Financial Times sponsors new UK wide LBC
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Financial Times sponsors new UK wide LBC

Global has secured a partnership with the Financial Times for LBC’s national launch today.

LBC lost its “97.3” and “London’s Biggest Conversation” idents, along with long-time station voice Greg Marston in favour of VO John Mundy. The station is now Leading Britain’s Conversation and is available nationwide on DAB.

The station also has a revamped logo which swaps rugged edges for straight lines.

Mike Gordon, managing director of commercial at Global, said: “We’re very proud to partner with the Financial Times for LBC’s national launch. LBC address the issues that matter to people in real time, and the Financial Times brings readers in-depth comment and analysis. This is a seminal moment for LBC and the Financial Times is exactly the right partner for us. We know there’s a real appetite among listeners across the country for LBC’s unique blend of informed, incisive and entertaining dialogue. This makes LBC a great proposition for advertisers.”

Catherine Newman, global brand director at the Financial Times, said: “The partnership with LBC as the home for Leading Britain’s Conversation is a natural addition to our global marketing efforts. It fits with our mission to be the home of news and analysis without fear or favour, for people who value independent, authoritative journalism from a trusted source.”

The Global Radio station also has a new Twitter address, @lbc

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  1. fried_egg

    Sounds like Talk Radio before they became Talk Sport. Do I see the same people there too? What has changed in the potential market for a commercial national news talk station in a costly segment?

    1. Guest

      Talk Radio was paying a large licence fee to the Radio Authority as a result of bidding for 1053/1089 in a blind auction (I read somewhere it was around £4 million per year). LBC doesn’t have this problem.
      Talk Radio broadcast on unfashionable AM but LBC is on FM across most of the South East.
      LBC is part of a larger group which can share overheads in Leicester Square but Talk Radio was a single station which had to suffer all of the costs associated with its own studio premises (Planet Rock had the same problem until it was bought by Bauer).
      Overall though it was the large licence fee payments that were the main problem, without these Talk Radio might have turned a profit.

  2. Radio Listener

    Ferrari was on the old Talk Radio with David Banks doing something called The Big Boys Breakfast. Both failed tabloid hacks together. Why do they automatically assume they are radio personalities when they’ve written rubbish in newspapers for years? They both got sacked.

    1. Not Radio Listener

      Ferrari is a bloody brilliant broadcaster so good luck Global. The only thing they’ve got wrong is leaving James Max in this picture.

      1. Richard Shops

        If you mean the picture at the top of this piece then James Max is not in it. L-R: Nick Ferrari, Iain Dale, Julia Hartley-Brewer, James O’Brien, Nick Clegg, Lisa Aziz and Boris Johnson.

  3. Radio Listener

    I give it a year before it’s back as London’s Biggest Conservatives and Tabor will have it down as a failed experiment.

  4. John Hastings

    In one stroke, LBC going national will resurrect proper, honest debate without fear of prejudice or dogma.

    1. Radio Listener

      No, it will be right wing, reactionary and rubbish. Don’t even mention Red Ken the millionaire “lefty”.

      1. John Hastings

        James O’Brien is considered left wing – in any case, LBC cannot ever be a right wing station as it has to comply with Ofcom guidelines on impartiality at all times.

  5. Yerjokingarentyer

    I wish them well, but when I tuned in they were waiting to talk to Bob Crow about the tube strike. Certainly a hot topic in County Durham, er not.

    1. MP

      The first caller to Bob was from Bradford who had problems commuting from Kings Cross to Borough last week. JHB did also try to put the national perspective on the strike during the interview in addition to those of Londoners.

  6. stevieg

    Wow they have got a revamped logo which swaps rugged edges for straight lines. That will definitely make me tune in.

    Oh wait a minute. They still have rent-a-gob Ferrari. Don’t think I’ll bother then.

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