The end of the line for The Arrow rock radio

One of Global’s lesser-known radio services, The Arrow, has quietly closed down and played its last track.

The service launched in July 2001 under its previous owner, Chrysalis, and was bought along with Heart and LBC by Global in 2007.

It had been operating on a number of platforms over the years, but these have been slowly disappearing. There were even plans to expand the brand to FM but the licence applications were unsuccessful.

Chill, Another service inherited by Global, has also closed today, being rebranded as Smooth Chill.

The last song to play on The Arrow at midnight on September 1st was The End of the Line by The Traveling Wilburys, which was cut off before it finished.

Have a listen to the last few seconds below:

The Arrow’s last website.

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  1. David says

    No back timing needed I guess.

  2. Ian Scott says

    The last track cut off before the end – says it all really.

  3. Barrie Hyde says

    Saddens me that one of the few radio stations playing the sort of music I want to hear has closed down. I refer to ‘Arrow Rock’. A little station that was part of Global. It played rock for those of us of a a senior vintage. Now we are left with loads of garbage stations playing the same old boring stuff which I don’t want to hear. When will radio management realise that we are the generation with liquid income. The one and only!!! – mortgage paid, kids off our hands and a pension. We must be attractive to advertisers. Yet we have been totally sidelined. The bright young things in radio management haven’t got a clue. Thank God for Alexa. She’s my girl

    1. Mark Levy says

      We still have Planet Rock and Absolute Classic Rock on DAB. I”m sure Global have a few more tricks up their sleeve.

  4. mb23 says

    This has only survived until now because they needed it for the extension of one of the FM licences in the London area.

    Now that Smooth Country is launching in London this will do the job instead.

  5. Bob bower says

    What a shame. Loved the music there.
    In future, Alexa play Radio Caroline…

    1. Richard Baggott says

      I’m going to miss this station, was by far the best without dj’s talking just to take up time I could put up with advertising because in brings revenue. Bring it back please

      1. Eddie Spottite says

        I echo your plea to bring it back.

  6. Radio Geordie says

    I thought it had ended years ago.

  7. Orangefordj says

    I loved The Arrow and I am sad to see it go. In fact I don’t know what I will do without it. There is a ray of hope though. They did actually only have a playlist of some 620 different songs some of which (like Denis by Blondie) were played twice a day. All you have to do is create a random playlist on your computer (Spotify or your own files if you have them) which you can get here – /playlist/ – and then you can still listen to The Arrow but without the adverts.

  8. DELL says

    Caroline still going strong

  9. Alan C says

    Caroline is thriving and the legend continues. You have on-line options one of which is Flashback, it also has some DAB coverage in a couple of cities around the country and in East Anglia broadcasts on 648 A M . Once a month they broadcast live from the Ross Revenge moored in the River Blackwater. These monthly transmissions are part of the cooperation with Manx Radio who also carry the live broadcast on their MW transmitter. Listenership is worldwide with some programmes specifically tailored for various times zones around the globe such as breakfast in America and drive time in the Far East. They get good feedback from the USA, China and other parts of Asia as well as a wide following across Europe. Check out the website for more information.

  10. dave says

    loved the station no boring presenters and no news every hour will miss it

  11. Barrie Hyde says

    I was never aware country music was so popular in the UK. I must have missed something

  12. Richard says

    The Arrow was good as it broadcast in stereo! It had about a 75% similar playlist to Absolute Classic Rock, but they both played tracks the other didn’t!
    Hope someone gets another Rock station going!

  13. Joe Smith says

    Global = redundancies

  14. Ray Woodward says

    Oh dear how sad what a pity. Guess I’ll have to make do with the numerous internet stations that run the same format (at vastly better audio quality) from now on – how ever will we cope ……………………

  15. Eddie Spottite says

    Who wants smooth country? No me. I want rock music. I don’t want the inane Sheeran/Bieber/Grande pap. I am someone that buys my music on CD & vinyl, so I can abandon the 5 DAB sets I have at home & start back on my multi changer CD hi-fi. Global have lost another advertising target. RIP The Arrow.

  16. Ade says

    I loved The Arrow. Closed out of the blue for me. ☹️

  17. Tommy says

    Such a sad loss for true rock fans

  18. orangefordj says

    OK, I made that Spotify playlist. Its called The Marrow

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