Reaction to Capital FM UK

The change of Galaxy to Capital and the end of heritage radio brands such as Red Dragon and Trent FM has not gone unnoticed by listeners.

Twitter and Facebook has been full of comments, some negative, about the arrival of "The UK's Number One Hit Music Station"

Some reaction from Twitter and Facebook after the launch at 10am:

[link=]Power FM has changed again!? Now from Galaxy to Capital??? What is going on.[/link]

[link=]102 capital fm, I heard it. It's just not the shiz anymore :/ blank![/link]

[link=]what's capital? I've kept hearing it on ram fm[/link]

[link=]So "Capital is here" according to swooshy branding and stuff, then why don't your websites say so? Leicester Sound and Trent FM still live.[/link]

[link=]Now i remember why i rarely listen to capital fm, it plays rubbish music in the morning…[/link]

[link=]Since when did galaxy change to capital fm? Confused much?! haha.[/link]

[link=]Crap!!! I wont be listening – lets see if its No1 in the market in Manchester in 6 months…Key 103 have no competition now…[/link]

The official comment from Richard Park, Global’s Director of Broadcasting said: “We are looking forward to bringing our new listeners across the country Capital’s winning formula of the greatest, freshest tunes from the world’s biggest artists.”

Leave your reaction below or direct on our [link=]Facebook[/link] page and hear the launch for yourself [link=]here[/link].

Posted on Monday, January 3rd, 2011 at 10:51 am by RadioToday UK

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