Folded Wing makes Hypomania radio Podcast

A Podcast featuring radio presenter and enthusiast Robin Blamires has been produced by Folded Wing, highlighting Robin’s Hypomania.

Inside The Mind Of A Hypomanic – A Bipolar Journey Through Sound – is available online and is narrated by Robin himself. Robin reflects how it feels to deal with Hypomania, and the manic episodes that he sometimes experiences, focusing in particular on one that happened during his university degree.

Robin underwent an episode of hypomania aged 22 and now uses his audio abilities to reveal how a love for radio helped him to discover more about himself mentally, and dealing with scary situations that have recurred throughout a lifetime.

Additional voices in the Podcast include Ian Parkinson, Joe McDaniel, Georgina Davies-Knight, Andrea Rangecroft, Kemi Fatola, James Waters, Jonathan Easton, John Harris, Sandie Pearson, and Karen Pearson.

Robin presents on student radio, and as a result of this podcast, is currently appearing as a guest on BBC Radio 4 and World Service along with other newspaper articles.

Robin said: “Having been on a work placement at Folded Wing in 2011, I thought, why not play them the first draft of the podcast that I had made? On playing it to Folded Wing’s founder Karen Pearson, she seemed to really like what I had done, and was very keen to take the original concept and shape it into something even more special.

“So along with Karen and her shipmates Ian Parkinson, Micky Curling, Andrea Rangecroft and Jim Lister, I set out to venture “Inside The Mind Of A Hypomanic”.

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Posted on Monday, January 20th, 2014 at 5:09 pm by RadioToday UK

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