Wheatly to relaunch Jazz FM

The Local Radio Company has signed a three-year licensing deal with GMG Radio to re-launch Jazz FM in the UK.
Richard Wheatly, founder of TLRC and current executive chairman, was also part of the original Jazz team and hopes to use the infrastructure of TLRC to bring back the jazz fans.

Jazz FM will return, ironically not on FM, but on DAB Digital Radio multiplexes in London, the North West, West Midlands and Glasgow. The station is currently broadcasting online and in Glasgow but this new deal with TLRC will see presenters return to the station, which they sold in 2002.
Wheatly said this morning: "I am delighted to announce that we have signed a licencing agreement with Guardian Media Group to broadcast Jazz FM on DAB, and through the internet and digital television. This represents a major opportunity for us to develop a new business in a market segment which is not currently being served by any UK radio broadcaster at low risk and with minimal cash investment. We are currently working with GMG and expect to begin broadcasting in late autumn."
Jazz FM was last heard in the UK on 102.2 FM in London before re-branding as Smooth FM in 2005.

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Posted on Monday, June 30th, 2008 at 12:10 am by Duty Reporter

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