William Rogers hits back at Dickens stats

In reaction to Clive Dickens on the Radio Today Programme, UKRD boss William Rogers says Clive quotes a set of wholly inaccurate numbers.

oldradioSpeaking to Trevor Dann, the former Absolute Radio Chief said local stations owned by people who have “sat there and tried to destroy digital radio,” have no less than 12 per cent.

In reaction, William Rogers says its time to start having adult conversations about DAB:

“We are committed to growing digital radio listening across our portfolio but have deep reservations about DAB specifically for local commercial radio. DAB has caused and resulted in more job losses, deflated profits and reduced investment in this industry than any other issue. If digital is such a game changer for UK commercial radio, it’s interesting that he has chosen this time to leave the commercial radio industry in this country and go just about as far away from it as he can.

“Perhaps now that Clive, the most outspoken supporter of the DAB nightmare, has left our shores, we can start to have an adult, professional and grown up debate about the digital future of radio without all the spin, smoke and mirrors he endlessly deployed. I hope, for Clive’s sake, that the plane he catches to Australia takes off a whole lot quicker than DAB listening figures have or it’ll be well after 2015 before he gets there.”

Clive Dickens says national networks have at least 20% listenership on DAB whilst even the smaller stations are reaching 12%.

Posted on Thursday, March 28th, 2013 at 8:51 am by RadioToday UK

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