Smooth move: Email to Global Radio staff

The announcement that Smooth Radio London is moving from Castlereagh Street to Leicester Square in London arrived via email to Global Radio staff.

Staff at Smooth Radio West Midlands are also on the move to Global’s new Brindley Place complex too, from October 1st.

In an email to Global Radio staff, Founder Ashley Tabor said he was pleased to be making changes over the next few months by moving the Smooth brand to Leicester Square. He said it was the first step in the Real and Smooth Ltd integration and broadening the Global portfolio.

Meetings were held in Manchester and London at Smooth Radio production centres, accompanied by a similar email from Real and Smooth Radio chief Mark Lee.

Here’s how staff at Global Radio got the news this morning:

Hi All,

Some big news for you this morning…

At the Company Meeting I talked about us starting the integration of some parts of RSL.

Today I’m pleased to announce that the following changes will take place over the next few months and will be completed by 1st October:-

– The Smooth brand will relocate from RSL to Leicester Square and all programming will come from Global’s HQ

– The RSL Direct Sales Team will integrate with Global’s Direct Sales Team here in London

– The RSL Direct Sales Team in the West Midlands will be moving into our new Broadcast Centre in Birmingham and joining our Direct Sales Team there.

As exciting as these changes are, in parts of Global and RSL it will mean that a few jobs are at risk, not many, but there are a few, so it goes without saying that we need to look out for those in this situation. However, if your role is impacted, you will know about this already (unless you are away on holiday) as everyone directly affected has already been spoken to this morning. If you have not already been spoken to, your role is not impacted.

This is the first step in the RSL integration and broadening the Global portfolio whilst we await our case hearing with Competition Appeal Tribunal at the start of October. By consolidating these teams it means they will have access to our group wide resources like digital, technology, press, marketing, events and a 24 hour news room and we can also start to offer new opportunities to our clients. It’s really important that the joiners from RSL feel part of the Global family as soon as possible, so please do help to make sure that happens as smoothly as possible.

Can I also take this opportunity to remind you that in all other areas of the business we continue to be in ‘hold separate’, so there’s to be no sharing of any other information with RSL, its business as usual.

Here’s to the first step and adding a great brand into the Global family, welcome Smooth to Global! If you have any other questions, please talk to your boss or OCD.


Posted on Monday, August 12th, 2013 at 12:45 pm by RadioToday UK

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