O’Connell does it in the back of a taxi

Absolute Radio’s Christian O’Connell has broadcast live from a taxi, on the move across London, to promote Sky Fibre Unlimited Broadband.

Christian and side-kick Richie Firth presented the whole live four hour show roaming around some of London’s famous landmarks and were even joined by singer-songwriter “Passenger” for an intimate acoustic gig live from the back of the cab.

The broadcast was the culmination of a week-long on-air and online promotion. From Monday 1st July two listeners per day were given the chance to phone-in and play the “Panic” competition. They’ll were given a topic and had 11 seconds to name 11 things within that topic. At the same time Christian and Richie repeated the word “panic” over and over to put them off.

The deal was brokered by Lauren Croly at Mediacom, Vanessa Woodard at Sky, Lucy Swirling at TPF and Absolute Radio.

Katherine Knapp, Head of Promotions for Absolute Radio said, “We continue to have a strong commercial relationship with Sky, and this promotion perfectly highlights their campaign in Manchester and London by adding a sense of fun and personality from our award-winning breakfast show.”

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Posted on Monday, July 8th, 2013 at 7:34 am by RadioToday UK

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