Radio Caroline to launch Caroline Extra
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Radio Caroline to launch Caroline Extra

Radio Caroline is entering the brand extension arena by launching Caroline Extra – an online station playing music from the 60s to the 80s.

The new station will launch before the end of the year, but will pull its satellite broadcasts from Astra from September 30th.

Radio Caroline says its service provider has released it early from a long-term contract after the station experienced reception problems on the platform.

“Our first project following closure of the satellite service will be to launch a brand new on-line radio station to be called Caroline Extra. Radio Caroline’s existing on-line service will continue unaffected,” the station said.

“Many so called ‘Gold’ stations play only a very small selection but Caroline Extra will be different. We have a huge amount of material from those eras at our disposal and we intend to play the widest possible selection. You’ll hear your favourites and you’ll hear music that is rarely played.

“Alongside this great variety of tracks you’ll also have another chance to hear some of our specialised programming. Dell Richardson’s Good Rockin’ Tonight, The Elvis Hour, 60s and 70s Request Show, Americana Roots Show and Stafford’s World will all be heard on Caroline Extra.”

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  1. Radio Geordie

    What broadcasts on Sky?
    They stopped broadcasting on Sky (channel 0199) over a year ago.
    You mean the service was available via the Astra 2 satellite, Free-to-Air if you could be bothered to look for it.

    Sky broadcast via Astra. Astra is not Sky. They are two separate companies.

    1. Robin Juste Emery

      Radio Caroline was removed from the Sky EPG over a year ago, but arestill broadcasting. You have to manually tune your satellite receiver to the required frequency to continue listening.

      They will of course be withdrawing all satellite transmissions for this change to happen.

      1. dk

        There doing the right thing leaving satellite , It,s expensive & few people listen to satellite radio stations not just to caroline.
        Even large radio groups have removed some of there stations from SKY .
        I say good luck to caroline extra .

    1. dave

      It,s sad in a way as Caroline has become just another internet tribute hobby station . I would be nice if one day it can return on AM . Good luck to all involved as they at least keep the dream alive on line.

  2. mbrcl

    The press release is from Radio Caroline, the stream you’ve found is not operated by them and will be launched later this year.

  3. Radio Listener

    For Some Of Us Being On Satellite Since 1999 Has Been Good, As For Going Onto Internet For Some Ok For Others It’s The End ! As Internet It Does Not Always Work,It’s Not Like The Sky Platform Switch And It’s There, With Internet You Have To Wait Before Connection, And With This Caroline Extra Bit Unless You Are A Computer You Aint Going To Here It


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