Heart 70s to launch on national DAB digital radio

Global will launch Heart 70s on national DAB digital radio tomorrow with former Smooth and Heart presenter Carlos on Breakfast.

The station, which has been available as a Playlist on the Global app for the last two years, joins D1 on Friday morning.

Global says Heart 70s will bring listeners the biggest feel good 70s tunes from iconic artists including Elton John, Queen, ABBA, CHIC and Stevie Wonder.

Heart 90s was announcedyesterday, and launched this morning to join Heart 80s, Heart Dance and Heart Extra on the national multiplex.

The new additions have been made possible after Global changed a number of stations from DAB to DAB+, including Heart 80s and Capital XTRA.

Carl Emms, known on-air as Carlos, worked for Heart in the West Midlands in the 90s for eight years, joining from BRMB where he worked for four years. He has also worked at Wave 105, Signal, Red Dragon, Chiltern, Northants 96 and BBC local radio in the Midlands.

For the last 12 years, Carlos has been on Smooth Radio, starting in Birmingham in 2007 before moving to Manchester in 2010. His last Smooth Drive Home was two weeks ago ahead of the show being networked.

James Rea, Managing Editor of Heart told RadioToday: “We’re incredibly excited to reveal yet another addition to the Heart brand – Heart 70s – launching tomorrow! The playlist is pure 70s feel good and with all these new stations joining the Heart family, our listeners are in for a treat this weekend!”

Heart 70s is the second station from Global to go national this week, with three more being announced over the next few days.

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  1. Ted says

    Yawn. What happened to quality, not quantity?

    1. Almorr says

      All the new DAB+ stations are in stereo.

    2. harry worth says

      If you want rubbish try radio1/2/6

  2. David says

    Quality right there! Carlos is a brilliant presenter and a great move from Global.

    1. Jeff C says

      I agree David. Carlos is brilliant and as for me, it’s a person I haven’t listened to since moving out of Birmingham in 1995. Interested to hear the playlist for this one.

  3. Neil Mclean says

    global do quantity but not audio quality. They need to go into richer sounds and discover people buy hi-fi.

    48aac online is dire

  4. I says

    Second new station in 2 days. Tasty!

    1. Stephen barnes says

      This is the best news ever loved Carlos on smooth and love the 70s. Listened to heart 90s streets ahead of ab 90s different songs than main station no syndicated breakfast. Show. Globals now my favourite radio group.

  5. Peter says

    again it is not Radio it just another jukebox from global ugh!!!

    1. T1 says

      Not many other radio brands are offering this variety of stations. Well done global!

      1. Mr Boltar says

        Is that you Ashley?

        1. T1 says

          No its not.

          1. Joe Smith says

            It’s Ashley’s mum!

  6. Mark budgen says

    Why the hell does Heart need a managing editor? They only have one CD to play 24/7.

  7. Paul Swift says

    You’re absolutely right Mark. One CD playing over and over again. I’ve tried Heart Dance and completely bored with the repetitive tracks they play. Its about time these radio groups realised that people do listen for more than one hour per day. Now listen to Flaix fm Barcelona ! 😃😃😃

    1. Will says

      Bit more goes into scheduling the music than you think.

  8. Radio Geordie says

    When was the last time Heart played anything from the 1970s?
    My guess is back when Chrysalis owned it.

    It would’ve made more sense launching it under the Gold name or reviving the Smooth 70s service. At least these stations play music from that era.

    By the way, Global have announced the names of the other 3 stations which launch next week:
    Capital Xtra Reloaded – on Monday
    Smooth Radio Chill – on Tuesday
    Smooth Country – also Tuesday.

    1. T1 says

      Heart is a bigger brand than gold and smooth, therefore it makes more sense to utilise the heart brand more then others they own.

    2. Callum Reddy says

      The last time the main Heart station played a 70’s song was Donna Summer – I Feel Love which was played in late December 2017 on Club Classics. Sian Welby covered Drive-time back in May 2018 and Chakka Khan – I’m Every Woman was played. Club Classics featured a few 70’s hits up until early 2017 when they began to remove them from the playlist.

  9. David says

    Carlos is brilliant, what are you talking about? Cheesy, put on voice and an act that hasn’t changed since the 80’s. I was hoping when he was taken off Smooth that would be the end of him!

    1. T1 says

      Global don’t just look at your opinion David. His listening figures are really good. Of course they are going to use him.

      1. Joe Smith says

        Quite right Ashley’s mum!

        1. Ian Smith says

          What time is Carlos on?
          Can we have a schedule please!🤔

          1. RadioToday UK says

            Breakfast! 6-10am.

        2. T1 says

          How did you know ?

      2. Ted says

        Cheesier than a lump of Gorgonzola though 🤣

    2. David says

      Other David that is a very cruel thing to say. Carlos has consistently had listening figures of over 800,000 for best part of a decade. So lots of people enjoy listening to him.
      Also one of nicest people in radio there is.

  10. Tom says

    Why can’t they get Simon Beale to do drive on any of the stations either Heart 80’s or 90’s?

  11. Radio Geordie says

    Here’s a question – more for the Radio Today people.
    Is Smooth Chill replacing Chill?
    Would make sense if it was.

    1. RadioToday UK says

      We’ll let you know on Monday!

  12. Geoff says

    Thank You Heart ….. Will Certainly Tune In A Lot … 70s was such an amazing era for great music

  13. Joe Smith says

    I see the Global PR team are on message here.

  14. lee says

    Another jukebox with a narrow playlist with one presenter at breakfast. Better to listen to Spotify or similar to hear the music you want without commercials albeit with a small subscription.

    Do you think Ashley Tabor would ever take part in a questions and answers session in open public forums as he seems very elusive. I would like to ask him about the state of UK Commercial Radio, and his teams contribution to it.

    1. Doug says

      Lee, in answer to your question about Tabor, the answer is NO! He probably remains elusive to avoid the frustrated listeners of his stations.

  15. Doug says

    Any radio station with the prefix ‘Heart’ is going to be rubbish. Anything Global out there with Tabor at the helm, is going to be rubbish – guaranteed. Nobody, and I mean it, nobody should get excited about Heart 70s, for if you do, you will be disappointed almost immediately. No way is this station going to play glam rock, novelty hits, or anything unusual. It will be the same old safe and stale stuff that has already been played to near-death on Global’s appalling stations. What we can expect are love songs, soft songs and depressing songs. Tabor’s Global really doesn’t have a clue what real radio is all about and what listeners want. And that will never change.

  16. Darren Plumpton says

    Would someone be kind enough to let me know what was the first song played on All-New Heart 70’s please as I missed the opening by six or seven minutes.

    Thank You Very Much.

    1. Radio Rental says

      First song on Heart 70s was Le Freak – Chic.

  17. sylvia davis says

    Carl is a lovely person and I wish him all.the best on radiotoday “

  18. Vince says

    Does anyone know if the switch to DAB+ for the Heart stations will explain why I’ve lost them on my Vauxhall DAB radios? They disappeared a few days ago, I’ve re-tuned several times and it locates the station tags but there’s nothing there? I tried a Pioneer radio with DAB+ and Heart 80s played fine!

    1. mb23 says

      It looks like your Vauxhall radios won’t decode DAB+ signals (which use the AAC+ codec). On older radios the station label will show on the display but they won’t decode the audio, as they can only decode mp2 stations.

      The only solutions are to stick to the Pioneer or buy a new radio, but when you buy one you should make sure it has the green tick on the box.

  19. Alan Hall says

    I can not get this station in Glasgow, why.

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