Pat Sharp to appear on Free Radio breakfast
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Pat Sharp to appear on Free Radio breakfast

Pat Sharp is to host a special edition of Free Radio’s Guess the Year show for a week in February.

He’ll hang out at the stations from 7th Feb, appearing on all four Free Radio breakfast shows that week.

This will be Pat’s first appearance on-air since he left his afternoon slot at Smooth Radio in December 2013.

Pat said: “I was made to feel really welcome! It was great to meet the various breakfast shows and I loved being on air as a part of the ‘Guess the Year’ feature”.

Free Radio presenter Russ Morris added “No-one knows the years we remember on ‘Guess the Year’ better than Pat”.

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  1. John Christian Benedict Myersc

    Does seem a bit of a strange idea on the face of it. How many people listening at 9am would remember Pat Sharp from Fun House etc and doubt any of his listeners from Smooth would be attracted by the current Free radio playlist. Maybe this could be a sign that Free realise that they need to focus on a more specifc target audience as at the moment the playlist is all over the place. Whether or not Pat Sharp in the 10am slot and music appealing to a 30+ year old audience would increase the RAJAR figures is another matter

    1. James Islam Pope

      I would guess Free Radio targets people in their 30s – people who grew up in the 80s and 90s – when Fun House was on the tele. So I’d say lots of people listening at 9am would remember Pat Sharp. Seems like a sound move to me. I also doubt Free Radio are expecting Pat Sharp appearing for one week on the station to affect their RAJAR figures.

  2. Dave Wiggy Wiggins

    I do hope free radio will get this presenter and d.j. pat sharp to be a full time presenter on free radio that would be good and better now

  3. John Christian Benedict Myersc

    Free Radio presenter Russ Morris added “No-one knows the years we remember on ‘Guess the Year’ better than Pat”. Does he mean Pat Sharp has special powers as anyone who lived in the 80s/90s will know the years to the same extent (except those who were off their faces on e’s and whizz) He could however be meaning Postman Pat who would be a stunning additional to the Free Radio Schedule


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