Premier Christian Radio TX off-air after building demolished

One of Premier Christian Radio’s transmitters has been off-air since July 2019 after the building supplying its power was demolished.

Ofcom has therefore found the station in breach of not providing a service in accordance with its Format.

The radio station said that a number of factors outside of its control was preventing it from resuming transmission at the Bow site, which provides programmes on 1332 KHz.

It said it was notified by its telemetry system that the site went offline in July 2019 and attended the site immediately to investigate. It found that the company which had provided the power supply to the site had demolished the building that had supplied the power without notice to Premier Christian Communications.

The provider subsequently decided it would not be able to supply Premier Christian Communications with power to the Bow transmission site going forward.

Premier Christian Communications said that its contractors did notify Ofcom at the point the problem was first realised. It also said it was exploring various options in order to resolve the situation and was still committed to finding a solution to resume transmission from the site.

Ofcom said it did not consider that the third-party notification about the issues affecting the Bow transmission site to which the Licensee refers in its response constituted a notification from the Licensee of its failure to broadcast the service for which it is licensed.

“There was no reference to the licensed service or the Licensee itself in this notification. It is the sole responsibility of the Licensee itself to notify Ofcom of any failure to provide the service for which it is licensed,” the regulator said.

The station remains off-air and Ofcom has put the station on notice that this contravention of its licence will be considered for the imposition of a statutory sanction.

The station broadcasts on 1305, 1332, 1413 and 1566 in London and Surrey, DAB nationally, Freeview and online.

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  1. Stuart Clary says

    What happened to the other station from the Bow transmitter?

    1. Abi says

      Betar Bangla went off air around the same time and hasn’t been heard from since.

  2. Mr Boltar says

    Sanctioning the station for something that is completely outside its control is petty beurocracy at its worst.

    But then its not a Global station so the cowards at Ofcom don’t have to genuflect to Ashley and are flexing their micro muscles.

  3. Mr Green says

    Premier is largely listener-funded and one of the only national Christian radio stations providing a valuable service to believers. I hope and pray they will not be penalised too heavily as this would only hurt its loyal listeners.

  4. Ted says

    Act of God?

    1. neal says

      Pity an Act of God could not get rid of Ofcom as easily!!! As has been said elsewhere here it is not one of the big boys so lets just go and beat the small guy again and again and again. Thought this country was supposed going down an anti bullying path? Clearly that depends on who you are. Amazing that the all powerful Ofcom were not aware themselves of this incident prior to it happening. Surely being the Gods they are this demolition company should have got their permission first? No I guess not. As per so many Gods these days that’s down to your minions to sort while you sit in your luxury glass towers cracking the whips!!!

      1. Radio Fader says

        They daren’t jump on Global, the legal team would be on it so fast.

        LBC has been in breach a few times over the years (notably motormouth Steve Allen) just a gentle slap on the wrist though.

  5. Ian Scott says

    Given that the station can be heard in the area of the 1322 KHz transmitter on DAB, Freeview and online – one has to ask if anyone actually noticed the AM was off-air.

  6. Ray Woodward says

    Isn’t British independent radio wonderful …

  7. Phil England says

    Its through no fault of its own. Premier should have been notified before the demolishen happened so it could plan ahead. Ofcom please cut them some slack… Dont come down on them, its not their fault

  8. Pat says

    surely no sanction should be necessary.-it should just be a case of notifying Ofcom that they cannot afford to get someone else to provide the transmitter service for this frequency,it’s not as if they have closed down ,you can still get them on other frequencies,other stations have been able allowed to close down frequencies they didn’t want to use whilst carrying on on FM or elsewhere,it would appear this may just be a case of not telling Ofcom when this happened and relying on the third party to tell them?-I could understand that.

  9. Graham Kirk says

    It would be petty for Ofcom to sancation the 2 AM Stations Priemier Radio and Betra Bangra for matters out of their control. In Priemiers case other platforms are avaliable.

  10. Gary says

    Premier has struggled to raise the fees in radiothon to keep on air , this was out of their control. Why dont one of the Big Radio Companies buy it , and then they would not need to keep doing Radiothons and Could afford the Digital Fees automatically.

    1. Pat says

      Because it’s not the sort of station that they would buy,it would never make them money! -they would have no wish to subsidise a religious station.Not saying that’s a good thing but it’s a fact of life I’m afraid.

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