James Rea replaces Richard Park as Director of Broadcasting at Global

James Rea has been promoted to Director of Broadcasting at Global, replacing Richard Park who stepped down due to health issues recently.

James will oversee all programming and brand output for Global’s radio brands, in what Founder & Executive President Ashley Tabor-King describes as a new era for Global. He also takes a position on the main Global Radio Board, the first such appointment in a number of years.

James joined Global in 2011 from GMG as Managing Editor of LBC, then took over programming of Heart in 2017. He is also a non-executive director of IRN and sits on the Board of the Broadcast Journalism Training Council.

Gareth Andrews will remain as Group Programming Operations Director, GPOD, reporting to James Rea, taking on a new wider remit that sees him ensuring the smooth operation of Global’s programming, across all brands.

Ashley Tabor-King OBE, Global’s Founder & Executive President, told RadioToday: “James has been at Global for eight years and has done an excellent job running LBC and Global’s Newsroom, as well as Heart, our biggest brand.

“The growth and development of these brands has been superb under his leadership and James steps into his new role with all the credentials, gravitas and experience needed.”

He continued, “James will announce his initial team in the coming days. This is the beginning of a very exciting new era for Global and I want to personally welcome James to the Global Radio main board, an appointment that we take very seriously.

“I’d also like to take a moment to again recognise the enormous contribution that Richard Park has made to Global and the entire radio industry, a contribution that will continue in his new role as Senior Programming Advisor.”

James Rea said: “I’m thrilled to be appointed Director of Broadcasting at Global. It is a huge honour and enormous responsibility to be asked by Ashley to lead a new chapter for our formidable programming team.

“I’ve been fortunate to work hand in glove with Richard Park for a number of years and I want to thank him for the incredible contribution he has made to me, the industry and to so many of us here at Global. We have some of the greatest and most inspirational radio brands in the world and I’m looking forward to working with our brilliant teams to grow them and continue to be best in class in a new era for radio, audio and video.”

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  1. Mr Boltar says

    Great, he’ll bring back regional programming, grown up DJs who get to choose the music and Brexit FM … sorry, LBC , will talk about something other than westminster politics!


    1. sj says

      Isn’t LBC number one in London by market share? In any case, since he took over, the audience for that station has absolutely skyrocketed and its national profile grown. I’ve been very critical of Global over the years but the audience seems to suggest they’re getting a lot right!

      1. Mr Boltar says

        No competition in London. BBC London is just a virtue signalling joke and talkRadio still don’t advertise enough for people to realise they exist, plus they’re DAB only, LBC is FM. I suspect its refugee political bores from R4 who’ve upped the numbers.

        1. sj says

          No competition in London?! It’s widely known as one of the most competitive radio markets in the world! Look… nobody’s forcing 24,000,000 people a week to listen to Global stations. There’s Bauer, Wireless, the BBC, community radio, thousands of internet stations and music streaming services. I actually don’t listen to any Global stations regularly but, like it or not, it is what it is… hugely successful.

          1. Mr Boltar says

            No competition in the *talk* radio market. You think the average spotty herbert who listens to Capital also tunes in to LBC on a regular basis?

  2. Mark Budgen says

    See Heart and Smooth dominated by the privately educated, like LBC is.

  3. Richard says

    Who is Ashley Tabor – King? Has he been assimilated by the Borg, to keep playing the same 6 records every 3 hours?
    Can’t be the same Ashley Tabor of Global, can it? 😊

    1. Joe Smith says

      Probably a tax dodge!

    2. Jenny says

      He is now married and that is his married surname name.

    3. Mr Boltar says

      Today the whole of UK radio , tommorow the monarchy! 🙂

    4. Beth says

      Have a think as to why someone’s surname might change.

  4. Chris Moore says

    I worked with James when he was a 21year old journalist reading the breakfast news in the first days of Real Radio Wales. A top bloke who deserves all the success he gets.

    1. Rod Hardisty says

      I worked with James in the mid 90s at what was then Century Radio, working in the news room we would often call him ‘Scoop’?

  5. Chris Moore says

    It’s funny when a station someone doesn’t like does well it must be down to reasons other than the fact that it may be any good.

    1. Joe Smith says

      It’s funny when you make a comment because it normally causes anyone with a brain to laugh at you.

  6. Lee says

    Perhaps Mr Rea will oversee the continuuation of buying stations, make more people redundant and dumb down more output in the continuing quest to destroy more uk local commercial radio. God i hate the state of uk commercial radio now. Much better listening to stations abroad as many uk commercial stations are bland, jukebox like, repetative and frankly boring.

  7. Lee says

    Richard Park is the new Senior Programming Advisor, are they joking? He won’t have a lot to do in my view. What is there to advise? The programming strategy will be to continue with more of the same, bland, repetative and boring.

    1. David says

      Just because nearly all Global programming is networked from London doesn’t mean it doesn’t require strategy.

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