Destiny 105 appears on OX105 frequency

A new community radio station has taken over the licence previously used by OX105, which ceased broadcasting in October last year.

Ofcom has registered a breach of licence against the station after a five day period of being off-air. A representative of the Licensee informed Ofcom that, between 2 and 7 October 2013, the station had been off air due to the removal of necessary equipment and an inability to access the studio. The Licensee confirmed to Ofcom that since 7 October 2013, it had been broadcasting an automated service.

But Ofcom is keeping watch of the organisation until it resumes full broadcasting as set out in its Key Commitments.

The website for the new station is still under construction but it offers this info: “Destiny 105 is a new community station based in East Oxford. We have so much to tell you about our plans and programmes coming over the next few weeks and months, however this website is currently under construction. For now, all we can say is that you’ll be able to hear true local news, information, music and presenters.”

Photo: Ian Pinnell on Twitter

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