes with the South Wales regional station Nation Radio instead.

Although the regulator said the application had a lack of commitment to provide any Ceredigion-specific local content or provide Welsh language content in an area with a relatively high proportion of Welsh speakers, the licence was awarded to Nation, the only applicant.

After they were awarded the licence, Nation decided that it would prefer to continue broadcasting a service more closely aligned with the existing Radio Ceredigion service when it commences, so requested a change of format.

Ofcom regarded the proposed changes would be a significant departure to the service that was proposed by Nation in its licence re-application, so there was a four-week consultation, which received six responses before it closed on 10 May.

Now, Nation has decided it wants to launch Nation Radio in Ceredigion on 1 June, as per its original licence re-application, and has therefore withdrawn the format change request.

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  1. Elena says

    what ???

  2. I says

    Bauer’s organisation strikes again!

  3. Ray Oliver says

    Do I understand this:that Ofcom complained that the first format changes wouldn’t serve Welsh speakers, Radio Ceredigion changed their mind”s and decided to use the format that Ofcom had agreed to. Then Ofcom decided not to allow them to retain it!

    Err, what?

    1. mb23 says

      This licence is loss-making and there were no other bidders for it. Ofcom have very little choice here apart from allowing Town & Country to do what they want or awarding it to a community radio service.

      A community licence may not last long. The geography makes the transmission expensive.

    2. Radio Geordie says

      Err, no.
      Nation Broadcasting wanted to change the format, then they changed their minds and wanted to keep it as it was, then changed their minds again.
      It had nothing to do with Ofcom this time.

      Mind you, it does bet the question – What sort of a Micky Mouse organisation are they?

      1. Tom says

        I think this will be a change for the better as majority of people in Ceredigion does speak Welsh and make it a bit more for the community of the local area

        1. Pat says

          What do you mean Nation Radio has No Welsh Programmes!,there is a community station due to start-up in Aberystwyth (in fact it seems to be taking longer than originally thought).So if there is no opt out for Ceredigion news and no Welsh,surely it’s less local?

    3. Pat says

      What do you think of this in terms of local radio?-the breakfast presenter on Nation Wales also presents breakfast on Nation London and KCFM Hull,then presents the midday show on SunFm Sunderland and then does overnights as well elsewhere,if everyone else at the station does this you can see they don’t need many staff-news comes from the hub in Leeds.

  4. Adrian says

    Well there are NO welsh programmes on Nation Radio and there was only one hour on Radio Ceredigion at 9pm on a Sunday.Goodness knows why all the changes of mind but I presume it closes tonight.I believe even if they had kept the name it would have been Nation Radio 17 hours a day anyway.It’s the same presenters on the stations albeit in different time slots Radio Ceredigion will just now have less recent chart music and presumably no short Ceredigion headlines (from Radiocentre).

  5. Pat says

    Radio Ceredigion has already gone mid Friday evening-dial-up the website and you get Nation Radio.

  6. Mark W says

    I doubt even Taff Evans cat sat next to the radio in Lampeter will notice any difference. Does anyone actually listen anyway? Only 6 consultation responses? Its hardly going to produce a super outcry by making this move. In short, nobody actually cares! Local radio is pretty much finished now, aided by these non caring conglomerates that have infested the industry in recent times…

    1. Adrian says

      Well yes but there are usually very few responses to such consultations,mainly because people don’t know about them anyway.However,I still question why if you can’t provide a decent local service why bother-just close it down or let someone who wants to use the frequencies.

  7. Dan Dean says

    FACT….not fiction. Global were interested in this but decided that it was not worth bothering with for a number of reasons.

  8. Pat says

    Well,it wasn’t to do with having to put out Welsh programmes obviously,tuned in this morning in the car-it still says Ceredigion although it is Nation,the weather which comes from Leeds along with the news was drowned out by a jingle,frankly I understand needing to run the operation cheaply but often automation sounds terrible and since the stations in the group are automated most if not all of the time it doesn’t make for a good listen,one wonders why they bother-the presenters are doing shows for Wales,London Sunderland ,Hull,South Coast so how can they give much of a local feel anyway,it sounds like a machine to me not a radio station.

  9. Joe Smith says

    FACT….not fiction. Most people who post things they call facts are doing the opposite!

  10. Michael V says

    Nation is very confused on what it wants to do

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