LBC escapes 26 complaints about content standards

Twenty-six separate complaints about LBC’s output in the last month have been dismissed by Ofcom because they did not raise issues warranting investigation.

Appearing under the ‘Complaints assessed, not investigated’ list in the latest Ofcom bulletin, the incidents are assessed under the Procedures for investigating breaches of content standards for television and radio.

Bridge FM, Cando FM, Classic FM, Clyde 1, Heart West Midlands, Link FM, Magic Soul, Radio X, talkRADIO, talkSPORT, Virgin Radio UK and Zack FM also appear on the same Content Standards list, whilst Chorley FM, High Peak/Ashbourne Radio, Beyond Radio, Smooth North West and Siren FM also appear on the list for complaints against not sticking to their formats.

Amongst the complaints for LBC, eight were made against Eddie Mair, one for sexual material and six for generally accepted standards.

Maajid Nawaz attracted six, Nigel Farage got four, James O’Brien for three, there were two each for Shelagh Fogarty and Steve Allen, and one for Generally accepted standards at the station.

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  1. Mark Budgen says

    Tabor finally taken over OFCOM as well then?

    1. David says

      A lot of complaints to Ofcom don’t trigger investigations. A complaint doesn’t necessarily mean a breach has taken place. Some complaints are also sent in when there isn’t an actual issue.

      If you read an Ofcom Bulletin, there’s loads of complaints each month about ITV, Bauer, BBC & Global output that have no basis for investigation.

      1. Lee says

        OFCOM pick on the small stations again while Global get away with it. Surprise Surprise.

        1. David says

          Ofcom just the other week found Capital Breakfast in breach.

          If stations follow rules and do the correct procedures when they are at fault Ofcom won’t come down hard on them especially community stations.

          It’s only when stations are repeatedly at fault, don’t follow procedures or aren’t in rare cases dishonest about incidents that Ofcom acts strongly.
          Also if it’s serious incident.

          Ofcom is a regulator, agree or disagree with them on issues if you want, but they aren’t there to bully people.

          1. Mark Budgen says

            They are unlikely to close any Global station though are they? Although Wetherby FM would be forced to close due to a technical error as that audience should really be listening to a Global station, yes?

    2. Mr Boltar says

      Beaurocrats are your typical bully – pick on the little kids , scared of the big kids. Ofcom is scared of Global because of their power in the industry and ability to make change by sucking up to politicians. They’re not scared of Little Snodbury FM run by some part timers and volunteers who have no influence with anyone.

      Its the same with the Inland Revenue – you fail to pay some tax even innocently as a private individual or small business and they’ll nail you to the wall. But if you’re a big corporate, say selling coffee, well then you can just pay whatever tax you want. “No tax owed by your company this year Sir Earnalot? Thats fine by us”.

  2. Julie Erdman says

    I was going to complain to Ofcom about the lack of neutrality regarding the election by LBC. The station appears to be sponsored by the Conservative party. If Ofcom are in the pocket of LBC I will not bother complaining. This country is like a primary school.

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