Richard Bacon gets on his bike for 5 live
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Richard Bacon gets on his bike for 5 live

A full day of broadcasting from outside the 5 live studio in MediaCityUK is planned, with Richard Bacon’s show being powered by exercise bikes.

Richard will have the opportunity, along with listeners and guests such as Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman, to power the show using renewable energy.

It’s all part of 5 live’s Energy Day taking place on September 5th, which starts with a ‘switch on’ at 7am in 5 live Breakfast with Nicky Campbell and Rachel Burden. Ed Davey MP and Caroline Flint MP will be on the show to discuss the energy debate.

Ed Davey MP will also take questions and hear opinions from a live audience within the outside studio, being powered by renewable energy for Your Call from 9am with Nicky Campbell.

From 12pm, Shelagh Fogarty and Dominic Laurie host a consumer team energy prices special, hearing from Britain’s biggest energy companies, Shelagh and Dominic will discuss energy costs, ways to save money and will help to explain your bills.

After Richard Bacon at 4pm, Peter Allen and Anna Foster present 5 live Drive which will take an in depth look at the news and politics around the energy debate including the ongoing issues around nuclear power and fracking. They round off the day with a live panel debate taking place in the last hour of Drive running until 7pm with opinions and thoughts being heard from the UK’s energy experts.

Throughout the day live webcams will broadcast all the activity from the piazza on the 5 live website, including activity from an outside studio which will be powered by renewable energy. This studio will be used for live reporting plus sport, travel and weather bulletins throughout the day and host an audience debate for Your Call.

Controller of Radio 5 live, Jonathan Wall, said: “Energy Day is an innovative and unique way to look at a national news story. Radio 5 live will be bringing the debate to audiences and offering them the chance to put their questions to those that matter in the world of energy. Powering a studio purely on renewable energy is a risk for the station but will make for exciting radio nonetheless!”

Activity on the piazza throughout the day will include a human hamster wheel, see saws and exercise bikes all generating kinetic energy, chip fat being harnessed from the BBC canteen to create biofuel and a mini energy grid which is being built on the piazza especially for the day.

Members of the public are welcome to come down to the piazza at Media City to see and observe all the day’s activities on Thursday 5th September.

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    1. Mike

      Apart from actually requiring her to attend, there are probably not enough opportunities for angst, hand wringing, sighing and general gloom.

  1. FiveLiveHive

    For one minute I thought that actually meant he was leaving (or retreating into his celebrity filled existence of private ‘members’ clubs, caviare and the promise of a career beckoning in NYC. Please?

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