Gold returns to national digital radio with James Bassam on Breakfast

Gold is returning to the national DAB multiplex D1 and putting James Bassam – The Bassman from Capital – on Breakfast.

James will replace Tony Dibbin, who left the station last month after a decade on-air, from Monday 10th June. The Bassman currently presents on Capital.

David Andrews, now covering weekday breakfast, will continue to host weekend mornings on Gold, from 8am to 12pm.

Capacity has been made available on D1 after Global changed two of its stations, Smooth Extra and Heart Extra, to stereo DAB+ earlier this week.

Gold appeared on D1 earlier this morning for a short time but launches fully on Monday, also using stereo DAB+. It’s the first time the Digital One multiplex has offered DAB+ services.

Global still has room for another DAB+ service following the move, with another national service expected to launch in the coming weeks.

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  1. John Bullass says

    That’s such good news thought we might have lost the station my only hope is that the playlist is vastly extended.Good luck to the new presenter.

    1. mb23 says

      The other new station must be Heart Dance.

      1. Nathan Pierce says

        I hope not, that would be terrible! We need something that plays new music, classic songs from 50s to 2015 playing pop, rock, dance, hip-hop and rap.

        But yes very good news to have a good station back on National DAB

        1. Will says

          It’s not bbc local radio.

  2. Mark Levy says

    Common sense prevails. Long live the golden oldies!

    1. Geoff Brown says

      Another great station that’s got everything….Majestic Juke Box Radio..NO djays…
      NO adverts…fantastic sound and separation..listen on Amazon echo from Tune In or
      Majestic juke

  3. Neil says

    Not before time in yorkshire i had to listen on line for the last 3 years,or via the humbersde multiplex which was not very clear in built up areas..

  4. Ted says

    Bit of a kick in the teeth for Dibbin!

    1. Mike Rose says

      I’ve a feeling he might get Smooth London Breakfast

      1. Ted says

        I’ve a feeling he won’t

        1. Michael Hackett says

          Tony Dibbin cant be replaced that easily he had a fantastic fan base.

  5. Martin Kong says

    I would of thought the pattern was to move Bass-I mean James to Heart then to Smooth before Gold. But hey what do I know?

    1. Pat says

      He started at Essex Fm in 1995 I think so would he not be too old for Heart now?

      1. Phil says

        Heart bypass?

      2. mb23 says

        It’s being reported on another site that Gold are dropping sixties music from Monday.

        1. Derek rae says

          What site

  6. Peter says

    wasting digital one (national) space on a juke box service what a disgrace

  7. james says

    just retuned dab radio cant receive gold national,i can only receive gold from humberside and i live in west yorkshire

  8. Iain says

    “Gold appeared on D1 earlier this morning and launches fully on Monday, also using stereo DAB+. It’s the first time the Digital One multiplex has offered DAB+ services.”
    about from Heart Extra and Smooth Extra that launched the day before?

  9. Will says

    Bring back Tony!! 🙁

    1. Steve says

      Bring back Capital Gold!!

  10. Tony Eaton says

    Heart Dance or Club Classics the new station from Global?

  11. Jeremy Stokes says

    Good news!

  12. Diandalscotland says

    Bring back Dean Martin for his nightly show.
    Great to have Gold back here in Scotland.
    Guess it will be up against GHR/BC2Scot.
    Think other station will be Smooth Country.

    1. ciaran says

      Dean Martin can be heard on Nation radio, formerly known as Thames Radio

      1. Allan Wallace says

        Unfortunately, Dean has not been broadcasting on Nation Radio London since early 2019.

        1. Kish says

          Does anyone know what Neil Fox is doing now in terms of radio?

  13. ciaran flavin says

    I fail to understand why they let Tony go. There is a need for a station that plays new records by artists of all ages and place an emphasis on the Top 20 album chart and indeed have a chart show on it.

  14. david worth says

    Why not smooth country its already on line

  15. Stephen barnes says

    I do have high hopes for this. Ghr and other bauer stations don’t do it for me anymore.

  16. Michael V says

    Finally! D1 has enabled DAB+. More services could take advantage of the + format. Stereo over mono!

  17. Lee says

    Will GOLD still be a low-budget jukebox? What a waste of space on DAB. We need good quality radio stations with quality and variety output not a semi jukebox. Put on a cd, Amazon Music or similar if you want a jukebox without commercials.

    1. mb23 says

      Where is the advertising revenue coming from to fund all of these fully staffed stations with quality and variety?

      The American Sirius XM model offers quality and choice but there is a subscription payable. It’s the only way to pay for it as people channel-hop during the ads.

      1. Pat says

        Maybe,just maybe from some of the savings made by axing staff all over the country on local stations?,but no that would dent the profits.Advertising was reported as being at record levels last year-doesn’t go into programming though any of this it would seem.

  18. Colin Harris says

    Great news! Such a shame to waste Gold on Sky and online only in most of the country. Its format is the only one to include classic 50s and 60s music as well as 70s and 80s. I hope that doesn’t change. At the end of a week when changes at Heart have led to outcry and change of channel listening for more than a few at breakfast this is more positive news from Global.

  19. Bradley W says

    Bet he’ll make it sound like Capital Gold!!

  20. Martin UTB says

    More of the same. YAWN.

  21. Peter Sausages says

    Please, please. please, play some NEW old songs, the playlist is terrible

  22. Andy says

    Maybe Bauer could do the same to Magic and Absolute stations

    1. Derek rae says

      Do what to magic

      1. Nathan Pierce says

        They could bring back Mel G & Andy Bush on Saturdays. That would be a start, that should was great, and they completely got rid of it.

    2. Kish says

      Yep! By putting Richard Allinson on breakfast

  23. Jeff C says

    Heard him this morning and he’s brough a Capital vibe to the show. I preferred Tony but James has done alright.

  24. albert says

    Not so sure about James’ future career prospects, now. I wouldn’t want to be moved to the one-show-and-go station!

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