Janice Long says a teary goodbye on Radio 2

Listen to the audio below.

Janice Long has hosted her last After Midnight programme on BBC Radio 2, giving an emotional goodbye.

Janice thanked her listeners, the bands who have played live on the show, all her friends, family and more for being part of her late night broadcasting time on the station.

She introduced her final tune – Echo and the Bunnyman, Nothing Lasts Forever whilst in tears. She back announced it asking listeners to give the Dark Lord a big hug tomorrow whilst reading the news intro one last time. Alex Lester is scheduled to host his last show this weekend.

The changes are parts of the cuts at BBC Radio 2 to drop all live overnight programmes from February.

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  1. Pete Wilson says

    I think this was a DREADFUL decision on behalf of Bob Shennan at the BBC. After Midnight was absolutely brilliant, It’s a joke!

  2. Jacqui says

    And getting rid of Brian Mathews Sound of the Sixties giving it to the inane Tony Blackburn at 6 am!

    1. Sharon Davis says

      Could not agreed more – Tony Blackburn??

  3. DougZ says

    Not so worried about TB taking over, more though about the way ‘Auntie’ has treated Brian, it’s Jimmy Young all over again! Plus these ‘pod-cast’ type shows on through the night don’t help us night workers, at the moment at 02:49 all my radio is doing is giving out a series of bleeps and whistles! All for cost cutting! We won’t see a reduction in the licence fee I bet, and the rest of radio 2 is going to pot as well. What’s happened to the ‘easy listening’ the was always Radio 2! I was told that 6 music is the place to go, but that’s only ok if there is access to digital or internet, not possible everywhere.
    BBC has sadly gone down the pan!
    My radio is now off till I find a station that I can listen to, I don’t hold out much hope!

  4. Paul says

    Absolute disgrace that 2 of the finest overnight broadcasters are cut for repeats. They did the same to Richard Allinson not long back. Why? This cannot be the way forward.

  5. Sarah H says

    Getting rid of Janice Long and Alex Lester is the biggest mistake Radio 2 has ever made. It’ll be Ken Bruce next!!! I don’t do shifts but am often up late and they’re a joy to listen to for their uniqueness. How can a playlist replace a person? I’m sick of the government and the Beeb constantly using cutbacks as an excuse for badly thought through decisions. I don’t agree with the negative comments about Tony Blackburn – he’s was quite harshly treated by the Station in the past and regardless of whether or not you like his style, he comes across as a genuinely nice person and I respect that. There are a lot of celebs sadly in work who could be better role models… Good luck Janice and the Lord of the Dark Arts – I hope you both get the better jobs you deserve!

  6. Chris says

    When you cut Janice Long i cut Radio 2.Rubbish replacement programmes.Get a grip people,you really don’t have a clue what your late night listeners want.

    1. DougZ says

      Sadly it’s a sign of the times, if it doesn’t fit the demographic then it’s gone, no matter what the people that actually use the service want. Hope I don’t over step here but we’re seeing a similar thing happening with brexit, the people vote out (albeit by a minimum) and the government stall and haggle, the same happened in Northumberland a few years back, we were asked if we wanted a unitary county council in place of the borough council, or twin councils split urban and rural. The vote was 98% for a split council. county didn’t like it and went unitary after seeking ‘advice’ from the uk gov!
      As a people we have no control over what happens, apart from as Chris says, and that is to switch it off. If we all did that then they may get the message, but then they may not! In my opinion it is all a ploy to get rid of FM stations and move to digital radio. Just like they forced digital tv on to us, there was nothing wrong with the old analogue system, except they couldn’t make enough money out of it! The problem is the same with dab but we can’t all get dab, and probably never will! If when we do, it will be just like the tv now, on a nice sunny day all is fine, but with a downturn in the weather and it all goes pear-shaped! Internet access is the same, some days the old ‘dial-up’ is faster here! We’re a mile and three quarters from the ‘green cabinet’ so can only get ‘composite’ which at best runs 2meg! The fibre cable runs through our village, right past our door, but BT says it’s not cost effective to install another cabinet! Apologies for the rant, it get the better of me at times as it’s just one thing after another putting the little man down!
      If auntie stops paying the fat cat salaries to the likes of the DG and that thing evans then they may have money to give us some decent programs, I remember when all programs were 2 hours long each, now some are cut to an hour and moved to obscure times, organist entertains, country club for a start even the jazz has been cut! Come on auntie, WAKE UP!!!

  7. Denis Welch says

    What have they done to Saturday’s? Brian Mathew gone. Sounds of the Sixties moved from 6 to 8 followed by that bumbling condescending idiot Dermuck O’Leary!

    It’s a Radio 2 free zone in our house on Saturdays now.

    And Janice getting the chop? Absolute disgrace.

    Get rid of the Prima Donna Evans (how he was given Terry’s spot is still beyond me), Mr Liberal Undemocrat Vine and Vanessa Abrupt Phelps and you could bring everyone back.

    Get a grip.

  8. Gary Quarmby says

    What a shame. A truly great show. It was great to have Janice ‘live’ in the studio, A real person with a lovely touch.

  9. DougZ says

    Dear Mr Z***

    Thanks for contacting us with your concerns about the changes to the BBC Radio 2 overnight schedule and specifically the ‘After Midnight’ programme with Janice Long and Alex Lester.

    It’s never an easy decision to make such changes and Lewis Carnie, Head of BBC Radio 2 has explained the following:

    “Radio 2 has had to make extremely tough decisions to reduce programming costs in order to make savings in line with the rest of the BBC. As a relatively small percentage of our audience listens to Radio 2 through the night, changes need to be made to ensure that our programming spend reaches the most listeners. I’d like to thank both Janice Long and Alex Lester for their contributions to the programme.”

    While we appreciate that these changes have disappointed you, it’ll hopefully be of some consolation to know that Janice and Alex will continue to broadcast on BBC Radio.

    Thanks again for contacting us.

    Kind Regards

    BBC Complaints Team

    NB This is sent from an outgoing account only which is not monitored. You cannot reply to this email address but if necessary please contact us via our webform quoting any case number we provided.

    Absolute utter balderdash!!!!
    Took them over a week to get that reply to me, but then the complaint was over three pages long! What does it say, nothing we don’t already know,
    Virtually everyone I speak to that was (some still are) R2 listeners, all say get rid of Evans, Vine, Pheltz, Winkleman, and all the other overpaid presenters.
    It’s a shame there is no way of gauging how many actually listen to R2 after midnight now! Our radio is now off from around midnigth now, the only consolation is the saving in leccy bills! Some consolation!

  10. Diane Burke says

    I cant believe Janice Longs shows been axed!I listened to her show since it began!Such a Lovely down to earth lady with excellent taste in music!I shall miss you Grately!Xx

  11. Diane Burke says

    I cant believe Janice Longs show has been axed!i have been a fan for many years and an avid nightly listener!Such a lovely lady with a great music taste!i shall miss her grately!Xx

  12. Andy Quarrie says

    If the BBC can find several million pounds to give Scotland a Gaelic station then surely they could have found enough to keep these shows going?
    As to Brian Matthew, I believe he has failing heath so there would have been a replacement anyway.
    The biggest scandal for me is that regardless of all the changes, they still persist with the awful Steve Wright in the afternoon. He’s doing exactly the same ‘schtick’ that he did on Radio 1 countless years ago, it was crap then, and it’s crap now.

  13. Pamela Blackbourn says

    I find it really sad that the BBC have axed the excellent Janice long show on radio 2. Get rid of presenters such as Graham Norton, who is already overpaid for his tv work, and Vanessa Feltz, who is just grossly annoying, with her whining voice. And while we’re about it, please reinstate lovely Dermot O’leary to the afternoon slot on Saturday. And where has the brilliant Richard Allinson gone?

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