Phil Williams returns with a week on talkRADIO

Former BBC Radio 5 Live presenter Phil Williams has been hired by talkRADIO to host Drive for a week.

He’ll be on-air Monday 22nd July to Thursday 25th July from 4pm till 7pm, covering for Eamonn Holmes.

His colleague, and talkRADIO breakfast presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer tweeted that he’ll also be live from College Green on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Phil left 5 Live in May after 18 years, where he presented the Late Show since 2013.

Before 5 Live, Phil worked at BBC Radio 1, GMR in Manchester and XFM London.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Covering for Eamonn Holmes. That won’t be too difficult will it? I have a pot plant that would do the job.

    1. Mr Boltar says

      Eamonn Holmes always seems to be on holiday. I’m surprised management don’t just cut their losses and get someone else full time – there are plenty of talented presenters out there who would probably welcome the money. He must be costing them an arm and leg for his part time work.

    2. Allan Wallace says

      Presumably, this is a different pot plant to the one which you suggested could do a better job than old Wrighty in the afternoon on Radio 2.

      1. Joe Smith says

        No it’s the same one multi-tasking but well remembered!

  2. Ron Dobbyn says

    I must admit I like Talk Radio. Alistair Stewart on breakfast recently was very good, and James Whale /Ash show is perfect against Radio London,s awful ” The Scene” ( David Robey please take this boring 10 hour a week show off, and bring Jason Rosam back in the evening) The old Clive Bull would be perfect for Talk Radio. , Iain Lee needs a long holday. Jo Good would make a great host for their ” Bad Ass Woman,s Hour” . Ps .No News still, Just what has happened to Simon Lederman , does anybody in the radio industry know?

    1. Mr Boltar says

      “ust what has happened to Simon Lederman , does anybody in the radio industry know?”

      No idea, but I used to listen to him on saturday mornings and he was very good when he could get a word in edgeways from Jo Goode who spent most of the time talking about herself and her dog.

  3. David Wilkinson says

    Great to hear Phil Williams on the radio again. Enthusiastically informative presenter that he is. Hope he gets a permanent slot sometime

  4. PC in Spain says

    We can afford to lose Jo Goode, what a waste of air time

    1. Joe Smith says

      I have got another pot plant if it helps.

  5. Ste says

    I love Jo Goode. She’s the highlight of BBC London. I can’t tell you how happy I was when her show had it’s 5pm finish reinstated. Listening to poor Eddie Nestor trying to have a ‘Heated Debate’ as Mrs Merton would have described them on the most mundane topics made for a depressing commute. Eddie is a brilliant broadcaster but the BBCs attempts to make him into a ‘Shock Jock’ are woeful. Agree about the scene. Bring back Jain Rosom or Simon Lederman.

    1. Ron Dobbyn says

      I see Tim Arthur is on Friday at 10 next week on Radio London. Friday night at 10 in my view makes Nick Abbot the winner, with Iain Lee second, and Sunny, and Shay third. I know it isn’t radio but ” Perry Mason” black, and white episodes are a secret joy on CBS Justice every night at 6, great guest stars too , Bette Davis was on this week, Perry was in hospital. Does anyone remember ” Gunsmoke” aka ” Gunlaw ” with William Conrad as Matt Dillon on the BBC radio many years ago?. They also ran the radio version of ” Dragnet ” with Jack Webb. Finally didn’t Philip from South Norwood play on Bob Mills show a recording of Bob Newhart, and Tony Hancock in a version of ” The Driving Instructor” , made by Jack Jackson?

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