Car factory focus for BBC Local Radio

Fourteen of the BBC’s local radio services have joined together today for a series of special reports looking at the state of the UK’s car manufacturing sector.

BBC WM Producer Terry Goodwin has had a month ‘off-rota’ to work on the ‘Drive For Jobs’ featured content which includes packages, local 2-ways and interviews with key figures within the automotive industry.

BBC local radio stations in areas where car manufacturing plants are key employers are taking part in the day – including Newcastle, Stoke, Tees, Derby, Swindon, Merseyside and WM.

Terry told the BBC’s staff magazine Ariel: “The car industry here in the West Midlands is bouncing back after the recession with lots of investment and new jobs, but there is still a hangover here from the collapse of MG Rover six years ago. We decided it would be good to see whether the same problems were common across the rest of the country. I’ve done the research centrally for the whole of the Local Radio network, and brought together local angles which work for different stations. BBC WM is doing a day of programmes, and other stations are carrying out their own local investigations too.”

As well as presenting live two-ways with the fourteen local stations this morning, Terry also appeared on 5 Live to promote the story. You can follow the coverage today on Twitter using #BBCdriveforjobs.

Posted on Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 at 11:23 am by RadioToday UK

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