Tony Prince to auction memorabilia to save radio station

United DJs founder Tony Prince is starting a music and memorabilia auction to help his radio station continue broadcasting.

The former Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg DJ has collected many items of memorabilia which are available via Omega Auctions.

At the top of the list in his first auction is the promotion copy of the Beatles first release ‘Love Me Do’ which was first aired on Radio Luxembourg.

Tony inherited this single, which has a spelling error of Paul McArtney, when he and colleagues were called to make room in the station’s record library.

Paul McCartney has since signed the correct spelling of his name on the label, at Tony’s request.

Other items Tony is releasing on 28th January 2020, include Elvis’ transistor radio – a gift to the king from RCA, gold embossed EAP with his ranch address on the reverse.

Plus letters signed by all members of Queen, a personal letter from Joe Cocker thanking him for playing ‘Marjorine’, a rare Schwinn Beatles Yellow Submarine bike, Dr.Feelgood limited edition Toby Jugs and the one-off bronze bust of Elvis Presley
by David Wynne OBE commissioned by Tony.

There are thousands of albums singles, sheet music, autographs and press photographs which will be grouped over the forthcoming auctions.

Tony Prince told RadioToday: “It was Radio Luxembourg that helped the Beatles to launch their phenomenal career. Radio Luxembourg was the only station playing Beatles from Day 1 and the record I have placed in the auction is undoubtedly the very record that started the fan stampede.

“Now The Beatles will help the DJs as we independently bring personality and much more music back to radio with UNITED DJs RADIO.”

United DJs is broadcast on a number of Small Scale DAB Multiplexes in the UK in addition to online.

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  1. John Kirby says

    I like the radio station, but why do you have so few adverts?
    Tony is it you singing on the advert for single people?

  2. Allan Wallace says

    The station has never fully recovered from Mike Read’s sudden and apparently unexplained departure from the breakfast show.

    1. mb23 says

      He presents the breakfast show on Vintage Music Radio.

  3. Alan Hall says

    All the very best Tony. I do enjoying listening to your radio station and when I hear you it really takes me back to listening to you on Radio Caroline North while I was at boarding school and also listening to you on Luxembourg 208.

  4. Alan Blair says

    Can’t see this surviving,too many stations out quality.

    1. Seeker UK says

      UDJ is very much the exception to that, a fantastic station in the mould of Caroline / early Radio 1.

  5. Rich says

    UDJ is very much the exception to that, a fantastic station in the mould of Caroline / early Radio 1.

  6. Rich says

    Sorry for the duplication – I can’t find how to edit/delete 🤔

  7. neal says

    It is a brilliant station. Maybe they could get more listeners if you gave them all the duplicated Heart and Capital FM frequencies they don’t need instead of Tony having to sell off so many of his collectables!!! Can’t tell you how many places when driving around the UK and hitting the FM scan button I find the above two stations on anything up to four different frequencies in the same area broadcasting the same output!!!!

    1. Paul says

      I’ve seen this “selling off” before. Sadly It won’t save anything. The station needs more than money to survive. UDJ suffers from lack of control at Management level Advertisers can’t touch it. That and the fact it’s almost impossible to find a revenue stream for an online station.
      Community radio licence is the answer.

    2. Paul Ford says

      To be honest I stopped listening when DLT left.

  8. Roger Bourne says

    I met Tony many years ago when he visited Bath. Such a nice guy and a professional. I was promoting our group at the time
    “The T.J. Assembly” who had an album out–now very rare.

  9. Steve B says

    This is a rather belated answer to a problem of their own making. When they first launched they weren’t, on tunein radio. In fact I think it was only a website and possibly dab. With a start up you need to invest and spending money to allow people to listen is a good investment.

  10. Ken Masters says

    station in this age, Many years ago I was lucky enough to see Tony Prince, and only met him once when I went to the radio Luxembourg office in west London I was lucky enough allowed in and shown around there studio nice guy.

    I hope that he finds the money to help his dream continues. The big problem know is that there is too many big players in the game. Tunein is not the be and end all you have to get onto a national DAB to get more exposure and sum expensive tv commercials.

    Good Luck

  11. Lee M says

    Being an avid listener to UDJ I did wonder of there was a reason for Tony doing this, I thought it unlikely he’d be having a clear out

    Really hope he can save the station although I can’t see a few thousand quid making that much of a dent in any costs a digital radio may incur?

    What about getting some of the many presenters who have recently been displaced by the likes of Holden, Theakston and Kemp in to do breakfast show or even better a new show – New music maybe – those were all big names in their own locality and some of those areas were pretty huge, they all have followers these days on twitter and facebook too of course so should be able to get the listeners to follow !?

    Keep trying Tony

    1. Lee M says

      Great to see UDJ getting a mention on radio today by the way I know it’s not ‘real’ radio as such but these presenters played a huge part in the birth of todays radio, perhaps they should be noted for their part in developing (introducing us dinosaurs to) streaming radio too

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