Global to change Choice to Capital XTRA
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Global to change Choice to Capital XTRA

Choice FM will disappear on Sunday to make way for Global Radio’s latest brand extension – Capital XTRA – on national DAB and in London on FM.

The new station will launch this Monday with “Kojo & Jade with XTRA in the morning” at 6am. Carrying the strapline, DANCE.URBAN.UK., the new station will play new music and break urban dance acts.

New Choice signing Tim Westwood will be on the station, along with Capital’s Craig David and Avicii from a recently refurbished studio in London’s Leicester Square.

Ashley Tabor, founder and executive president at Global said: “The launch of Capital XTRA is a great moment for listeners, for commercial radio, for the DAB platform and for our team here at Global. People right across the UK will now get to enjoy a truly national station in Capital XTRA – the only commercial station to play urban dance music nationwide. We’re taking the best presenters and shows and building on that by adding even more new talent to the line up and we believe Capital XTRA has a very bright future.”

Charity appeals, partnerships and events will continue under the Capital XTRA banner and a new marketing campaign will start today.

Listen to how Capital XTRA will sound:

Choice FM started life in Brixton as Britain’s first 24 hour black music radio station, covering South London. The group won a second licence in 1995, bringing a local version of their London offering to Birmingham, on 102.2 FM – in place of Buzz FM.

The Birmingham licence was sold to Chrysalis Radio in 1999 and became Galaxy Birmingham, but Choice expanded within the capital in May 2000 when a North London licence was awarded for Choice 107.1, with the intention of reaching a larger Afro-Caribbean audience.

Capital bought both stations in 2004 and later moved the station to Leicester Square.

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  1. David McDonald

    Erm…. Galaxy was original Dance & R&B… So why make galaxy the bland-athon that is capital?

  2. Seen It

    Well that sounds like Kiss more than it ever has… Ever!

    Also Westwood seems not to be able to escape the word Xtra! :-)

  3. Disgruntled Radio Listener

    Global appears to be going for a two pronged attack against Bauer. The tweaked Smooth against Magic and now Choice FM against Kiss. The recent decision to put KC (a female presenter) against Neev who has the largest share with youth listeners in the afternoons is deliberate.

    1. James Martin

      I’d agree with this. Sounds like it’ll be Capital’s slightly rebellious little sister. Certainly from listening to the Soundcloud clip, I like what I hear… It’s highly likely that Magic will find its way onto D1 using the space Bauer’s acquired from the Absolute purchase. It looks very much like the battleground on FM in London and on DAB elsewhere will be Kiss vs Capital Xtra and Magic vs Smooth. This sort of “direct” competition though can only be good for listeners.

      1. Disgruntled Radio Listener

        I’ll just add that in a surprising decision, KC has been let go by Global today. Xtra appear to have a different strategy against Neev when the schedule is announced.

        1. Dave 1949

          Still waiting for Smooth Gold. It can’t be that far away, when those 2 become one. Hopefully that might improve the boring, repetitive playlist & their boring, bland, non entity presenters. Not to mention the moronic listeners of it.

  4. Manc the Bank

    It’s not going down well on the Choice Facebook page. However just like all rebrands beforehand – renaming stations had never really harmed AT in the long term.

  5. James Martin

    There’ll be some initial backlash, but it’ll die down as quickly as it started. Capital FM, Free Radio and Heart have not been the bloodbath some predicted. I’m surprised the move is this quick however, which is a break with form for Global, who provided far more gradual transitions for Heart and Capital, with all the marketing that went along with those changes. Although I do accept this time, it’s the first time Global have created a Brand Extension. Wouldn’t be surprised if we see a Club Classics channel pop up very soon for Heart as well.

    1. JX

      Capital and Heart have been largely unaffected. The rebrand to Free Radio was however an audience disaster!


    This is pointless… like BRMB to Free – a disastrous move.
    Global should maybe have sold this off, UKRD could have got this and it would have been a good fit for them.

  7. Spencer Payne

    I look forward to listening to the new Capital Xtra on DAB in glorious 64kbs Low grade Mono

  8. Jb

    It’s a very sad day that choice is now changing its name. I for one will be changing with it. Changing to another station. Choice has now lost its true foundation & original roots come Monday I will remove its settings from my radio. I’m sure I won’t be the only one r i p choice

  9. jasmine

    oh yuk , dance music instead of 70’s , no way will I be listening to that, dance music is dreadful rubbish , same problem as BBC older listerners are being excluded and get less and less choice.

  10. George

    Tim Westwood?? how low can a radio station go…………this guy is to music what blatter is to football…..a complete Idiot. Bring back smooth 70’s and lets be done with this nonsense !!

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