Question: What does talkSPORT mean to you?

talkSPORT is celebrating 20 years of broadcasting today and has released a video asking the question: What does talkSPORT mean to you?

You can see a number of presenters from the News UK owned station answer, with some memories about the station over the last two decades.

The two minute video is embedded below.

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  1. Mr Boltar says

    Well for a start its not talkSPORT its talkFOOTBALL which rules out anyone who likes sport but not one that involves a bunch of scrawny prima donnas kicking a ball around a muddy field, and secondlay does anyone who doesn’t drive a van to work listen to it?

    1. mb23 says

      There are two talkSPORT stations. talkSPORT 2 has cricket, NFL, rugby, golf and darts.

  2. Mark Budgen says

    Awful station.

    Ex sportsman with a criminal record? You’ll get a slot on talkSPAWT.

  3. Rob says

    Alcoholic presenters and that cheesy naff station voice.

  4. Saddo123 says

    I love it and have it on most of the day. Ive listened to it for years and altho ive tried other sports stations after a few hours i come back to Talksport. Its not pretentious, its friendly and informative…..and it is currently helping me as im off work due to mental health problems…another thing it is bringing to the forefront. The only show i cant listen to is Georgie Bingham as I dont find her very knowledgable or nice to hear so early in the morning. However as a female listener it is good that they do have so many females now on the shows and ‘Woodsy’ is fantastic…shes a true professional with character and a sense of humour…luke moore on a friday is also brill….but adam catterall has to be the best on friday and saturday. Thank you Talksport….i might need more of a life so i dont listen to you as much….but you have definitely been good company all the times ive needed a distraction from my very low mood.

    1. James Betts says

      I love it, it’s deliberately contraversial, informative and funny. At the end of the day if you don’t like it, don’t listen to it.

    2. Mike says

      This isn’t for real surely?

  5. Joe Smith says

    Simple answer – crap radio.

  6. Alan Jenkins says

    A terrible station. I almost passed out from shock when Simon Jordan said in that clip that the station has ‘more integrity and authenticity’ than its rivals. What nonsense. It’s risibly London-centric, it’s become even more shambolic since Lee Clayton took over, it has Jim White shouting out for several ours, professional contrarian Adrian Durham sneering at listeners in the afternoon, the one-joke caricature that is Ian ‘Moose’ Abrahams as the food-obsessed adenoidal reporter, and a growing number of dull and earnest podcasters, who don’t know how to broadcast, being drafted in for the yoof audience. And they now have the ridiculously arrogant Hugh Woozencroft chairing a weekly woke show for the bame audience, and acting as judge and jury on all such issues (his treatment of John Barnes, in particular, was nothing short of disgraceful). The station had a strange kind of appeal when it used to be like a sort of quasi-pirate radio channel, but now it’s just pointlessly po-faced and absurdly pleased with itself.

  7. Joe O' Connor says

    It would appear that Rebekah Woods has had some effect on Alan Brazil’s sudden tendency to go AWOL on Monday mornings. There are no longer any trailers promoting his boozy lifestyle.

    Jim White is a lousy presenter. There could be a nuclear attack and he would still be banging on how everything is alright. It is obvious that Natalie Sawyer’s demotion to his programme is to prop up his over inflated ego. It isn’t Alright Jim White!

  8. Joe O' Connor says

    The only programme on Talksport I had time for was Trans Europe Exrpress with Danny Kelly. I have stopped listening to Talksport when they brought in that bully Andy Goldstein who is so ill informed about European football .

    Adrian Clarke and Mark Webster’s weekend show is bearable, just that Mr Webster sometimes needs to get to the point.

  9. Dave says

    Complete waste of bandwidth. All transmitters need to be switched off asap. The most nausisting ‘station’ ever to be thought up

  10. Chloe says

    Terrible radio station. Constantly congratulating itself on its own coverage – a sure sign of insecurity and/or delusion.

    Adrian Durham, aside from being the most obnoxious broadcaster around, has acquired all of the worst habits of tired old disc jokeys, adding random noises to the end of words and umming and ahhhing to fill in the gaps left by his tired and tiny mind. Don’t their producers ever try to shake the ‘talent’ out of their lethargy?

    None of Lee Clayton’s changes have worked. He’s driven out anyone vaguely distinctive and settled instead on dull second-raters like Max Rushden, with his ‘Mornington Crescent’ rip-offs, and the charisma vacuum that is Jim White.

    He’s also turned TS2 into little more than a highlights tape loop of TS1.

    Way to go, Lee!

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