Capital FM breakfast team join Metro
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Capital FM breakfast team join Metro

Metro Radio has poached North East presenters Steve and Karen from 105-106 Capital FM to replace Tony Horne at breakfast.

They’ll make the move in Spring 2012 once their contract at Global Radio ends.

The news was confirmed to by Bauer, after much speculation on Twitter and the local press.

Metro Radio Programme Director Chris Pegg said: “Steve and Karen are extremely talented, and I have always admired their breakfast show. It’s fantastic that they are joining Metro Radio the station they grew up listening to.

“They really love the North East, having both grown up on Tyneside. Their on air chemistry and ability to deliver a locally relevant, fun based show gives me every confidence that they are the perfect fit for Metro Radio at breakfast. I can’t wait for them to start.”

Brian Moore has been covering the flagship show since Tony Horne left without explanation in July, after six years.

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  1. Kimhelyer

    well thats me switching to metro radio roll on spring can’t stand the current 3 on capital not at all funny

  2. Chris4669

    After a year of walking to work, I eventually had to start driving again, and was excited to get to listen to Steve and Karen again. But oh no!!!!! They are no longer in my car sharing the journey with me. I’ve tried my hardest with the new presenters but I just can’t cope……… Hurry back I need my S&K fix in the mornings

  3. guest

    THANK GOD just heard today roll on spring. BIG mistake by capital. Never listened to Metro for years will def be going back in the spring if not before as I’m nearly cutting my throat by time getting to work listening to Matt Bodge & Jojo they are sooooooo exciting NOT !

  4. Scott And Mikey

    Complete panic , its been january , with february looming AND WORSE than that steve and karen have gone!! ive searched high n low to find them, i miss the craic bad man,it sets me up for the day ,LOVE them so if they’ve moved so do ! dead happy they will return to me mournful but soon to be happy again little lugs ,you dont know what youve got til you have lost it!i think stopping smokin tabs was easier COME ON METRO LETS GO!

  5. Mrwatson1978

    Thank god the new 3 are nothing compared to Steve and Karen guess metro radio is my new number one station

  6. Susan Armstrong

    I have been wondering where Steve & Karen got to!! Those lot on capital are crap! Can’t wait for you to be back on our airwaves and I will be tuning back to Metro Radio with imeadate effect :-)

  7. Stevenharts

    Can’t wait for spring. The mornings just haven’t been the same without Steve and Karen! Bring on the fun

  8. Jillcaulfield

    Cant wait to here steve and karen again!! Love your sense of humour, makes my ride into work more pleasurable

  9. Richardspeight

    About time, had to listen to Chris on radio 1, good move by metro, good luck to s&k

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