Tony Dibbin gets weekday mornings on Absolute Radio 70s

Former Gold breakfast presenter Tony Dibbin is joining Absolute Radio 70s for a new morning show.

Tony will be on-air each weekday from 10am till 1pm starting on Monday September 9th.

Absolute Radio’s Content Director, Paul Sylvester told RadioToday: “Tony is a great addition to the Absolute Radio family. With a wealth of music knowledge and experience, he is genuinely passionate about our music offering. We can’t wait to have him on board.”

Tony Dibbin added: “Absolute Radio 70s has such a great range of music, from Bowie to Blondie, Queen to Led Zeppelin, so I’m thrilled to be able to call the station my new home.”

Tony started his radio career at The Wave in Swansea in 1995 then moved to Atlantic 252 in the late 90s. He then worked at a number of radio stations including Silk FM, Chiltern, Beacon and Heart. He was also Programme Controller and breakfast presenter at Brunel FM in Swindon and KMFM in Kent.

He currently hosts programmes for Real Radio in NZ and Cruise Radio. He left Gold after 10 years in May 2019.

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  1. Jon Wood says

    Absolute – the only thing that Bauer is getting right…

    1. Stephen barnes says

      Now that’s brilliant news even better if it gets on Manchester dab or D1 or heart 70s but this is even better

      1. mb23 says

        I don’t think Tony would be hired for an online station so this suggests they will change either 80s or 90s to DAB+ to fit it on to SDL.

    2. Jimbob says

      They’ve also got Wave 105 in Hampshire and Dorset right.

      The station is huge in that TSA, presenters and music hit the spot.

  2. Mark Levy says

    Put this on DAB!

  3. Peter says

    You need to get Absolute radio 70s on DAB now you have Tony onboard.

  4. Stephen barnes says

    My reasoning for not listening to absolute digital stations very early morning was the breakfast show syndication. Now that’s gone from ab 70s I’m on it 24 hours a day. That’s if it gets on dab. Do I can listen at work that Is

  5. ciaran flavin says

    good luck to tony. havent heard the bassman yet on gold , he was good on capital fm. His replacement aimee levene in the afternoons at 1pm sounds great.
    didnt realize absolute 70 is not on dab.

    1. Maureen Windsor says

      Get absolute 70s on dab

    2. Colin Harris says

      We have 2 radio groups trying to outdo sach other and copy what each other does. Great for listeners. I just wish Global would rmploy presenters for all its new stations for all its shows.

      1. mb23 says

        That would be a large investment for very little commercial return.

  6. Michael Owen says

    Great News i worked with him before he became famous lol on Freeway FM Hospital Radio

  7. David gaffney says

    Why change a great station with no radio presenter to putting one on not a big fan of this change

  8. Stephen Barnes says

    My mistake it’s mid morning not breakfast. I think it will go on dab don’t think Tony would join a station if it was mainly online

  9. ciaran flavin says

    It is Aimee Vivien in the capital fm afternoon slot. Unlike many djs , she has a lot of personality. Tony Dibbin could take the opportunity to comment on the opinion of Timothy.

    1. Joe Smith says

      A DJ with personality? What’s wrong with the woman? Doesn’t she know the way to succeed in radio is to be a failed soap performer?

      She’s got no chance.

      1. rob says

        Of course “failed” or perhaps more kindly “ex” soap “performers” can also, strangely, have a personality.

        1. Joe Smith says

          If that’s the case they strangely seem to lose it when they are on air.

  10. Diandalscotland says

    Absolute 70s is on the Tayside dab mux at moment only so surely they must be moving it to SDL to compete against Heart 70s. Can’t see online and Tayside dab been any good to add Tony just for that. Interesting times ahead. Maybe Absolute 70s + Absolute 60s could be added. Still say to save money they could have Ab s+s =60s+70s Absolute 80s
    Absolute n+n =90s+00s
    Absolute t+t=tens+today

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