Standard Digital Radio 'tick mark' launched
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Standard Digital Radio ‘tick mark’ launched

The new digital radio ‘tick mark’ has been launched to automotive industry attendees at a digital radio briefing this morning.

The event, at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, was used to reveal the new logo which will be in use later this year.

The tick mark, initially for automotive digital radios and for car digital radio installers, can be used on approved car digital radios and by registered car audio installers who have passed a training and accreditation programme managed by the Institute of the Motor Industry.

Announcing the launch of the tick mark, Digital Radio UK’s CEO Ford Ennals said; “This is a big day for digital radio in-car. Consumers will now have a clear and visible sign that their car digital radio is future-ready with DAB and FM radio stations, and will be reassured that they can find trained and qualified installers to fit them.”

SMMT’s Chief Executive, Mike Hawes said: “The introduction of the digital radio tick mark is a welcome development for motorists. It will provide added reassurance in the technology, a crucial factor in accelerating uptake in new and used vehicles.”

Laurence Harrison of Digital Radio UK took the audience through the application process for the mark and described how the tick would be managed. He said that significant vehicle manufacturers and installers have already confirmed that they want to use the mark. Jane Ostler, Communications Director of Digital Radio UK, outlined how the tick would be communicated to consumers, and announced a landmark agreement between DRUK and DVLA to use their communications channels to raise awareness and understanding of how to get digital radio in-car.

Attendees at the briefing, including representatives from Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen, BMW, Ford of Britain, Motor Codes, Halfords, Kwik-Fit, and manufacturers such as Pioneer, Kenwood, JVC and Pure, heard about the expansion of national and local DAB coverage from Arqvia and Ofcom. Paul Eaton, Director of Digital Radio at Arqiva, summarised the new BBC national coverage buildout plans for around 160 new transmitters which will increase BBC coverage of their national stations to 97% over the next two years, and Neil Stock, Head of Radio Policy at Ofcom, spoke about the investment in local coverage including around 200 new transmitters over the same period, and the licensing of the new national commercial DAB network Digital Two.

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  1. Gerry1

    What a damp squib !

    As I recall, this scheme was announced way back at “Drive to Digital” in autumn 2011, or possibly even a year earlier.

    Nothing will be on the shelves until autumn 2014, and it seems to be focused on car radios (where it’s quite difficult and expensive to change what been supplied by default) rather than those for use in the home.

    2013 was supposed to be the year the DSO when was announced and when all cars would have DAB as standard. Both failed ! Not even half of new cars had DAB as standard.

    Instead of clutching at straws, it would be much more sensible to have a “Drive To DAB+” by using the wasted capacity on most local muxes and the D2 opportunity
    to have lots of DAB+ stations in decent quality stereo.

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