Gold returns to AM in Peterborough and Northampton

Gold is returning to AM in Peterborough and Northampton using the frequencies currently used by Smooth Radio.

Ofcom has approved two format change requests, to change the Character of Services from an easy listening featuring lifestyle
oriented speech, targeting an audience aged 50-plus to classic pop hits targeted primarily at 35-54 year-olds.

The move means all programming on 1332AM in Peterborough and 1557AM in Northampton will be shared with all other AM stations in the Gold network in England, rather than the Smooth network.

The licences previously carried programmes from Gold before switching to Smooth in 2014.

Global has requested the change ahead of Smooth Radio East Midlands taking over Connect FM’s three frequencies at a yet-to-be-announced future date.

Connect FM covers Kettering (previously 107.4 KCBC), Peterborough (previously 106.8 Lite FM) and Corby (launched as 97.2 Connect FM in 1998).

Gold is currently available on 1548AM in London, Derby on 945AM, Manchester on 1458AM, Nottingham on 999AM and nationwide on DAB.

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  1. The observer says

    They need to put Gold back on 828 Dunstable. The current output is sh..e

  2. Mr Boltar says

    Bland pap replaced by … bland pap. Will anyone even notice?

  3. Spencer Payne says

    Does anybody bother with AM now. Bit like a black and white TV set

    1. Mr Boltar says

      I do , but only when I’m driving across the channel. Used to listen to BBC Kent on 774 but the doughnuts closed down their MW transmitter for [reasons]. Used to be able to pick it up as far south as Rouen. By contrast you can barely get their FM signal in Calais.

      Still R4 LW though.

    2. T1 says

      Yes many people still use AM. Talksport and 5-live have a good following.

  4. Ian Scott says

    Typically presumptuous of Global that Ofcom will pass the Comminicorp request change both Connect FM services to a single Smooth.

    Separation between Global and Comminicorp?

    Can Ofcom not see the flying pig?

    1. mb23 says

      The CMA don’t care what comes out of the speakers, they just need Communicorp to have their own sales team selling the ads.

      Connect was making heavy losses so if the request was refused the licence would probably be handed back to Ofcom.

      It will be approved.

      1. Mr Boltar says

        “the licence would probably be handed back to Ofcom. ”

        And why would that be a bad thing? Just because they can’t make a go of it doesn’t mean others can’t.

        1. mb23 says

          It has £2m of debt on the balance sheet because the licence area is too small. Ofcom wouldn’t waste their time re-advertising it.

          Small scale commercial radio is an interesting experiment that has failed.

          1. Mr Boltar says

            Odd, because pirate radio thrives and most of them rely on some sort of sponsorship. Perhaps small scale commercial radio should live within its means.

  5. Stewart says

    Slight error on story – The 97.2 is for Wellingborough – the 107.4 covers Kettering AND Corby.

  6. Mark Budgen says

    I thought AM was closing? AM is a lousy transmission system at the best of times.

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Actualy AM is a very good transmission system for certain things as its easy to resolve a signal with very low RX power and if 2 signals interfere you can usually still hear both – albeit with heterodyning – rather than both signals becoming unintelligable. That isn’t the case for FM or digital. There’s a reason aircraft still use AM and its not just historical.

    2. Steve Ralph says

      I still listen to AM, and love listening to Caroline on 648, their 1Kw from Orfordness Suffolk gets out very well.

  7. Dion says

    I’ve given up listening to FM in the car, yes the sound quality is better, but there’s too much interference or loss of signal. For me, AM is more consistent when on the move

  8. Stuart Owens says

    Smooth Radio should never have replaced Gold on 1260 AM in Wrexham & Chester as Smooth can already be heard on 100.4 FM and many other ways like online, Freeview, Satellite & Cable whereas prior to Gold going national on DAB, Gold could only be heard online, Satellite & Cable or on the Manchester DAB local ensemble whose reception isn’t great from Wrexham. The Manchester AM frequency is pretty much non-existent in Wrexham.

    On the subject of Gold though, when Gold announced it was launching nationally in DAB+ format on Digital 1, there were rumours that Gold on local DAB ensembles will close.
    Any news yet whether the local ensembles will remain on air alongside the national Gold UK service on Digital 1? Or will some or all local DAB services eventually close?
    Anyone know?

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