New national DAB station to launch in Feb
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New national DAB station to launch in Feb

A replacement service for Jazz FM on the national DAB Digital One platform is expected to launch soon, multiplex owner Arqiva has confirmed to RadioToday.

The exact genre of the new station has yet to be announced, but it is expected it will be on-air in February. Until then Birdsong will occupy the slot vacated by Jazz FM yesterday.

Jazz FM announced plans to remove itself from national digital radio last month, and Arqiva advertised for a replacement jazz station in the summer in preparation for the change.

The current Digital One licence stipulates a “Classic & Contemporary Jazz” service will be provided, and no “variation request” to this condition has been made public so far.

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  1. Stevieg

    Birdsong? Be careful or Smooth Radio will announce a new line-up of presenters featuring robins, blackbirds and thrushes.

    This of course would be a massive improvement.

    1. soundguru

      Is Smooth Radio lost the plot??It is dreadful now, 4 in a row,,minimal chat ,,zero personality..crap Jingle package..Typical Global Radios approach ,,unimaginative,predicatable…generic presenters..Why Bates is still is there is anyones guess… can’t possibly be the money…Predict a slide in the Rajar figures this quarter,,no way they will hang on to its 3 million listeners…,,pure sh~~

      1. mb

        It was sliding in the Rajar figures before Global took control. In the last Rajar Smooth didn’t even make it into the top 15 of London radio stations, even being beaten by Radio 3. Magic was wiping the floor with it.
        A national station with no audience in London & the Home Counties will always be in a mess financially.

  2. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    I hope it is not global radio group going to start a new jazz station on dab digital radio i hope it will be bauer media or utv to do a jazz station on dab digital radio now or soon

  3. no nonsense guy

    I hope its a national American verison of commerical music station Jack fm, seem to be popping up around the uk, i heard London will be the next area to launch Jack fm. I Pod radio playing what they want..

  4. Radio Geordie

    I’ve read on an other site that Magic 105.4 is launching nationally soon although it didn’t state whether it was replacing Jazz or one of the Absolute’s.

  5. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    I do hope it is the wireless now come on to national dab digital radio it would be so nice to hear david diddy hamilton and graham dene now

  6. Ivan

    The Dinner Jazz made most of my/our evenings a pleasure. What a pity to have lost this station for, what, a second time from the radio channels…

  7. Grant Buckley

    It appears that the Jazzfm slot is being given to Talk Radio. How is Ofcom allowing this to happen when there does not appear to have been a request to change the ‘slot’ allocation from a ‘Classic & Contemporary Jazz’ theme?

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